Sunday, July 10, 2011


A few days ago, I found some old papers that had coordinates on them. JIG, my new friend and fellow zombie fighter is the person responsible for them getting to me in the first place. So, to him, I tip my hat.

I was stumped to what the numbers were at first but I got a clue from someone on TWITTER. Coordinates. Now, I don't know if JIG purposefully wrote the numbers down for me to go through this wild goose hunt, but either way I am eternally gratefully. There were three sets of numbers as I put down in my earlier post.

The first coordinates: After figuring out that all I had to do was google the freaking numbers, it was all pretty easy from there. The first set of numbers that I entered led me to Birkenau.... AUSCHWITZ!! This matches up with the name that was next to the numbers. Dr Erich Traub. He turns out to be a NAZI SCIENTIST. I think he might be behind the origins of the puffer fish formula that ultimately changes regular people into mindless zombies. How they turn from that, into flesh eating ghouls, is something I still have to figure out.

As I said several months ago, in the HITLER MADE ZOMBIES post, scientist were working around the clock at AUSCHWITZ to create the ultimate human. All others were discarded as trash. With the help of the GYPSY GROUP I learned that the scientist that worked there under the order of HITLER were separated and spread throughout the planet to continue their work unidentified. These scientists were almost never found and even worse, never talked about. Until now. Which leads me to my next COORDINATE google.

The next number opened up with google maps. It looked like a sea shore, but as I zoomed out, I found it was the shore of a state, connected to the USA. Still unsure of why the coordinates lead here I grabbed the page and slowly moved around. BINGO! I found it...

Adjacent to the shore was an island. An island some of you might know by the name of PLUM ISLAND. Jesse Ventura talked about it in his conspiracy theory show, and now I myself was lead to the same address. Plum Island is known for their scientific experiments on animals and humans. The MONTAC MONSTER is said to have been created there among other oddly shaped blasphemes of this beautiful planet Earth.

The two coordinates shocked me at first, but after I did my research on both addresses, I understood a lot better on why I had them in front of me. These two places were obviously critical places that birthed today's zombies. Zombies have morphed into the flesh eating runners they are today, possibly by better technology or science.. or worse what MOMMA ROTTEN suggests, just pure evil.

But who would possibly want to create such horrible beings? Why would anyone in their right mind want to create a zombie? Even HITLER had a plan of creating the master race. Did the scientists of that day over modify until they ended up with an uncontrollable monster?

The nano tech that is found in small numbers of zombies here at NASA proves that there are more plans for zombies in the future. To be able to control the actions of zombies would ultimately give the remote holder the power to rule the world. Not even money could stop a super army of hungry zombs!

As science moves forward, so does the zombies. We don't think about it but as the cell phone became smarter, zombies learned how to run. As Fukushima erupted in radiation, zombies became stronger and lived longer. As the worlds wars continue, zombies have silently migrated the world over. Now, whoever has the remote... seems to be in control.

Which brings me to what my last COORDINATE REVEALED. I put in the numbers. My hands were shaking at this point. Finding out that the world has known and improved the technology and biology of zombies doesn't make me feel good. Because no matter how good at killing zombies I am, their guns will always be bigger. I entered the last number and pushed return. The address came up on the screen of google maps. A hotel buried in a forest of trees appeared block by block. A series of small county roads surrounded the hotel, but gave it plenty of room to be hidden by nature. I zoomed out. And then I read what confirmed, who held the remote.


I'll report more soon. I'm almost sorry for doing the research I have to find this. I know the severity of zombie farms now. I know that the ASMZ and the CANARY GROUP are real players in the zombie apocalypse. I also know that I am surrounded by the best, most well trained zombie fighters in the history of the world. I am not worried. Bring it.

Eddie Rotten

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