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I looked over my past posts and realized how gloomy things look. I then realized that that's not the message I'm trying to convey here. Ive made new friends on twitter that have described zombies in the same way as I have. Scary. I haven't seen the ASMZ pop up on anyone elses blog. I haven't seen the CANARY GROUP or even the GYPSY GROUP show up anywhere else in the world. Not on the news, not in the paper (if I feel ballsy enough to get it Sunday mornings), not anywhere.

I feel completely alone with zombies. My family trains daily on survival, but for what? In the last 8 months, we haven't gotten anywhere with this pandemic. The rest I get is when I'm so exhausted I pass out either on bed or on the floor in the hallway, on my way to bed. My sheets are always stained in blood because I work at night, so when I get home, exhausted, I fall into my temper-pedic and...ugh.. why go on. You know the drill.

Things have got to change. I shared my sons birthday this weekend. I got a gamestop game card that 'as you probably know' I'll be spending on DEAD ISLAND when it comes out next month. I'm satisfied with just that, oh... I also got a water sprinkler timer. For when I want some entertainment from the kitchen window, watching zombies bat at water hitting them in the face.

Those good times. Those times where you remember laughing with your friends. You know what I'm talking about. Remember? Zombies have taken that away. I shouldn't even give them the credit. The government... no.. the ASMZ... no, Hell, I don't know who to blame anymore. The conspiracy is too big for me to wonder about anymore. The more I dig, the more friends I loose. Some people ask,"why do you even care? What control do you have either way? The zombies are here! NOW! What else is there to know?" And in part... I believe them. But I do wonder. What if I could do something?

This dude who used to work for the CANARY GROUP said to his new correspondent in the GYPSY GROUP, that as 2012 closes in the government is working closely with some 'unkowns' to stage new and creative terrorist attacks. Not just on us in the U.S. but all around the globe, to make it seem that we are all at each others necks. But why? Aren't we already doing that? What more fuel do we need? Each and every nation at this point is battling zombies with everything we have, and sure we make some leeway sometimes, but look at the numbers! Wars and rumors of wars. For no reason other than one mans decision to strike. Zombies are let loose in the streets of the innocent, more armies of the dead are born.

Are we the last remaining humans? Are we really the last of our kind? Turn on the T.V. and watch for just a moment, then ask yourself the same question.

Again, I miss the laughing times. There was a place where I grew up. In Markham TX. The place was called Dead Mans Curve. Real scary place at the end of town.

Markham was separated way back in the day to where whites lived in one section, blacks in another, and Mexicans in another. Well, around Dead Mans Curve, nobody cared what color you were. That's where we would hang out. Black town was called 'RED TOWN' because years ago they painted all the houses red to let you know black people lived there. Mexicans and whites were generally left alone, but the name RED TOWN, never went away. And when the zombies came, it just kind of....stuck.

The name Red Town seemed to catch on. Even in the rich white neighborhoods as the zombies made their way through. I don't even know if its referred to as Markham anymore. RED TOWN is probably what the whole lot is called now...

Where was I...oh yes. DEAD MANS CURVE.

We used to hang out there because our parents forbid us to go there. Thus, it was the safest place to be. It was a 90 degree right turn after a 1/4 mile stretch of one lane pavement in the far SE side of town. We would go there. Drag race. Tell jokes. Sling shot the birds in the corn fields... But when the party would die out, me and my best friend Pete, would stick around.  The block that Dead Mans Curve was on housed a thick Brier of trees. And that, is where we found our first supernatural experience. This is before zombies or the putrid ASMZ or any GROUP that I even knew about. This was my teenage years in Southern Texas.

Today, and I'd put money on it.. there are hundreds if not more, zombies roaming circles around there looking for flesh to tear from the bone. But then there was something else. Pete and I stayed late on the curve after our buds took off one evening. We were supposed to go home, but we noticed a sidewalk peeking out from the thick trees that night. We glanced at each other, locked the doors to my 74 Tempest and ran across the field like two giddy little boys going to their first monster truck jam.

We made it. Out of breath, Pete bent over and touched the sidewalk that led into the dark canopy. "You ever notice this here?" "Nope." So being the young Indian Jones we were, we stepped in.

This sidewalk led back through a twisted maze of directions. Small bits of re-bar came from the ground around it. We found a 3 person swing set covered in vines and shrubs. We followed the sidewalk all the way to the dead end. A dark and cold place, with spiders and a feeling that I hadnt felt until just recently. Not until I came face to face with my first walking dead. A feeling of... evil.

Pete felt it too. Something was there. The cold air was almost channeling through me and I wanted to leave.. immediately. Without a word from either of us, we walked briskly back to the entrance of the grove and across the field. Not a word when I turned over the rumbling muscle car. Not even a word on the way home. We were both shaken to the core.

My curiosity over the years led me to the Matagorda County Library. After never going back there again I looked up as much about the place as I could. Then I shared it with Pete. The property used to be occupied by a school. A childrens school. The last clippings in the archives of the place talk about a professor that would do work there after hours under permission from the city. It says that an experiment went wrong and the entire school burned to the ground. Killing 14 children... that weren't supposed to be there. The oddest thing is, the childrens dental records didn't place them with anyone's family in the area. Or anyone at all. Ever. The bodies were buried under a moss tree at Dead Mans Curve. And all that time, I thought someone wrecked their car and died. After the fire, the only thing left was the sidewalk, which unbelievably is still there to this day. The story has much more to it, but why bore you. The experiments were traced back to the University of Houston, under the file: bio engineering.

That is the first time I'd ever heard the word bio engineering, If I only knew then what I do now. So we drove by the sidewalk every so often through the years. But not anymore. Pete is neck deep in Utah now. New house, 2 beautiful children and I cant say much for his wife.... or ex-wife. She might have caught the infection. We don't talk about her. Respected... you know.

Any who, my writings are hurting people apparently. There are ZFC'S around the country and the globe that are being tracked by the 'new and improved ASMZ. Reports are coming in from the GYPSY GROUP that their systems are being hacked, traced and in some cases, burned to the ground. So, my Intel will be shotty for the next few weeks at most. That's OK though, Ive got plenty to share until then.

There is something I'd like to put on paper. Never have before. Just been too chicken. And if Pete finds out, he'd kill me. Along side with being a zombie killer for the last 8 months, and please don't laugh... I think I've been visited.... again.

Do you believe in extra terrestrials?

Monday, August 22, 2011


The first day of school is always rough. My two sons left with their head held high and loaded to the teeth with firearms. My oldest son has an automotive class to start the day off but it was canceled due to the number of zombies in the area. After my wife dropped him off he had to call her to come back for him. The automotive school is inconveniently placed several miles away from his normal high school. My younger son has an awesome school, they are always on top of their game. Even with hords of zombies in the neighborhood, parents were still able to drop their kids off safely. It's wonderful to see the community pull together when it comes to zombie fighting.

All is not well though.

It seems the government and the ASMZ are working together once more. Who would have thought that in such an apocalyptic time the ASMZ has so much influence on the Senate and the presidential race. The GYPSY GROUP reported that their inside Intel led them to bilderberg, which led them to the Senate, which led them to the odd situation were in as a nation with our finances, which ultimately leads us to who we vote for and what their going to do about all the zombies.

There is one candidate that barely gets his name mentioned. RON PAUL is covering some pretty heavy conspiracy topics lately and my Intel says the government is telling the media not to pay attention to him. But why? All being told, even he won't touch the topic of zombies. My last hope is if Alex Jones will cover the topic one day. George Nori talks about zombies from time to time on his syndicated radio show COAST TO COAST. But it's on A.M. so not enough people tune in. Although I literally love the show, He also talks about aliens so naturally people excuse the Intel as bogus.

One day though. When the truth comes out, people usually get their feelings hurt. Its better that than having your brains eaten right?

Speaking of which. Im finding more and more mass grave reports on YouTube. I know... grain of salt. But so many? The latest one was found here in Houston. Are they keeping bodies for some reason? And is it really FEMA behind the government on this?

Watch "investigating femas mass graves in houston texas" on YouTube

I cringe just thinking about it. I have strepp throat by the way. Going to the doctor tomorrow. Hopefully is just that and not some new ASMZ virus going around. Crossing my fingers.

I will report more soon. This past week was a big challenge. Parents don't trust the government to take care of our children in the event of a horde outbreak. Too many parents grieved last year when their kids were attacked by zombies, then taken by ASMZ for care. Only to return as flesh eaters. We will now be called by the school in such an event, to decide if we need to come out or not. Kids toting guns to school for zombie protection was big at the PTA meetings last year, and I think all the parents agree that their kids should be protected from the zombies and the ASMZ alike.

FOOTNOTE: We need more fighters. If your on Twitter give a quick shout out for us here. We need all the help we can get. Whenever I mention this site on Twitter anymore I get the boot. So I have to be careful with my verbiage.

Times are hard. Food is getting scarce. Water is showing up contaminated... things don't look as good as they should. So lets pull together now.

The news is reporting power outages due to solar flares. If you believe that then fine. But read my post a few months back called KILL SHOT. The prophesies of the Gypsy Group and other zombie fighters are outlandish, but usually hit center target.

I need Chloraseptic now. My glands are killing me. And to think, this week I share a birthday party with my youngest son! Hope im over this virus. Yuk!!

Till next time. In unison now.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Betrayed by Twitter?

I can't believe it anymore than you can. Twitter says I am violating their term use. I don't think it's Twitter at all. I think it's the ASMZ.

A few weeks ago I covered a story about the government and ASMZ.  It had to do with population control and FEMA campus and what not. I promoted that post on Twitter just like I would any other post. My mind just thinks that im being watched. That Twitter was asked to get rid of me. The risk might be too great to let me go on with my zombie warnings.

It might be a hoax though. Im hoping for that. Maybe Twitter will stand up for their users and leave me alone. With all the zombie blogs and businesses promoting themselves on Twitter, why am I singled out for termination?

Ugh, My fingers are stained red.

My brain is full of wonder about what will happen tomorrow. Or what would happen if I didn't continue the communication between all us zombie fighters.

The email from Twitter just came in so im still reading the fine print. But it doesn't look good. Most of the zombie fighters we have are Twitter directs! Now is the worst time to loose our strength in numbers!

Is it because my site exposes the truth about our government and the ASMZ? Is it because the population control is so important to protect that all forms of retaliation will be extinguished? I hope not. I need more time. There are still zombies on my front lawn for crying out loud!

Help the cause! Post to save HTTP://EDDIEROTTEN.COM on Twitter!



Wednesday, August 17, 2011


 I made it out of the water tower. It did take a while though. The zombies sort of walked away while I was asleep. Good thing too, cause after all my complaining I still ran out of rounds. Next time I'll be more prepared when I go out for errands. I never wanted to suit up like Rambo though. Wrapping a bandanna around my head would make me the cheesiest zombie killer in the world. I wouldn't be able to sleep at night just thinking of the ridicule. Anyway, I'm home. I put in a full night of work. My oldest goes back to school on Monday so were going through our zombie preparedness. Since the ban on guns was lifted at the beginning of the year, students are surviving a lot easier. But things are different now. By the look of things, the zombies of today are fast. I don't want to say they are all runners, but the days isn't over yet. Things are getting hairy around here, and not just here. I got a comment from David the Zombie Destroyer. I haven't heard from him in a bit so I was glad to see his input on my screen. In the last 8 months, I've made some really definable friends in the zombie killing community. The whole 'TOGETHER WE STAND, DIVIDED WE FALL' thing starts to ring a bell when you are fighting zombies every day. I wont delay though, here's his comments:

I hope you pulled through the doom tower. If it wasn't for the fact that I'm neck deep in zombies that seem to be communicating in Orlando I would have gotten there. I tried to check out cape Canaveral for you but even though I've got the twin AA-12s and the Gatling turret in the bed of my truck I still couldn't get within 5 miles of the base. The hordes that I was blasting through had hundreds of zombs. Then there are the ones I avoided. The numbers in those had to be in the thousands. If I can find anything out I'll let you know.

Leave 'em in pieces

I really do appreciate the hard work and sense of family of the zombie fighters community. There are more out there, and not many of us. My heart tells me the hordes that we fight are just the beginning of things to come. Crossing my fingers, but im packing light and double locking the doors these days. 

Till later,

Monday, August 15, 2011

Stuck in a Water Tower

Dark. Hot. And a little damp.

I'm speaking through my phone. The android market has a cool new app that has dragon technology. I'm really just speaking into the phone and its typing this for me. All aside the point.

My back is against the wall. Literally. I'm not home. I'm in a water tower. I know, sounds crazy.  Believe it or not, I've been run up here by a horde of zombs. They are much faster these days. I'm sure I've mentioned that before. I haven't posted in a few days. Several days to be honest. I am so busy with survival and zombie killing there's no time to get in touch with you all.

There are a goods and bads. I'll cover the bads first. I haven't heard from JIG in a few days. He usually contacts me via facebook. But its been a while. I'm hoping that with all the rioting going on in the UK, he isn't hurt. They're all fighting over money, and who doesn't have it. Stupid right? I hope that world doesn't make it over here. Zombies are hard enough to worry about without an economic fall out on the horizon. The zombies of the UK are different. I don't know if you've read JIGS BLOG, but the zombies are being found with chips in them. I know that its not a global thing, cause there aren't chips like that here. I'm having such a hard time with this new 'silver disc' I found. I really wanted to have made more progress than that by now. I'll touch on that later.

Damn this water tower is smelly...

I was chased up here, while I was walking through this neighborhood. I let my guard down for one second, and noticed the shadows running from around the corner. There were so many of them. I drew my weapon but really... I should have brought a bigger gun. Why were they running?! I hadn't seen but only a few of them here. I heard of them over seas, but here? Now? No time to think. Just run..

I ran around the building. It was getting dark. Almost blue outside now, but then the sun was dropping. The time in Texas when the mosquitoes attack as bad as these zombies. Anyway, I was leaning on a brick wall. My wife beater was already torn from a zombie fight I had earlier in the day. I checked my 9mm clip and pulled a quick grin. Just as I locked it back into place, a small group of zombies saw me from across the street. They were inside a clothing store screaming at me through a 7 foot window. I thought I had the window to my advantage but I was wrong.

When they saw me, they banged on the window then walked away behind the clothing racks. That's when I checked my rounds. I looked up just in time to see them crashing through the window. My time was out. I fired off one round and ran towards a small bench park just a few miles from my house. I scaled a fence faster than I ever had before and made my way toward the water tower. They were coming fast. Running with flailing arms and gut wrenching screams. There was a ladder secured at least 12 feet above my head. My gun took care of the locking mechanism that lowered it to me.

They were still coming. The horde multiplied by dozens. Where were all the pedestrians? Why wasn't there any sirens or screaming? I truly feel right now, that I am alone. I know my family is safe but just by text. I'm saving my battery to log this entry. My wife's rules. She says she knows what my voice sounds like, but if there's any way to log an event, it will become useful to the survivors in case I don't make it. But I will.

So now, as I speak to my phone.... I'm looking down to the fires. There are fires in my town. First time really, well... since those fireworks on the 4th of July, but you didn't hear that from me.

I'm peeking out a hole that was in the water tower. Its been here for a while. The rumor is that lightning struck it decades ago, and the water it contained washed out the whole east side of Webster TX. Who knows. But I'm inside it now. Ive already killed 2 rats, and there's not enough light to see if there are anymore rodents in here. The zombies caved in the fence that I jumped over. I thought it would hold them but there were too many. Hungry evil vermin.

I pulled up the ladder as soon as I got to a point to turn around, and there was already one climbing.... yes, climbing up after me. Since I found that new silver disc I've noticed changes like never before. They are jumping at the ladder now. The moaning never gets comfortable in my ears. Death vocalized is the worst thing to have nightmares about. They know I'm up here. I can take out as many as I can but I'll run out of ammo eventually so I'm dumping that idea.

I cant explain all the fires around town. Seeing things from up high is actually kind of scary.  Its like a dream I had when I was young. Everything was on fire. I was in some kind of outhouse. When I walked out, there was a booming voice that was speaking some other language. I then noticed my feet dragging the ground, I felt my arms become weightless, and I was lifted above the houses. There were thousands of houses... out houses. Small chimneys with puffs of gray smoke coming out. Some people stayed on the ground reaching for my legs just as the zombies were doing just a moment ago. They then burst into flames, and tried digging themselves into the dirt. I cant explain it. It was a dream.

I just heard a siren. That's a good thing. Anything human. Even the ASMZ showing up would be nice right now. I just got a text from my wife. She says that zombies have taken over neighborhoods. And that it seemed like they were select neighborhoods. Like hordes of RUNNERS showed up and started tearing things down. I wonder what this is all about? Probably some kind of cover up for something. And tomorrows Monday. What a great thing to talk about over the water cooler. Forget about the economy and the budget. Forget about the population control and human concentration camps going up everywhere..zombies rampaged through some neighborhoods.. Or worse, a sale on leather handbags just ended at MACY'S! I'm being cynical.

Forgive me. I'm going off. Trapped in a water tower can do weird things to you I guess. I'm looking out now. There are still zombies jumping for the ladder. I'm so glad I pulled it up. There are a few people running from zombies out there, poor people wont make it.
Unless their cardio is up they don't stand a chance.
I think my gunshots gave me away.

The sirens just drove by.
It was a swat truck.
Covered in zombies.
At least two were falling off the top, a few were holding on to the sides.
They should have installed spikes.
Crazy how people know their in a zombie apocalypse and still don't prepare for it...

Another text from my wife. She's is actually asking me why I didn't eat the steaks that were in the fridge. I guess they're all good there. Still, iron doors are expensive to install, but so worth it these days.

I'm going to sit it out. And right now... well, just now, I fired off 3 rounds. Killed 3 zombies right now....or just then, however it works. An immediate blog is different than texting it or typing it when I have the time. I just leaned back inside this dark hole. I hope that someone saw me or heard me shooting. I would like help. I texted back to my family that I'm in the old water tower, I should be hearing from someone soon. I hope.

If there are any zombie fighters out there, could you send an S.O.S. for me through twitter? It'd be great to hear from someone right now. I've been reading FAIRWEATHER for a while now. If you haven't seen her zombie art your really missing out. Its got to be the best out there. I keep asking for an advanced copy but cant talk her into it. I don't blame her for protecting it till the end.

Ive also been reading Days with the Undead. A freaking horrifying blog I came across whilst on Twitter. Her situation is incredible. The zombies that they are dealing with are different than here. Her and KALEB both have unique situations. If you don't get back to me by tomorrow I highly suggest checking in with them. Information is key during a hostile government issue zombie apocalypse. I guess zombies are different all over the world.

So until the help comes, or the zombies give up and walk away.. I'm going to save the rest of my phone battery.

I'll check back in this week. Till then.


Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The zombies of Sargent Beach

 My buddy who lives in Sargent radio'd me the other night. Sargent is out by the beach. About 2 hours south west from my location. His name is Tommy.

Sargent is an odd place. One of those places you would think people just go to die. Most of the time, when people live close enough to the water, they eventually go crazy. Its a fact, just remember that next time you make it out to the beach. Look at the locals. And if your beach locals aren't crazy, the ones in Sargent are.

Zombies have been there just as long as they've been creeping around here. Tommy says around 6 to 8 months as far as he knows. And they are just as pesty...if that's a word. There is a restaurant that he runs called Pier 57 right off the water. There's also a draw bridge that lifts when barges and tug boats come through at night. Anyway, his house is just next to the restaurant.. up on stilts in case the water gets too high. He's been there his whole life. So as you can guess, he's crazy as a Prozac pill wrapped in a straight jacket.

He was talking funny on the radio. I hadn't heard him sound that way since we were in high school. And not to poke fun at him, especially during a zombie apocalypse.. but he sounded scared. Real scared.

It was raining hard in Sargent that night. The draw bridge usually lifts around midnight for the barges to come through. Big long barges. Their horns are as loud as a locomotive, but they usually blow those a mile or so from the draw bridge just for warning. Tommy said there was so much noise from the rain and lightning, he just decided to get up and make some coffee. His tin roof makes for an unforgettable experience in the rain, and this night was no exception.

Under layers of sound, he heard the horn. He told me it was almost midnight on the nose when he heard the barge blow three good times. His house is so close to the draw bridge that you get reflections of light blinking throughout his living room, which is elevated on high because of the stilted structure of the beach home.

He grabbed his coffee, black, and with the lights off, he made his way over to the window. The bridge was completely vertical on each side. Then he heard gunshots. He ran over to the east side of his house and went into the bathroom where there was a window that faced the beach. Through the rain, he could see headlights. There was a car out there. Vaguely, he could see a woman staggering around her car. POP POP!! She shot a pistol twice into the darkness. Tommy said he heard her screaming, but things were hard to hear over the rain pounding on his tin roof.

He saw the lady get into the car, then immediately heard two more gun shots. The light revealed a split second of the horror that was going on inside that poor woman's car. He saw arms reaching from the back seat. Bloody arms. He said there was more than one set, but again.... really hard to see through the rain. Then, it was quiet.

The draw bridge bell rang out, but muffled through the storm. This let him know that the barge was either very close, or passing through. Then the car lurched forward and stopped. Tommy said he thought the girl was a goner for sure. He thought there were zombs attacking from the back seat and that she was going to be fish bait in no time. But the car lurched forward again, and quickly zig-zagged its way toward the exit road from the beach. Lights were veering left and right violently through the black rain as the driver plowed through whatever wet sand was in the way toward pavement.

Then he realized the danger.The draw bridge was still up. Tommy said he spilled his coffee as he left the bathroom window. He wanted to run outside and yell to the driver to stop. Stop because the bridge was up. In the darkness and the storm there's no way she could have seen it. Especially the way she was driving.

He was too late. The car rounded the bend leaving the beach and as soon as she hit pavement, she shot up to a rate of speed that revealed how frightened she really was. Her car picked up so much speed, that when she finally realized the bride was up, Tommy barely heard any screech of the tires. He said it was more like what zombies sound like when they yell. Just a wet slip of friction passing through the throat.

The impact of the car sent a vibration through the road and Tommy said he felt it on his front patio. With the draw bridge still up, and the barge slowly passing through, the horn was locked on. Blaring through the storm. All the windows were completely shattered instantly. Tommy said he didn't move because there's no way anyone could have survived that wreck. Then, her door opened. She poured out onto the road. Dirty, wet, bloody, and scared to death, this woman crawled rapidly across the street toward his beach home. Constantly looking behind her, letting out short screams every 3 or 4 feet.

Tommy said he knew she was infected so he ran inside, grabbed his shotgun from behind the fridge and turned off what remaining lights were on. He felt sorry for the poor gal but a zombie is a zombie, and he didn't want the drama.

Then he heard her. Screaming again. At the bottom of the stairs she was screeching out in those short bursts again. His heart started pounding as he sat nervous on his bed. Then he heard the thuds. She was making her way up the stairs.

Tommy jumped up and locked his bedroom door. He crouched down and tried to keep his breathing to a minimum. But the fear kept coming. One more thud, then another and another. Her screams were changing. And so was she. The voice turned deeper and hollow. Then... quiet.

Tommy told me over the radio that it had been a good 5 minutes from the time she slammed that car into the bridge till the time the screaming stopped and he thought she was dead. Bled out or fell off the stair well to the patio. So, when his heart stopped beating through his throat, he stood up to sit back on his bed. When he did, he tripped over some clothes on the floor and made a loud thud of his own.

He stood there as quiet as he could be to see if it triggered anything dead on his stairs. Then he told me the scariest thing I think Ive ever heard in my life. She started sprinting up the stairs when she heard food moving around in the house. BAM BAM BAM BAM up the stairs to the front door. Tommy sat on the floor on the far side of his bed in absolute terror. The front door was being pummeled. And then again, just as fast.... nothing.

Tommy got up and checked his weapon. He unlocked his door and slowly cracked it open to see out. There was nothing. The storm was still raging and he thought the threat was gone, temporarily at least. With all the lights off, he crouched down and scooted through his home toward a big sliding glass door that looked down to the car that was half crushed into the bridge, which was now, slowly coming down.

Lightning struck and Tommy could see her. She was slowly moving around on his patio from one side of the house to the other. Almost waiting for him to come out for her. He said that earlier he couldn't see how bad her body was damaged. But in the purity of the lightning, he could see her deformities and breaks all over her body and face. As a zombie she was a horrifying sight. Clawing at anything that had texture, she left her fingernails behind in the wooden railing, the only thing that was keeping her up there. This gave him an idea.

He waited patiently for her to make her way back around the far side of the house. His plan was to quietly open the sliding door and wait for her to come back around. He would then push that terrible zombie over the edge to its fateful, second death and be done with it.

The lightning was his only advantage. He saw her growling and sniffing at the rain. Wiping her bloody body all over his one year old siding. Then she was gone. Out of sight. Tommy leaned forward and unlocked the door.

Before he could even stand up strait the flesh hungry zombie noticed the slightest in sound and high kneed it back towards his. He told me the lightning struck just as she rounded the corner of the deck and he saw what he explained to be the face of the end of the world. He said her eyes were a pale white but green from the bruising of the car wreck. Her body was contorted and misshaped and she stomped towards him. Her fingers reached out with no nails and her gassy wet vocal chords boomed out a deep, hungry moan.

But, at close range, nothing beats a shotgun. She was a much better looking zombie before being shot with a 10 gage. He's a duck hunter.. Did I forget to mention that?

He said her body flew off his deck like a wet sheet. Then she landed in a zombie heap on his driveway.

He could hear the sirens coming. Somebody else heard her gunshots on the beach. At the end of it, he told me she was on the beach drinking with several friends. One of the was attacked and the infection spread. She was the only survivor, but that was by shooting all of her friends in the car. She got bit somewhere between the time she put that car into drive, and when she plowed face first into the bridge. Kinda feel sorry for her, but I feel more for Tommy. He was so shaken up over the whole thing, he's planning on moving.

He says living on the beach is too unpredictable. He'd rather deal with the fears of city zombs he says. I hope he has plenty of shells, cause things ain't no different around here.


Sunday, August 7, 2011


This is a radio transmission we received from Brandon the Brave just a moment ago. Pray for him and his:

I've been attacked! No one is here, they are not here because I told them I don't want any deaths. So I'm hear in my house but, I have three shotguns 2 handguns and 4 sub-machine guns and 1 metal lego sword and 1 stick with a knife taped to it. So far so good I'm holding them off but not for much longer. I hav to i hav been breached they r comin in  OV.R



Hiding again. Something I don't pride myself on. After the ASMZ left the other day, we've been worried about whats going to happen with our neighborhoods. They told us that after the NASA program shuts down, everything will be fine because all the jobs are still so important. That's not the case. It was just days after the end of our space program that the zombies got really bad in Clear lake. Nasa Rd 1 is completely littered with zombies these days. During the day its not so bad, but at night.. well the story changes a bit.

So, here I am. With my family and my shot gun. Hiding. The worst feeling in the world. Not enough food to last a month and because of the heat, there are rolling blackouts every where. I was lucky enough to take my motorcycle in to Yamaha today to get the mounting brackets for my M16's tightened, and they had two blackouts while I was there. But I'm counting my blessings. I'm alive with my family. That's what matters.

Gunshots in the distance, a good thing. No ambulance or police sirens out there... a very bad thing. When first responders don't even get out you know the zombies are thick tonight. Its like Bay City where I grew up. The cops wont even drive down certain areas (Avenue C) because the gangs were so bad. Its still like that now. And for my friends still stuck in that arm pit, I'm sorry.

My dining room table is barricading the front door tonight. I've never really seen how many gouges there are in this poor thing till now. My nose is an inch from the surface and I don't smell wood polish. Rather remnants of mustard and macaroni and cheese. But the moans keep coming.

I looked at the outside video feed of my home-security and saw countless zombies roaming around the street. Peering into parked cars and tripping on the curb. There were even dead zombies. Dying from exhaustion or just bleeding out. Zombies have always fed off each other when there's no prey around, but only a few seem to be doing that these days.

My wife and sons are asleep. They should be. Tomorrow could be a rough one. By the look of the zombies in my front yard, everyone could use a little more sleep in preparation. And if I haven't said it before. I HATE ZOMBIES!! They are such vile roaches. I'm so tired of cleaning blood off my arms. Worrying if my shower will do its job and keep me clean. Sleeping is hard too. I can constantly hear those hollow moans when I close my eyes. As a zombie fighter and ZFC leader I shouldn't express such pain, but I have it. And zombies cause it.

 Zombies aren't just bad here either. They are to blame for the European economy taking a dump. There's even underground talk of the government planning terrorist attacks to cover up how bad the economy is. And no one wants to tackle the infestation problem. Just let the zombies destroy a once powerful nation and not talk about it.

Here is no different. The biggest thing in the news is the stinking tea party movement. Again. No zombies mentioned anywhere. Are they not allowed to tell the truth about the state of the Union? (short answer is yes, they aren't)

The same "underground" talk is that the next terrorist attempt in the U.S. will be caused by a "tea party" group. Yup, its even to the point where our own vice pres. is calling them Terrorists. Man, would I love to set them all in an honesty chair. Elephants and Donkey's alike. They're own policies and secret agendas created these stupid zombies in the first place and they wont fess up to it. Which brings me right back to good ol' conspiracy theories.

Why would people think that things are just hunky dory? Despite the obvious collapse of the most powerful nation in the world. Despite the stock market visually taking a crap on itself. Despite every other nation in the world pointing and laughing at us. Here's a thought.

The government can create zombies to control population and blame it on bad luck.. or...... they can continue to create devices to break society down upon itself. Read what I found on a device proven to be used by the FBI and other branches of government.

I know, I know. Star Trek right? That's what I thought till a member of the GYPSY GROUP introduced me to the device. There's more too. Are they numbing our minds to agree with the zombie population? To just agree to put up with it? If what Lord Micah says is right, the governments have been involved in zombie creation from the beginning. Knowing that they are part of their own progression. And our demise.
Speaking of our demise. Besides the zombies getting faster, stronger, uglier, and worst of all stinkier... Our cute little zombie creatin' government has another secret they got busted on. FEMA was cornered with Intel against them and they had to come clean. I cant really go into it much because I'd probably put my fist through the computer screen and stomp around my house like a two year old (ultimately giving away my families position). But its complete martial law. Camps secretly made managed by FEMA to prepare us for a total Police State. Zombies are supposed to be what they will be protecting us from, at least that's what they are using for the cover up... (they wont report that either)
anyway, here's the story.

I could go on for days at the bad taste in my mouth over this, but I wont. There are too many zombies on my front lawn. Every once in a while they bang themselves on the garage door, attracting more zombies to the area, but no more than my neighbors garage door. Its like a video of 'STOMP' with zombies. There's almost a rhythm you can hear by all the banging outside.

 I have a fence that wraps around the side of my house, and if zombies ever figured out how to get over that....were screwed. I have a sliding glass door that leads into my house. I don't think I have enough ammo for that scenario.

I hear some scratching from the other side of the living room. I don't want to give up my position next to the front door. One, because I feel the house is more secure with me right here by the door. Two, because its really comfortable and it took me a while to get that way with this cumbersome IPAD. Don't get me wrong, I love me some apple products. But during a zombie apocalypse they aren't as user friendly as they'd like you to think.

Until the hordes go away.

Friday, August 5, 2011


Some really cool zombie stuff Lord Micah the FREQUENCY SCIENTIST pulled up for us to see and hear. Hopefully we'll get another interview with him. Very interesting Character that guy. Thanks again for your involvement!




@CdnZmbiRytr Julianne Snow
@jamietuffen jamie 'JIG' tuffen
@fairweatherabi abigator
Savage Klaxon   

Thank you a million.

Word from Brandon the Brave!

This guy gets things done. I don't know where his group is fighting out of but I can tell you this... he is like McGuyver. He seems to find whatever he can to use as a weapon. Usually people email me their weapon of choice, guns are a given... but this guy talks about weapons I would have never thought to put together. Hmmmm.... time in prison? J/K Brandon. Here is his email:

 Hello, I'm being attacked! Were holding up but not for long but don't worry we almost killed them all. They came by the hundreds but now we have them down to 20. I'd give you more info but I have to protect my community.We also took very strong sticks and taped knifes to them. 

The battle in my community is finished. We ran out of ammo but we created some lego swords and sharpened them, then we dipped them in metal, then put them in water to cool them off. But 2 soldiers died in battle.
Thanks again Brandon for braving the zombies in such a creative way. Im gonna put that email in my journal.
Also zombie fighters: There is new intel that the silver disks are showing up again, but bigger, with more information on them, and if what the GYPSY GROUP says is true, a plan the ASMZ has to infect the rest of the population right under our noses! Are these zombies couriers for their controllers now? I will report as soon as the info comes in. 

Also, for those out there in twitter land: Sorry for the laps in involvement. Zombie killing is tedious as you know, and with 12 hour back to back shifts, this ol'boys beat. I'll get back on that horse this weekend. 


Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Return of the silver disks?!

I ripped the arm off a zombie to get this thing.
The grip that zomb had was incredible. I knew there would be more to show up. But I didn't think they would be this big! I'll fill you in later. I'm hiding in an industrial field. None of the oil workers here knew what they were doing, so now there's twice the danger. Infected people change so fast now. One little nip and they immediately start talking jibberish. They look at their hands as if they are hallucinating, then it happens. Their eyes are the first to go. Then comes that cold dry scream. Probably what makes them moan that way. I'm getting off now. Afraid the light from my phone will give my 20 away. Be back only later.
Too many to fight.

Brandons email.

This new zombie fighter came out of nowhere and recruited 20 people on his own! Now that's what I call a zombie fighter! Here's his e-mail...

Well im done recruiting soldiers. We recruited 20 soldiers, well trained actually. Right now I have about 50 zombies and there numbers are going down so don't worry, we will be ok.

I'm not sure what weapons their recruits are using but they seem to be effective either way.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Went to the courthouse today..

And it wasn't for a ticket!!
Thanks again to all the zombie fighters of the world. Things are about to get thick, so load those guns and sharpen those machetes.



We need an update on your situation. Remember to send info on your location, number of zombies, and your weapon of choice... but with a name 'VILE', you might just kill zombies bare handed!

Eddie Rotten

Location, Handle, and Weapon of Choice!!!

These are the kind of zombie fighters everyone needs. Im not going to talk politics, or conspiracy or anything crazy like that. This post is for these guys out there killing zombies like we all should be doing. In the trenches.. My hats off to the new zombie fighters. Thanks for keeping in touch. I check my email daily so dont think your not heard. We do need to get you added to the friends list so we can make you honorary ZFC heads. But thankyou anyway for all your work. Kill those zombie bastards!!!

Here is the follow up email I was sent this evening:

Hello its me Brandon. I'm sorry for the short email. Well I battled zombies at that time, like I said. Me and my friend Kevin are recruiting new soldiers. 

New zombie fighters. Don't forget, with your emails: Send me your location, how many zombies are in your area, and what your weapon of choice is. Also, some people have 'handles' so they aren't identified by the ASMZ or other secret groups.

Thanks again

Monday, August 1, 2011


I'm at work and I was watching the news. They were talking about the crime across Houston, they of course talked about the national budget crisis, and briefly, just briefly they mention Obama's new law.

The zombies apparently are not doing a good job, because the ASMZ just enforced a law that Obama came up with making birth control and the morning after pill free of charge to men and women.

Now, some might applaud this new rule but hear me out. Whats to stop people from completely abusing the right to birth control? Now men are held even less accountable for their actions. If the drugs are totally free, there's nothing to stop the karma train from crashing.

If you haven't noticed, children and family aren't pushed by the news and media. And we see less and less of them as the years go by.

The zombies are definitely doing their part. Especially with the elderly. Even so... for the first time in our nation's history, there's more older people 70 and up than there is children 0-12.

And if the complete health care bill goes through, the elderly wont be able to afford their medicine for cancer and other huge old people killers. The zombies won't even be needed anymore.... is that the plan?

To kill off the elderly with politics and slowly convince adults to not worry about children or families?

Just the surviving middle class will be left to beg for scraps from the rich. And zombies will surely be modified between now and then.

A world without children... what are we doing?


New ZOMBIE FIGHTERS stepping up to the plate. I got an email today while I was asleep. (Stupid night shift) Brandon and Kevin. He didnt give me much more than that but I can only hope we stay in touch. Things are getting pretty bad here. After my interview with Lord Micah, the ASMZ started snooping around my area. Ive had phone call after phone call that they dropped off zombies to kill off the families in that area. I say kill off, but I mean multiply. The worst thing to see or hear about on a monday morning is children turned to zombies. Not the best way to start the week. But mondays never let me down.

Anyway, a big thankyou to Brandon and Kevin for braving the zombie apocalypse with us. Its not easy being zombie fighters. The world is against us. Thankyou again... here's his email.

 Hey its brandon. Last night my community was over run by zombies. Luckly nobody died but the zombies were destroyed with the help of my freind Kevin and my shotgun. Im lucky to be alive. 

Eddie Rotten



and when it comes
the mind overcomes
without the fear

its not the time
or what we will say
that takes awayLIGHTS EVERYWHERE
our senses

and when it comes
we smile that it runs
on everything
we never wanted

but in the end
we find, that to win
we have to be
with the machines

theres lights everywhere
and none of them
belong to me

20 minutes with LORD MICAH