Thursday, July 28, 2011

Government cover ups are working

As you know the zombies on the Mexican border are worse than they have ever been. The farmers and townspeople are having a harder time managing the zombie slaughters. So many people have died. These average people don't have the guns or the knowledge on how to fight back this number of zombies. So we, the American people were told that the government stepped in. And that is where the problem started. The guns were supposed to be used for zombie managent. New information has risen that the United States has given the guns over to Mexico for drug trade. Secretly we know that we've been doing that for several several years, but why so many guns this time? What drug is do important that the government had to step in and create such a massive cover up. Whatever it is, its got to be more important than weed or cocaine.

I can tell you what drug I believe it is. To find this answer I moved toward the HUMAN GENOME PROJECT. Places like Switzerland, Russia, China Australia, and America among others have secretly been using their scientist for evil works. This is why we have zombies running the streets today! We are cloning people these days. I say these days, but reports show we've been doing this since Hitler's day. And were no just cloning humans. Were mixing genes with animals and insects and plants and everything else indeed the sun. These abominations will birth a virus that is ten times as bad as their first mistake... that being zombies.

There's allot to cover so I must move on quickly.

The Gypsy Group has sent me Intel about the issue the airports have with groping their flyers. According to the Gypsy Group, TSA was directed by the ASMZ to tell the media that is necessary to grope and search everyone so vigorously because they are looking for people that are infected by zombies.

There's lots of people that believe this but I'm not sold at all. I'll tell you why. The technology used in those airport scanners, is the same technology used is the silver disk findings by our very own VICTORIA. The nanotechnology uses the same magnetic resonating frequency that the government uses on their new tool, THE FMRI. (Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging) Now, believe it or not, but this is a mind reading tool used by the government to gradually make people comfortable to the picture of martial law during the quickly approaching one world government. They have already proven the system by numbing our minds to the zombies we battle every day. We have been brain washed for decades. If not longer!!

We will be told that martial law will protect us from zombies. And if you don't think that martial law is a coming army, then think again. Right now Arizona is faced with just that. The military has basically fired the mayor. City officials are fleeimg town. And this time it's not because of zombies!

Finally reports have come in that the government is issuing 20,000 new troops to serve, not overseas, but here in America! When the US dollar tanks people are expected to loose their pensions and other retirement savings. These people are gonna be pissed. Enough to scare our own government Military into protecting itself. The middle and lower class human will soon be downsized.

And then there's the modified zombies. I'll get into that more this weekend during my interview with the frequency scientist.

By the way. You can look any of this stuff up on the net or your local news. When all hell breaks loose, then I'm sure more people will report the zombie apocalypse were in.

Stay vigilant my friends. We are being ganged up on but we will survive.
Shoot for the brain.

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  1. Heard rumor that for millennia, interdimensional beings (aliens/demons/spirits/other time-space inhabitants) have been trying to break through to our dimension, and have looked for the proper vessel to house their soul/spirit/self/whatever makes us what we are. They have always found that the human body was the best vessel for that purpose, and have genetically modified and taken part in breeding experiments throughout human history, they have played a part in making us what we are today. That being said, now that we are so advanced in our brains and bodies, all they need to do is remove our soul, our life force - and we become the perfect place for these interdimensional beings. Informants have leads that the zombies are playing a significant role. Conspiracy theorists are claiming that the zombie outbreak is directly connected with a planetary alignment, a galactic alignment, and that these interdimensional beings (aliens? demons?) want our brains as bad as the zombies. And that the government, or governments have been working with these beings to "sell us out", effectively testing the zombie virus on us. Other, more spiritual groups suspect that this just happens to be perfect synchronicity, that the zombie outbreak would emerge just in time for a spirit race of aliens to come around looking for bodies to use in the physical world - Destiny, Fate. Either way. Kill them all.

    -Lord Micah