Thursday, July 14, 2011


I found a recording. Redd is an old friend of mine. She was a matriarch for several years before moving away. Ive ran into a few of the people she taught and was impressed by her vision of the future. I'm hoping that I hear more from her than this one recording because my curiosity is spiked.

When I do finally run into Redd again, I'm going to ask if her recorded poem is a vision of the future or from memory. Either way, im stuck wondering where she's been all these years. Maybe she'll surprise us all and join the site as a zombie fighter? As a seer of the future, I wonder what her weapon of choice is?

One thing at a time. Its getting late. I still have to wash the blood off my arm from back handing this zombie on the way home from work. That one was hard to kill off too. More about that later.. Gotta catch some zzzz's.

Eddie Rotten

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  1. Where are you? We begin to worry when we don't hear from you!