Friday, July 29, 2011


LORD MICAH is the frequency scientist from dallas I was talking about. Hopefully he's still available for the interview this weekend. Im thinking it will be late sunday night though. He is obviously smarter than I am, but he weighs in on the zombie infestation!

 Heard rumor that for millennia, interdimensional beings (aliens/demons/spirits/other time-space inhabitants) have been trying to break through to our dimension, and have looked for the proper vessel to house their soul/spirit/self/whatever makes us what we are. They have always found that the human body was the best vessel for that purpose, and have genetically modified and taken part in breeding experiments throughout human history, they have played a part in making us what we are today. That being said, now that we are so advanced in our brains and bodies, all they need to do is remove our soul, our life force - and we become the perfect place for these interdimensional beings. Informants have leads that the zombies are playing a significant role. Conspiracy theorists are claiming that the zombie outbreak is directly connected with a planetary alignment, a galactic alignment, and that these interdimensional beings (aliens? demons?) want our brains as bad as the zombies. And that the government, or governments have been working with these beings to "sell us out", effectively testing the zombie virus on us. Other, more spiritual groups suspect that this just happens to be perfect synchronicity, that the zombie outbreak would emerge just in time for a spirit race of aliens to come around looking for bodies to use in the physical world - Destiny, Fate. Either way. Kill them all.

-Lord Micah

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