Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Once upon a time

The world grew and the powers that be, coveted immortality. Science was paid to create a master race, but a distortion in mankind was born.Zombies began to walk the earth. With no one taking responsibility, resources were being wasted. Governments pride produced wars. And Conspiracies were manufactured for the media to report. And at all cost, was anyone anywhere to report the abomination of the zombie Apocalypse.

Out of the urban struggle to survive, people instinctively lived in denial.Schools and hospitals stayed open. Churches and grocery stores stayed full. People learned to fight off the prophesies told by the bible and our elders alike.

But the holders of the keys and money have the power to shape the destiny of the world. And from this, spawed the ASMZ and the CANARY GROUP. Both designed to cover the truth and mask the lies of the worlds combined Governments. To help the control of population and to help follow through the force of a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT.

In retaliation and in search for the answers, small groups of ZOMBIE FIGHTERS started appearing. The GYPSY GROUP and myself have pieced together what might be the greatest Conspiracy this world has ever known.

In the days where countries fall from financial ignorance, and where leadership blames the world and their predecessors; a darkness emerged from the results. A life of dishonesty in science. A life of greed and power over the world's population. A life of numbing thoughts and actions. A ZOMBIE LIFE.


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