Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Battle of Webster Park

At home now. Just got home from work. Having a motorcycle makes things much more interesting on my drive home. Its much more... hands on. I am glad to be home though. I just checked on the family, everyone is here. Its always good when your family is home. Count your blessings.

I'm at my desk again, flipping through my papers.... again. Ive got a hand full of zombie fighters that are more involved with this whole thing than I anticipated. The coordinates that I received have opened doors down hallways I didn't even exist. Bilderberg, or Bilderberger (whatever its called) seems to have a bunch of arrows pointing towards it. I just have to figure out who all is involved with that organization. That could take years.. so, I have to take things one day at a time. It is interesting though, to see other peoples blogs on twitter. How they are dealing with the zombie infestation around the world. There are zombies that have been dissected and found computer chips inside. There are also people that are in a boat off the coast of Oregon. Safe, for now.

It all lets me know that things are chaos and havoc everywhere. The powers that are in place must have a big iron fist. Or just really know what they are doing to have organized such an apocalypse. In a way, I'm impressed. What would we do with out all the zombies? How long would we live as people before we actually started working together? Its almost like they forced us into seeing each others worth, by attacking us with zombies. Who knows though right? I mean, zombies might not even be a WMD. Although, I personally think they are.

Zombies. They have taken last week almost completely away from me. I was actually knocked unconscious for a few hours. It makes me want to wear my bike helmet everywhere I go. And to think it was supposed to be a routine boundary check...

My family has organized a team of volunteers to check our boundary, or neighborhood. With the apartment across the street, there are a lot of potential zombies that could come from there. Doesnt sound to optomistic I know but we have to look at the reality of it. Six of the volunteers went out and were supposed to check back in, in one hour. The hour passed and not one person of the six volunteers picked up the radio to call in. We had to assume that six people were dead. Six 'armed' people. That means that if they were dead, there were to soon be six armed zombies staggering around looking for living flesh. Plus, those two way radios aint cheap these days.

My son organized a second team to go out, with him in the lead. My youngest son was to stay home and watch the security cameras that scan our property. Xfinity home security is pretty cool. My wife and I were to go with two other neighbors in the opposite direction to see if there was any ASMZ's in the area. The last thing we want is for some fake science military coming in and telling what we can and cant do. They are armed though, and heavily so we have to respect our situation.

My son left the house. His job was to go in the direction of the last team, and see what the problem was. Stealth mission. His radio was on and he was really good with keeping in touch. My youngest son had it easy, he ended up playing NAZI ZOMBIES on BLACK OPS most of the night. My son radio'ed in with in the first 5 minutes. "Were out numbered 10 to one, they are closing on us fast and half of them used to live next door!"

My wife and our small team about faced as fast as we could and ran in my sons direction. 'DONT DIE DONT DIE DONT DIE' I kept telling my self. I cant say it out loud, or my wife wouldn't be able to concentrate on the battle we were about to face. Just then we got a radio from my youngest son at home. "Do we have any peanut butter left?" The comic relief actually gave me energy and reasurance. But soon, we arrived at the battlefield.

Just as my oldest son described, they were out numbered. We were all out numbered. The first team were all half eaten and stumbling through Austin St. With out the sense to use the fully automatic weapons they held, they were just swinging off their backs, or what was left of their backs. My wife in a total fit of rage ran out ahead of us toward our son. There were 10, maybe 15 zombies surrounding him and I was with out words to think of what could be. But I underestimated my son. Like I always do.

"Get back, get back!" My son yelled at my wife. He was intentionally drawing as many zombies towards him as he could when I heard a loud escalating whine in his direction. The sound wound with such a high pitch, I thought my ears were going to bleed. Then finally, the boom.

BOOM!! I could feel my pants blow agains my legs. All the living that were fighting in the area were trying not to fall. My balance was for a short time, thrown off. But only for a second. I heard a shot gun firing, and an even more familiar sound, my sons weapon of choice; the DESERT EAGLE. POP POP POP!!! I got my bearings back and looked back towards my son. He had already ran completely out of ammo from his shotgun, and now he was decapitating zombies with his desert eagle. In the other hand, raised high...  the EMPElectro Magnetic Pulses fired from the secret NASA gun like a pirate cannon. It stuns zombies 10 times as hard as it does humans. Not to mention the fact that it takes their drive to eat 'human' flesh away temporarily.

With the small wave of zombies down, the living got their balls back and started fighting back. In the distance we heard the sirens coming. We didnt know if it was the ASMZ or the CANARAY GROUP, or worse... the U.S. MILITARY. Their guns are much much bigger than ours. Either way, we were there, and the zombies were attacking.

Strong and fast. Some of the zombies shown real aggression towards the fighters as we slugged it out. I saw 2 neighbors fall. They were both single, both straight out of college, and both dead as dead could be. In respect to them, and so they wouldnt return as the milky eyed creatures they were both killing, they offed themselves on the count of three. Not the best way to go, but much better than having us do it. Or worse, coming back and killing one of us!

Car windows broke and a telephone pole fell over. A small building caught on fire. A fire hydrant let loose. All in the midst of this epic zombie battle at our Webster Park. Passer byes were using their cars as torpedoes against the walking dead. Some hit, some not so much. Too bad too cause' some of their cars were really nice. And I do mean 'were'.

We caught the attention of the local news. The next day it was aired that 'Another annoying zombie resistance group decided to take matters into their own hands and destroy thousands of dollars in public property just for the fun of killing some zombies.' Then they went over the lives lost and some stupid stats that showed how much more effective the ASMZ and CANARY GROUP is at handling the zombies. So funny how they put a spin on just about everything these days.

If they only knew what we know. These government funded organizations are used to cover up the fact that our dollar is about to tank, our food is about to be taken from us, and our land is about to sold off to the highest bidder.

Ugh! Politics and zombies. Who would have thunk!! Any way, with out any outside help, the neighborhood stood their ground. I'll never be more proud of my son for remembering to bring the EMP GUN. That turned the tide on the battle we had. I'm unable to clean all the blood out of my close and my wife thinks that there is a chance the zombie blood could be more infectious than it was even a week ago. So, in the garbage they go.

With Obama still trying to cut a debt deal, and the judge of the Casey Anthony trial pushing us to 'accept the verdict', none of us really have time to recoup from zombie fighting before getting slapped in the face with retarded news. The bag keeps getting put over our faces. I'm beginning to feel like the zombies back a few months ago. You know, the ones that the GYPSY GROUP would put happy face bags over their heads and then loot their pockets. Yea, that's before they could run.

I haven't heard from the GYPSY GROUP in a while come to think of it. I wonder when they are going to come back and gimme that second interview they promised. Oh well, cowards are cowards. Even though I depend on them for inside information, I cant stand when people don't follow through.

I'm signing out for now. I'll get back in touch sooner next time. My town is running out of 'useable' water. There is a story going around that its contaminated. But I don't believe it. I'll be on twitter this week if you get bored and want to look me up @eddierotten. Also the ZOMBIE LIFE APP for android is doing well. We have new updates coming soon. Hopefully it'll help some of you that are so lost into believing that zombies can be handled by the ASMZ or the CANARY GROUP.

One last thing. There are some of you reading my blog from South Korea. I do appreciate your diligence in fighting zombies with us. We have tried hard to have a ZFC organized there but have been unsuccessful. Just so you know we are trying hard. ZOMBIE FIGHTER CHAPTERS are the answer to any community struggling to survive against the hordes. Bare with us. We are strong, and we will prevail. The zombies of South Korea are fast. Faster than here in the states. But were working on it.

Oh, and by the way.. who ever does the grocery shopping this week... we 'are' out of peanut butter.

Eddie Rotten

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  1. There you are! I knew it had to be serious stuff keeping you silent. Hope this week is better. Did you catch EAT THE SUN on Discovery Channel? Check out on you tube at least. Could be something that can give you an edge over darkness!