Thursday, July 28, 2011

Fallen Soldiers

Here's the thing, everyone knows about the zombie apocalypse but nobody seems to be understanding how severe things really are.

These governments around the world are choreographing cover up after cover up and they think that we don't understand or see what they are doing.

I said it once before.. we don't have it too bad right now in the United States.

That bastard that killed nearly 80 people over in Norway and is being protected by several countries. The conspiracy around that alone is mind-boggling. How did the cops know his name before they even arrested him? Why was his Facebook page altered to say that he was Christian and conservative? Are the controlling governments trying to frame the conservative movement, to force their people into thinking along such a socialistic ideal?

All I know is that karma kills. Zombie infestation is global now. There are several different people that are looking into it and where zombies came from. None of us really have any money and the organizations that do have money, are too scared to say anything. We have a very humble small group of people that are doing the best we can.

I'd like to take the opportunity to salute some of the fallen soldiers we've had along the way. Please if your name is on this list, reach out and let us know you're still alive.

Special thanks to David the zombie destroyer, who gave so much insight to the silver discs and where they were.

Special thanks to Victoria, who literally saved the lives of me and my family by giving us information about the zombie fields and the nanotechnology given to some of the zombies by NASA.

And a very special thanks to
James and Monica. These two were the ultimate fighting team in zombie combat. Although confusing me by telling me they did not work for the Gypsy Group, they fought next in my front yard with my family and I. You can't get more loyal than that.

Thank you all again. It is truly just speculation they are dead. Worst case scenario is that they have become zombies themselves. We just haven't heard from them in such a long time we have to move on and continue the fight.

In their absence though I have made some new acquaintances and other zombie fighters have really stepped up.

This weekend I will be interviewing a new friend. He is a frequency scientist living in Dallas. He doesn't know much about zombies but he does know about frequency and how they can affect zombies. With his knowledge I might be able to piece together some of the questions that I had from the information Victoria left behind. Like the nanotechnology activated by frequency soundwaves placed in the heads of some pzombies by NASA and the government.

Also a special thanks to JIG. He probably has it worse than any of us right now. But he is fortunate by actually capturing a zombie and dissecting it. Hopefully in the days to come, they will be able to tell more about the origins of zombies in the UK.

Again zombie fighters, if you are out there and have any way of communicating. I know it's hard, I know zombies are with us, I know that we fight until the sun goes down, please know that you are not alone. What you have done for the resistance will live on forever. The good guys always win.

The conspiracy will be shown. As the governments combine, so will the zombie fighters.



  1. Im still going eddie. Its been a tough week for us. But were fighting as hard as we can and defending ourselfs better than ever.

  2. DAVID the zombie destroyer is still among the living at least whats left of the living in orlando. A strong wave of these tuff as nails zombies flooded here a after atlantis came back. I'm heading over to cape canaveral soon to see what I can find out. I'll update you when I can. And for what ever agency is tracking me, follow the trail of zombie parts.

    Leave em in pieces.