Friday, July 8, 2011


A few days ago me and some friends set up a trap to catch a zombie. We really want to dig deep and find out a little bit more about the the kind of thing were dealing with. We managed to catch one a drag it back to my place. We currently have it chained up in the garage. We intend to dissect it tomorrow and have a further look. Will keep you updated.
I think this was sent a few days ago. My net has been down for some reason. Otherwise I'd have let you all know about JIGS post sooner.
I also think I have a tip on the numbers I found. Someone on twitter thinks they are coordinates to places unknown.
As soon as my net runs faster ill be googling the numbers. Let me know if any if you figure the three coordinates before I do. Email me or leave a comment or something. I'm desperate for answers.
The ZOMBIES at home are faster than yesterday. That means its gonna be a hard summer.
Another bit of news is that I might of got a lead on the final ingredient to THE ZOMBIE FORMULA.
A secret agent from the GYPSY GROUP left a text saying the new independent space program opens doors for us as a people, and also lets pieces of otherwise classified Intel slip through the cracks.
The mysterious powder was the final ingredient to the ZOMBIE FORMULA,  along with the puffer fish poison. He says it came from.... 'OFF PLANET". I know, sounds cheesy, but who am I to argue?
He also texted that the new independent space program will finally disclose otherworldly life. They are just choosing who to do it. My bet is OBAMA. Just a guess though.
Another guess I have us about the ONE WORLDS GOVERNMENT. We all know about August being the deadline about the nations debt. We also know, we will never pay any of the debt back. So the only thing we have to offer is land. Un-infected land. My guess is HAWAII and the other islands first. Then we will probably sell off money  states next like TEXAS, NEW YORK, CALIFORNIA etc.
Only time will tell though. Sometimes I wish Houston was an island like Hawaii.  We'd be able to govern the infected people that came in or out. They are so much more secluded than the rest of us.
I will have more news for you later. There's also some audio you got to hear. Remember if you can decipher what the numbers are, if they are coordinates; please let me know.
One last thing. JIG is setting up a blog to let us know of the zombies in his area. As soon as I get the link... ill post it.
Till next time.

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