Thursday, August 18, 2011

Betrayed by Twitter?

I can't believe it anymore than you can. Twitter says I am violating their term use. I don't think it's Twitter at all. I think it's the ASMZ.

A few weeks ago I covered a story about the government and ASMZ.  It had to do with population control and FEMA campus and what not. I promoted that post on Twitter just like I would any other post. My mind just thinks that im being watched. That Twitter was asked to get rid of me. The risk might be too great to let me go on with my zombie warnings.

It might be a hoax though. Im hoping for that. Maybe Twitter will stand up for their users and leave me alone. With all the zombie blogs and businesses promoting themselves on Twitter, why am I singled out for termination?

Ugh, My fingers are stained red.

My brain is full of wonder about what will happen tomorrow. Or what would happen if I didn't continue the communication between all us zombie fighters.

The email from Twitter just came in so im still reading the fine print. But it doesn't look good. Most of the zombie fighters we have are Twitter directs! Now is the worst time to loose our strength in numbers!

Is it because my site exposes the truth about our government and the ASMZ? Is it because the population control is so important to protect that all forms of retaliation will be extinguished? I hope not. I need more time. There are still zombies on my front lawn for crying out loud!

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