Wednesday, July 6, 2011

JIG and the Secret Numbers

The last time I dug through my paperwork and pictures I found several things that led me to where I am now. For instance: the zombie fields.. With help from David the Destroyer and Victoria, I have a better understanding of what I'm dealing with. These... Silver disks, are unique in ways that they seem to be receivers for satellites above. The satellites transmit a certain frequency that releases 'nano technology' in the brains of the surrounding zombies. We have Victoria to thank for solving that puzzle.

The EMP gun that we stole from NASA is still sitting in front of me. Haven't had a chance to really open it up and see what it can do, but when I go scouting any area, it's good to bring. The electromagnetic pulse it blasts disorients the zombies to a state that makes them attack the animals for just a brief moment. This works only for the zombies that have the nano tech installed. But for now I'll take every moment I can get. The downside to the EMP gun, is the infected animals. Once they are infected, I have twice the threat. And... As you all know, infected animals are much faster. So, I gotta lay off the twinkles.

So.. Because of sheer wonder, I went back to my paperwork and pictures. Flipping through any thing I thought might help put things together. The zombies are getting worse. Some neighborhoods are reporting runners. Some reporting zombies that can actually break windows and unlock doors from the inside. These new zombs are faster, smarter, stronger, and hungrier than ever.

My family is now bracing themselves for the fall of the American dollar. My wife is planting a full garden in the back yard. My sons are constructing solar powered panels in case the government decides to regulate the grid. And most of our family and friends are laughing at us.. Well... The ones that are still alive. My warnings don't seem to be heard until the very last second. I try to make light of the 'true' situation of things, but Even my followers on Twitter have their doubts.

The media isn't reporting any zombie outbreaks anywhere, so why should people be concerned? Until a zombie is tearing someone out of their own car do people even care that the apocalypse is present? I don't know any more. These letters from zombie fighters from all over the world have my spirits up, because I know that even if the world burns to the ground... We tried.

Which brings me to my next findings...

There is a fan, not a known zombie fighter, by the name of JIG. His letters are hard to read because I have a hard time understanding them. He has left a Few comments on some of my posts but nothing that really leads me anywhere... Until now. Under my mail and shot gun shell receipts there was an old envelope that had the three letters J.I.G. written in chicken scratch. Not sure who or what JIG is, but I'll find out later. I pulled out three pieces of paper. They were small and old. I could feel the brittleness of them. They also had an old smell to them. But the biggest thing that stood out was that they were stained with blood. The last two papers were stuck together and some of the information ended up on the backside of the page I ripped it from. On the paper was the letters JIG written as if there were going to be a letter that followed. There wasn't. There were only numbers.

The first page read JIG:48338432022
the second page read JIG:45.312326,-86.948118
And finally the last page read JIG:51.990206,5.817851

On the back of the last page there was more chicken scratch. Newer than the paper itself, the writing look like it was written in haste. Almost as if there wasn't enough time to finish the copy.

First there was a website:
There was also a name written: Dr. Erich Traub
Finally there was a pen sketch I'll photograph later. If I'm not mistaken... It looks like... A plum?

My wife wakes up soon and she can help me figure this out. I also through a plea up on twitter to see if anyone had any ideas. I just hope whatever the numbers mean, it'll bring me closer to ridding my neighborhood of all the zombs. I killed two on my way home. I would usually stick around and kill more, just for practice. But there are just too many now. I have to know when to pick my battles.

My hands are tired of working and now writing. I hope that someone out there has an idea on what this JIG person is trying to relay.

Time to sleep. It's garbage day too. It's better to have two people for that job now. Wheeling the trash bin to the road was never this dangerous.... Damn zombies!

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