Monday, July 25, 2011

Zombies are popular

ZOMBIES have become a cult phenomena around the world. I'm not sure how it happened but it's embarrassing to say the least. I mean how can so many different mediums make fun of such a horrific history we are barely surviving through? It makes me sick.

Don't get me wrong. I am entertained just as much as you are by watching zombie movies and keeping up with the zombie blogs that are all over the internet. My favorite show on tv to this day is still The Walking Dead. Great show. And if there was a total fallout with zombies ruling the land, I'm sure it would be pretty much just like that show. But that's not what we are faced with currently.

With Obama and his goons in washington, the whole world is in complete disbelief that anything will ever get better. The reality of it is we are no safer now then we were 3 years ago. Our national debt is exactly where they planned it should be. 'They' being the government and the ASMZ.

I shouldn't complain though. My world is pretty damn good Compared to some others. There are people that have chosen not to learn how to defend themselves from zombies. I got a radio call just the other day from a lady. She is a school teacher. She's stuck on top of a school with most of her students.

This is in a small town called Bay City. The zombies there have been getting worse for several weeks. Being close to a nuclear power plant, there is Plenty of military to fight off zombies and other terrorist activity. Forget about the cops, they're useless. But military or not, Zombies can get the best of people no matter who's in charge. She stated that there were 12 students on the roof with her. They moved a few mattesses up stairs from the medical office. There was 2 infected, 1 with a broken leg, and the rest seemed to be okay. There were countless students and teachers that had already turned zombie on the ground. Wandering aimlessly for food. The zombies of yesterday spent more time eating themselves and each other. Today they have matured into bloodthirsty meat hungry killers.

3 days they had been there. They were getting food from the cafeteria refrigerator. She said they were taking turns until 1 of the doors that was previously barricaded got knocked in by zombies. Now she said food was low. There were blue tarps and blankets on top of the school already. Apparently bums had set camp to try and ride out the Apocalypse. Bad call. The students that were infected were turning slowly but weren't dangerous yet. It's only a matter of time. She had a radio thrown to her from a mother of 1 of the students that came by in a minivan. She said shortly after getting out and throwing the radio zombies attacked her and she unfortunately did not make it. But my radio channel was yelled out just in time. The teacher didn't have the heart to tell the mother that her son was infected already. Maybe after the kid turns zombie and ends up dead.. again, they can meet each other up in the afterlife.

I can't count on the police department to help them out. They are notoriously corrupt and frankly could not care any less if there were teachers and students on top of a building surrounded by zombies.

I was was arrested in that town for riding my bike past that very school without a flashlight. They said I was loitering. How can you loiter while riding your bike? What I wouldn't pay to have those 2 cops eaten alive by zombies, and then spat back out because they just tasted too nasty.

I have been in touch with a member of the Gypsy Group here lately and they have agreed to do an interview soon. I'm also trying to contact some of the zombie fighters that we have talked about recently. I can't seem to get in touch with them. I hope everyone is okay.

I will check back in soon enough keep your head up.


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