Saturday, July 30, 2011


There's a comment one of our researchers found on a recent post. But were not sure who Cody the Vile is...? We didn't see him on the friends list but we hope to hear more from him. At any rate, thank you for your service! This is what he said:

Mark another Zombie fighter for the U.S.A. By Cody the Vile

Remember to come back Sunday for my interview with LORD MICAH. We'll be talking about frequencies and zombies. And what our near future holds!

Friday, July 29, 2011


LORD MICAH is the frequency scientist from dallas I was talking about. Hopefully he's still available for the interview this weekend. Im thinking it will be late sunday night though. He is obviously smarter than I am, but he weighs in on the zombie infestation!

 Heard rumor that for millennia, interdimensional beings (aliens/demons/spirits/other time-space inhabitants) have been trying to break through to our dimension, and have looked for the proper vessel to house their soul/spirit/self/whatever makes us what we are. They have always found that the human body was the best vessel for that purpose, and have genetically modified and taken part in breeding experiments throughout human history, they have played a part in making us what we are today. That being said, now that we are so advanced in our brains and bodies, all they need to do is remove our soul, our life force - and we become the perfect place for these interdimensional beings. Informants have leads that the zombies are playing a significant role. Conspiracy theorists are claiming that the zombie outbreak is directly connected with a planetary alignment, a galactic alignment, and that these interdimensional beings (aliens? demons?) want our brains as bad as the zombies. And that the government, or governments have been working with these beings to "sell us out", effectively testing the zombie virus on us. Other, more spiritual groups suspect that this just happens to be perfect synchronicity, that the zombie outbreak would emerge just in time for a spirit race of aliens to come around looking for bodies to use in the physical world - Destiny, Fate. Either way. Kill them all.

-Lord Micah

David the zombie destroyer is still alive!!

Here's his message after fearing he was taken from us:

DAVID the zombie destroyer is still among the living at least whats left of the living in orlando. A strong wave of these tuff as nails zombies flooded here a after atlantis came back. I'm heading over to cape canaveral soon to see what I can find out. I'll update you when I can. And for what ever agency is tracking me, follow the trail of zombie parts.
Leave em in pieces. DAVID July 28, 2011 3:49 PM

Thanks to him and Jig, we have eyes and ears all over the world!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Government cover ups are working

As you know the zombies on the Mexican border are worse than they have ever been. The farmers and townspeople are having a harder time managing the zombie slaughters. So many people have died. These average people don't have the guns or the knowledge on how to fight back this number of zombies. So we, the American people were told that the government stepped in. And that is where the problem started. The guns were supposed to be used for zombie managent. New information has risen that the United States has given the guns over to Mexico for drug trade. Secretly we know that we've been doing that for several several years, but why so many guns this time? What drug is do important that the government had to step in and create such a massive cover up. Whatever it is, its got to be more important than weed or cocaine.

I can tell you what drug I believe it is. To find this answer I moved toward the HUMAN GENOME PROJECT. Places like Switzerland, Russia, China Australia, and America among others have secretly been using their scientist for evil works. This is why we have zombies running the streets today! We are cloning people these days. I say these days, but reports show we've been doing this since Hitler's day. And were no just cloning humans. Were mixing genes with animals and insects and plants and everything else indeed the sun. These abominations will birth a virus that is ten times as bad as their first mistake... that being zombies.

There's allot to cover so I must move on quickly.

The Gypsy Group has sent me Intel about the issue the airports have with groping their flyers. According to the Gypsy Group, TSA was directed by the ASMZ to tell the media that is necessary to grope and search everyone so vigorously because they are looking for people that are infected by zombies.

There's lots of people that believe this but I'm not sold at all. I'll tell you why. The technology used in those airport scanners, is the same technology used is the silver disk findings by our very own VICTORIA. The nanotechnology uses the same magnetic resonating frequency that the government uses on their new tool, THE FMRI. (Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging) Now, believe it or not, but this is a mind reading tool used by the government to gradually make people comfortable to the picture of martial law during the quickly approaching one world government. They have already proven the system by numbing our minds to the zombies we battle every day. We have been brain washed for decades. If not longer!!

We will be told that martial law will protect us from zombies. And if you don't think that martial law is a coming army, then think again. Right now Arizona is faced with just that. The military has basically fired the mayor. City officials are fleeimg town. And this time it's not because of zombies!

Finally reports have come in that the government is issuing 20,000 new troops to serve, not overseas, but here in America! When the US dollar tanks people are expected to loose their pensions and other retirement savings. These people are gonna be pissed. Enough to scare our own government Military into protecting itself. The middle and lower class human will soon be downsized.

And then there's the modified zombies. I'll get into that more this weekend during my interview with the frequency scientist.

By the way. You can look any of this stuff up on the net or your local news. When all hell breaks loose, then I'm sure more people will report the zombie apocalypse were in.

Stay vigilant my friends. We are being ganged up on but we will survive.
Shoot for the brain.

Kudos to the overwhelming numbers!!!


United States
United Kingdom
South Korea
Saudi Arabia


Fallen Soldiers

Here's the thing, everyone knows about the zombie apocalypse but nobody seems to be understanding how severe things really are.

These governments around the world are choreographing cover up after cover up and they think that we don't understand or see what they are doing.

I said it once before.. we don't have it too bad right now in the United States.

That bastard that killed nearly 80 people over in Norway and is being protected by several countries. The conspiracy around that alone is mind-boggling. How did the cops know his name before they even arrested him? Why was his Facebook page altered to say that he was Christian and conservative? Are the controlling governments trying to frame the conservative movement, to force their people into thinking along such a socialistic ideal?

All I know is that karma kills. Zombie infestation is global now. There are several different people that are looking into it and where zombies came from. None of us really have any money and the organizations that do have money, are too scared to say anything. We have a very humble small group of people that are doing the best we can.

I'd like to take the opportunity to salute some of the fallen soldiers we've had along the way. Please if your name is on this list, reach out and let us know you're still alive.

Special thanks to David the zombie destroyer, who gave so much insight to the silver discs and where they were.

Special thanks to Victoria, who literally saved the lives of me and my family by giving us information about the zombie fields and the nanotechnology given to some of the zombies by NASA.

And a very special thanks to
James and Monica. These two were the ultimate fighting team in zombie combat. Although confusing me by telling me they did not work for the Gypsy Group, they fought next in my front yard with my family and I. You can't get more loyal than that.

Thank you all again. It is truly just speculation they are dead. Worst case scenario is that they have become zombies themselves. We just haven't heard from them in such a long time we have to move on and continue the fight.

In their absence though I have made some new acquaintances and other zombie fighters have really stepped up.

This weekend I will be interviewing a new friend. He is a frequency scientist living in Dallas. He doesn't know much about zombies but he does know about frequency and how they can affect zombies. With his knowledge I might be able to piece together some of the questions that I had from the information Victoria left behind. Like the nanotechnology activated by frequency soundwaves placed in the heads of some pzombies by NASA and the government.

Also a special thanks to JIG. He probably has it worse than any of us right now. But he is fortunate by actually capturing a zombie and dissecting it. Hopefully in the days to come, they will be able to tell more about the origins of zombies in the UK.

Again zombie fighters, if you are out there and have any way of communicating. I know it's hard, I know zombies are with us, I know that we fight until the sun goes down, please know that you are not alone. What you have done for the resistance will live on forever. The good guys always win.

The conspiracy will be shown. As the governments combine, so will the zombie fighters.


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

So I'm at work... some moron left the door open again and I'm the only one running a machine. There are automated machines running in the background and then I see them. Staggering, moaning zombies shuffling around equipment across the shop. This is the recording.

Cool picture right after a zombie slaughter

Monday, July 25, 2011

Zombies are popular

ZOMBIES have become a cult phenomena around the world. I'm not sure how it happened but it's embarrassing to say the least. I mean how can so many different mediums make fun of such a horrific history we are barely surviving through? It makes me sick.

Don't get me wrong. I am entertained just as much as you are by watching zombie movies and keeping up with the zombie blogs that are all over the internet. My favorite show on tv to this day is still The Walking Dead. Great show. And if there was a total fallout with zombies ruling the land, I'm sure it would be pretty much just like that show. But that's not what we are faced with currently.

With Obama and his goons in washington, the whole world is in complete disbelief that anything will ever get better. The reality of it is we are no safer now then we were 3 years ago. Our national debt is exactly where they planned it should be. 'They' being the government and the ASMZ.

I shouldn't complain though. My world is pretty damn good Compared to some others. There are people that have chosen not to learn how to defend themselves from zombies. I got a radio call just the other day from a lady. She is a school teacher. She's stuck on top of a school with most of her students.

This is in a small town called Bay City. The zombies there have been getting worse for several weeks. Being close to a nuclear power plant, there is Plenty of military to fight off zombies and other terrorist activity. Forget about the cops, they're useless. But military or not, Zombies can get the best of people no matter who's in charge. She stated that there were 12 students on the roof with her. They moved a few mattesses up stairs from the medical office. There was 2 infected, 1 with a broken leg, and the rest seemed to be okay. There were countless students and teachers that had already turned zombie on the ground. Wandering aimlessly for food. The zombies of yesterday spent more time eating themselves and each other. Today they have matured into bloodthirsty meat hungry killers.

3 days they had been there. They were getting food from the cafeteria refrigerator. She said they were taking turns until 1 of the doors that was previously barricaded got knocked in by zombies. Now she said food was low. There were blue tarps and blankets on top of the school already. Apparently bums had set camp to try and ride out the Apocalypse. Bad call. The students that were infected were turning slowly but weren't dangerous yet. It's only a matter of time. She had a radio thrown to her from a mother of 1 of the students that came by in a minivan. She said shortly after getting out and throwing the radio zombies attacked her and she unfortunately did not make it. But my radio channel was yelled out just in time. The teacher didn't have the heart to tell the mother that her son was infected already. Maybe after the kid turns zombie and ends up dead.. again, they can meet each other up in the afterlife.

I can't count on the police department to help them out. They are notoriously corrupt and frankly could not care any less if there were teachers and students on top of a building surrounded by zombies.

I was was arrested in that town for riding my bike past that very school without a flashlight. They said I was loitering. How can you loiter while riding your bike? What I wouldn't pay to have those 2 cops eaten alive by zombies, and then spat back out because they just tasted too nasty.

I have been in touch with a member of the Gypsy Group here lately and they have agreed to do an interview soon. I'm also trying to contact some of the zombie fighters that we have talked about recently. I can't seem to get in touch with them. I hope everyone is okay.

I will check back in soon enough keep your head up.


Saturday, July 23, 2011


This should have posted early yesterday morning, but for some reason fate had other plans for me. Blogger basically gave me the bird and wouldn't lemme' post anything till now. Its 1:30 AM, Saturday 23rd, 2011.

As I stated in Twitter, there is a few things to cover concerning the Atlantis that landed back on planet earth. There are a couple of... should I say surprises, the astronauts brought back. And one of these, as you might have put together by now is the mystery ingredient to the zombie formula. You know the one I talked about a few weeks ago. Anyway, until now we had no clue on where the powder came from, that mixed with the puffer fish poison, creating mindless zombies.

SPACE. The powder came from space. This explains... somewhat, the silver discs in the zombie fields. The special satellites that NASA and the ASMZ are using, pin pointing different positions on the globe the governments need the formula.

Has NASA really been trafficking space dust for all these years to make zombies? I'm putting that in my back pocket and circling around later to touch on that.

The next thing I wanted to hit was the 5 hot chicks turn zombie. This is actually a pretty funny story. I was riding my bike home from work the other night. I pulled up to a light when this dude pulled up next to me. He had passengers. 5 chicks. Texting or tweeting or what ever they were doing, they weren't paying attention at all. The dude motions for me to rev my engine, so I did... Then he just smiled oddly and stuck his hand back in the car, grabbed a beer and raised it up in the air. Then for some reason the 5 chicks started arguing about something, not sure what but I could clearly hear it over my bike. Two chicks in the back noticed that the driver was raising his beer to me and they stuck their 'improper' finger out for me to see. Then, the light turned green.

At the next light, I learned what they were arguing about. One of the girls had been bitten and started thrashing around. The light turned green and we both took off again, this time he was just ahead of me. I could see the struggle in the back seat amongst the girls. Fitting 5 chicks in a seat made for 3 isn't a good idea, especially when one turns zombie! The lights on the road were yellow but I could still see the mayhem going on as if it were mid day. Blood splattered the back windshield as the girls one by one turned zombie. With out the brains (no pun intended) to get out of the car, they just started devouring themselves.

I passed the car as it started to slow. I stopped at the next light and watched the car slowly, slowly come toward me, rubbing its tires on the curb. Right through the light I watched it. The driver was missing a huge chunk of his neck and cheek. He might be a lucky one and die without having to turn zombie. Only one can hope though right? His car ended up on the side of the road, rocking from left to right underneath a very pale yellow street light. Maybe if he hadn't of been drinking he would've had the common sense to get out when you have 5 drunk chicks in your car. Live and learn though right?!?

Moving on.

With the shuttle back, the astronauts are getting the praise they deserve for doing what they did... or whatever we're told they did. My neighborhood is pissed because Obama shut down the space program. People will loose their jobs, some will lose their homes or worse their ability to protect themselves against the growing population of 'faster' zombies. The GYPSY GROUP has been calling my house and leaving messages, telling me something about the PLANET? I haven't put together what they are talking about, but they said very quickly that the nauts (astronauts) have the 'KEY'.

Hopefully I can get another interview with the GYPSY GROUP soon enough so they can explain themselves. Another thing they said in haste was something about NIBURU and someone called ANUNNAKI? They wrapped it up by saying quite clear and slowly, "EDDIE, THE COORDINATES YOU REVEALED TO THE WORLD THROUGH TWITTER SHOWS THE TRIANGLE. WE HAVE PROOF THAT BILDERBERG IS BEHIND THE PLANET. BEFORE MODERN MAN WAS CONCEIVED, BEFORE MODERN MAN WAS CONCEIVED!!"

Really though, I wish they wouldn't yell on my answering machine like that. It distorts and gets all fuzzy. I'm more confused now than ever before. I wish the Nauts could explain the space powder to the world. Explain why they have been trafficking the stuff back since the beginning. Why do we even need zombies? Is population control really mandatory? I mean, before in the days where people would die of old age, crime, sickness.... Do we absolutely need to be killed off by secret societies?

My brain hurts thinking about it. Soon I'll have more info. Hopefully the GYPSY GROUP will give me that interview like they promised and I'll air it here first. I'll announce it on twitter first for sure. @eddierotten

NIBURU, ANUNNAKI, and something about a planet... hmm. That's a thinker.

I'm hot though, my a/c guy is coming out tomorrow to fix it. Hopefully he will come prepared to fight some zombs cause my neighborhood is packed full of em'. I feel like a chili pepper packed in a tin of Parana sardines! 

Oh, and for all the new readers from Saudi Arabia. Marhaban.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Battle of Webster Park

At home now. Just got home from work. Having a motorcycle makes things much more interesting on my drive home. Its much more... hands on. I am glad to be home though. I just checked on the family, everyone is here. Its always good when your family is home. Count your blessings.

I'm at my desk again, flipping through my papers.... again. Ive got a hand full of zombie fighters that are more involved with this whole thing than I anticipated. The coordinates that I received have opened doors down hallways I didn't even exist. Bilderberg, or Bilderberger (whatever its called) seems to have a bunch of arrows pointing towards it. I just have to figure out who all is involved with that organization. That could take years.. so, I have to take things one day at a time. It is interesting though, to see other peoples blogs on twitter. How they are dealing with the zombie infestation around the world. There are zombies that have been dissected and found computer chips inside. There are also people that are in a boat off the coast of Oregon. Safe, for now.

It all lets me know that things are chaos and havoc everywhere. The powers that are in place must have a big iron fist. Or just really know what they are doing to have organized such an apocalypse. In a way, I'm impressed. What would we do with out all the zombies? How long would we live as people before we actually started working together? Its almost like they forced us into seeing each others worth, by attacking us with zombies. Who knows though right? I mean, zombies might not even be a WMD. Although, I personally think they are.

Zombies. They have taken last week almost completely away from me. I was actually knocked unconscious for a few hours. It makes me want to wear my bike helmet everywhere I go. And to think it was supposed to be a routine boundary check...

My family has organized a team of volunteers to check our boundary, or neighborhood. With the apartment across the street, there are a lot of potential zombies that could come from there. Doesnt sound to optomistic I know but we have to look at the reality of it. Six of the volunteers went out and were supposed to check back in, in one hour. The hour passed and not one person of the six volunteers picked up the radio to call in. We had to assume that six people were dead. Six 'armed' people. That means that if they were dead, there were to soon be six armed zombies staggering around looking for living flesh. Plus, those two way radios aint cheap these days.

My son organized a second team to go out, with him in the lead. My youngest son was to stay home and watch the security cameras that scan our property. Xfinity home security is pretty cool. My wife and I were to go with two other neighbors in the opposite direction to see if there was any ASMZ's in the area. The last thing we want is for some fake science military coming in and telling what we can and cant do. They are armed though, and heavily so we have to respect our situation.

My son left the house. His job was to go in the direction of the last team, and see what the problem was. Stealth mission. His radio was on and he was really good with keeping in touch. My youngest son had it easy, he ended up playing NAZI ZOMBIES on BLACK OPS most of the night. My son radio'ed in with in the first 5 minutes. "Were out numbered 10 to one, they are closing on us fast and half of them used to live next door!"

My wife and our small team about faced as fast as we could and ran in my sons direction. 'DONT DIE DONT DIE DONT DIE' I kept telling my self. I cant say it out loud, or my wife wouldn't be able to concentrate on the battle we were about to face. Just then we got a radio from my youngest son at home. "Do we have any peanut butter left?" The comic relief actually gave me energy and reasurance. But soon, we arrived at the battlefield.

Just as my oldest son described, they were out numbered. We were all out numbered. The first team were all half eaten and stumbling through Austin St. With out the sense to use the fully automatic weapons they held, they were just swinging off their backs, or what was left of their backs. My wife in a total fit of rage ran out ahead of us toward our son. There were 10, maybe 15 zombies surrounding him and I was with out words to think of what could be. But I underestimated my son. Like I always do.

"Get back, get back!" My son yelled at my wife. He was intentionally drawing as many zombies towards him as he could when I heard a loud escalating whine in his direction. The sound wound with such a high pitch, I thought my ears were going to bleed. Then finally, the boom.

BOOM!! I could feel my pants blow agains my legs. All the living that were fighting in the area were trying not to fall. My balance was for a short time, thrown off. But only for a second. I heard a shot gun firing, and an even more familiar sound, my sons weapon of choice; the DESERT EAGLE. POP POP POP!!! I got my bearings back and looked back towards my son. He had already ran completely out of ammo from his shotgun, and now he was decapitating zombies with his desert eagle. In the other hand, raised high...  the EMPElectro Magnetic Pulses fired from the secret NASA gun like a pirate cannon. It stuns zombies 10 times as hard as it does humans. Not to mention the fact that it takes their drive to eat 'human' flesh away temporarily.

With the small wave of zombies down, the living got their balls back and started fighting back. In the distance we heard the sirens coming. We didnt know if it was the ASMZ or the CANARAY GROUP, or worse... the U.S. MILITARY. Their guns are much much bigger than ours. Either way, we were there, and the zombies were attacking.

Strong and fast. Some of the zombies shown real aggression towards the fighters as we slugged it out. I saw 2 neighbors fall. They were both single, both straight out of college, and both dead as dead could be. In respect to them, and so they wouldnt return as the milky eyed creatures they were both killing, they offed themselves on the count of three. Not the best way to go, but much better than having us do it. Or worse, coming back and killing one of us!

Car windows broke and a telephone pole fell over. A small building caught on fire. A fire hydrant let loose. All in the midst of this epic zombie battle at our Webster Park. Passer byes were using their cars as torpedoes against the walking dead. Some hit, some not so much. Too bad too cause' some of their cars were really nice. And I do mean 'were'.

We caught the attention of the local news. The next day it was aired that 'Another annoying zombie resistance group decided to take matters into their own hands and destroy thousands of dollars in public property just for the fun of killing some zombies.' Then they went over the lives lost and some stupid stats that showed how much more effective the ASMZ and CANARY GROUP is at handling the zombies. So funny how they put a spin on just about everything these days.

If they only knew what we know. These government funded organizations are used to cover up the fact that our dollar is about to tank, our food is about to be taken from us, and our land is about to sold off to the highest bidder.

Ugh! Politics and zombies. Who would have thunk!! Any way, with out any outside help, the neighborhood stood their ground. I'll never be more proud of my son for remembering to bring the EMP GUN. That turned the tide on the battle we had. I'm unable to clean all the blood out of my close and my wife thinks that there is a chance the zombie blood could be more infectious than it was even a week ago. So, in the garbage they go.

With Obama still trying to cut a debt deal, and the judge of the Casey Anthony trial pushing us to 'accept the verdict', none of us really have time to recoup from zombie fighting before getting slapped in the face with retarded news. The bag keeps getting put over our faces. I'm beginning to feel like the zombies back a few months ago. You know, the ones that the GYPSY GROUP would put happy face bags over their heads and then loot their pockets. Yea, that's before they could run.

I haven't heard from the GYPSY GROUP in a while come to think of it. I wonder when they are going to come back and gimme that second interview they promised. Oh well, cowards are cowards. Even though I depend on them for inside information, I cant stand when people don't follow through.

I'm signing out for now. I'll get back in touch sooner next time. My town is running out of 'useable' water. There is a story going around that its contaminated. But I don't believe it. I'll be on twitter this week if you get bored and want to look me up @eddierotten. Also the ZOMBIE LIFE APP for android is doing well. We have new updates coming soon. Hopefully it'll help some of you that are so lost into believing that zombies can be handled by the ASMZ or the CANARY GROUP.

One last thing. There are some of you reading my blog from South Korea. I do appreciate your diligence in fighting zombies with us. We have tried hard to have a ZFC organized there but have been unsuccessful. Just so you know we are trying hard. ZOMBIE FIGHTER CHAPTERS are the answer to any community struggling to survive against the hordes. Bare with us. We are strong, and we will prevail. The zombies of South Korea are fast. Faster than here in the states. But were working on it.

Oh, and by the way.. who ever does the grocery shopping this week... we 'are' out of peanut butter.

Eddie Rotten

Thursday, July 14, 2011


I found a recording. Redd is an old friend of mine. She was a matriarch for several years before moving away. Ive ran into a few of the people she taught and was impressed by her vision of the future. I'm hoping that I hear more from her than this one recording because my curiosity is spiked.

When I do finally run into Redd again, I'm going to ask if her recorded poem is a vision of the future or from memory. Either way, im stuck wondering where she's been all these years. Maybe she'll surprise us all and join the site as a zombie fighter? As a seer of the future, I wonder what her weapon of choice is?

One thing at a time. Its getting late. I still have to wash the blood off my arm from back handing this zombie on the way home from work. That one was hard to kill off too. More about that later.. Gotta catch some zzzz's.

Eddie Rotten


ZOMBIE LIFE WELCOMES JOHN W. AND MICHELLE!! These New zombie fighters have chosen to fight rather than sit on the side lines. WELCOME WELCOME WELCOME!! Just ask the other zombie fighters in here, zombie fighting isn't the most glamorous job in the world, but hey... you get to kill zombies!!!



United States       
United Kingdom   
South Korea
Saudi Arabia

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Once upon a time

The world grew and the powers that be, coveted immortality. Science was paid to create a master race, but a distortion in mankind was born.Zombies began to walk the earth. With no one taking responsibility, resources were being wasted. Governments pride produced wars. And Conspiracies were manufactured for the media to report. And at all cost, was anyone anywhere to report the abomination of the zombie Apocalypse.

Out of the urban struggle to survive, people instinctively lived in denial.Schools and hospitals stayed open. Churches and grocery stores stayed full. People learned to fight off the prophesies told by the bible and our elders alike.

But the holders of the keys and money have the power to shape the destiny of the world. And from this, spawed the ASMZ and the CANARY GROUP. Both designed to cover the truth and mask the lies of the worlds combined Governments. To help the control of population and to help follow through the force of a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT.

In retaliation and in search for the answers, small groups of ZOMBIE FIGHTERS started appearing. The GYPSY GROUP and myself have pieced together what might be the greatest Conspiracy this world has ever known.

In the days where countries fall from financial ignorance, and where leadership blames the world and their predecessors; a darkness emerged from the results. A life of dishonesty in science. A life of greed and power over the world's population. A life of numbing thoughts and actions. A ZOMBIE LIFE.


Sunday, July 10, 2011

Told you drive thru's are risky!!



A few days ago, I found some old papers that had coordinates on them. JIG, my new friend and fellow zombie fighter is the person responsible for them getting to me in the first place. So, to him, I tip my hat.

I was stumped to what the numbers were at first but I got a clue from someone on TWITTER. Coordinates. Now, I don't know if JIG purposefully wrote the numbers down for me to go through this wild goose hunt, but either way I am eternally gratefully. There were three sets of numbers as I put down in my earlier post.

The first coordinates: After figuring out that all I had to do was google the freaking numbers, it was all pretty easy from there. The first set of numbers that I entered led me to Birkenau.... AUSCHWITZ!! This matches up with the name that was next to the numbers. Dr Erich Traub. He turns out to be a NAZI SCIENTIST. I think he might be behind the origins of the puffer fish formula that ultimately changes regular people into mindless zombies. How they turn from that, into flesh eating ghouls, is something I still have to figure out.

As I said several months ago, in the HITLER MADE ZOMBIES post, scientist were working around the clock at AUSCHWITZ to create the ultimate human. All others were discarded as trash. With the help of the GYPSY GROUP I learned that the scientist that worked there under the order of HITLER were separated and spread throughout the planet to continue their work unidentified. These scientists were almost never found and even worse, never talked about. Until now. Which leads me to my next COORDINATE google.

The next number opened up with google maps. It looked like a sea shore, but as I zoomed out, I found it was the shore of a state, connected to the USA. Still unsure of why the coordinates lead here I grabbed the page and slowly moved around. BINGO! I found it...

Adjacent to the shore was an island. An island some of you might know by the name of PLUM ISLAND. Jesse Ventura talked about it in his conspiracy theory show, and now I myself was lead to the same address. Plum Island is known for their scientific experiments on animals and humans. The MONTAC MONSTER is said to have been created there among other oddly shaped blasphemes of this beautiful planet Earth.

The two coordinates shocked me at first, but after I did my research on both addresses, I understood a lot better on why I had them in front of me. These two places were obviously critical places that birthed today's zombies. Zombies have morphed into the flesh eating runners they are today, possibly by better technology or science.. or worse what MOMMA ROTTEN suggests, just pure evil.

But who would possibly want to create such horrible beings? Why would anyone in their right mind want to create a zombie? Even HITLER had a plan of creating the master race. Did the scientists of that day over modify until they ended up with an uncontrollable monster?

The nano tech that is found in small numbers of zombies here at NASA proves that there are more plans for zombies in the future. To be able to control the actions of zombies would ultimately give the remote holder the power to rule the world. Not even money could stop a super army of hungry zombs!

As science moves forward, so does the zombies. We don't think about it but as the cell phone became smarter, zombies learned how to run. As Fukushima erupted in radiation, zombies became stronger and lived longer. As the worlds wars continue, zombies have silently migrated the world over. Now, whoever has the remote... seems to be in control.

Which brings me to what my last COORDINATE REVEALED. I put in the numbers. My hands were shaking at this point. Finding out that the world has known and improved the technology and biology of zombies doesn't make me feel good. Because no matter how good at killing zombies I am, their guns will always be bigger. I entered the last number and pushed return. The address came up on the screen of google maps. A hotel buried in a forest of trees appeared block by block. A series of small county roads surrounded the hotel, but gave it plenty of room to be hidden by nature. I zoomed out. And then I read what confirmed, who held the remote.


I'll report more soon. I'm almost sorry for doing the research I have to find this. I know the severity of zombie farms now. I know that the ASMZ and the CANARY GROUP are real players in the zombie apocalypse. I also know that I am surrounded by the best, most well trained zombie fighters in the history of the world. I am not worried. Bring it.

Eddie Rotten


I'd like to introduce Jared and Rebecca. I visited their home this weekend in San Antonio. Jared is a dog breeder and has had problems with Zombies on his property. I came out to help him clean things up but when I arrived, Jared and his wife had things mostly wrapped up. They live far enough out that they don't have to worry about the ASMZ coming out to get in the way. He said that zombies out in the country have adapted to the environment. They have been seen eating tree grubs and insects I place of meat, but they aren't to be under estimate. ZOMBIES Are ZOMBIES. They will still try to tear your limbs off and steal your innards. I thought I'd post this picture I took of them before I left though. Kudos to Jared and Rebecca!!

Friday, July 8, 2011


A few days ago me and some friends set up a trap to catch a zombie. We really want to dig deep and find out a little bit more about the the kind of thing were dealing with. We managed to catch one a drag it back to my place. We currently have it chained up in the garage. We intend to dissect it tomorrow and have a further look. Will keep you updated.
I think this was sent a few days ago. My net has been down for some reason. Otherwise I'd have let you all know about JIGS post sooner.
I also think I have a tip on the numbers I found. Someone on twitter thinks they are coordinates to places unknown.
As soon as my net runs faster ill be googling the numbers. Let me know if any if you figure the three coordinates before I do. Email me or leave a comment or something. I'm desperate for answers.
The ZOMBIES at home are faster than yesterday. That means its gonna be a hard summer.
Another bit of news is that I might of got a lead on the final ingredient to THE ZOMBIE FORMULA.
A secret agent from the GYPSY GROUP left a text saying the new independent space program opens doors for us as a people, and also lets pieces of otherwise classified Intel slip through the cracks.
The mysterious powder was the final ingredient to the ZOMBIE FORMULA,  along with the puffer fish poison. He says it came from.... 'OFF PLANET". I know, sounds cheesy, but who am I to argue?
He also texted that the new independent space program will finally disclose otherworldly life. They are just choosing who to do it. My bet is OBAMA. Just a guess though.
Another guess I have us about the ONE WORLDS GOVERNMENT. We all know about August being the deadline about the nations debt. We also know, we will never pay any of the debt back. So the only thing we have to offer is land. Un-infected land. My guess is HAWAII and the other islands first. Then we will probably sell off money  states next like TEXAS, NEW YORK, CALIFORNIA etc.
Only time will tell though. Sometimes I wish Houston was an island like Hawaii.  We'd be able to govern the infected people that came in or out. They are so much more secluded than the rest of us.
I will have more news for you later. There's also some audio you got to hear. Remember if you can decipher what the numbers are, if they are coordinates; please let me know.
One last thing. JIG is setting up a blog to let us know of the zombies in his area. As soon as I get the link... ill post it.
Till next time.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

JIG and the Secret Numbers

The last time I dug through my paperwork and pictures I found several things that led me to where I am now. For instance: the zombie fields.. With help from David the Destroyer and Victoria, I have a better understanding of what I'm dealing with. These... Silver disks, are unique in ways that they seem to be receivers for satellites above. The satellites transmit a certain frequency that releases 'nano technology' in the brains of the surrounding zombies. We have Victoria to thank for solving that puzzle.

The EMP gun that we stole from NASA is still sitting in front of me. Haven't had a chance to really open it up and see what it can do, but when I go scouting any area, it's good to bring. The electromagnetic pulse it blasts disorients the zombies to a state that makes them attack the animals for just a brief moment. This works only for the zombies that have the nano tech installed. But for now I'll take every moment I can get. The downside to the EMP gun, is the infected animals. Once they are infected, I have twice the threat. And... As you all know, infected animals are much faster. So, I gotta lay off the twinkles.

So.. Because of sheer wonder, I went back to my paperwork and pictures. Flipping through any thing I thought might help put things together. The zombies are getting worse. Some neighborhoods are reporting runners. Some reporting zombies that can actually break windows and unlock doors from the inside. These new zombs are faster, smarter, stronger, and hungrier than ever.

My family is now bracing themselves for the fall of the American dollar. My wife is planting a full garden in the back yard. My sons are constructing solar powered panels in case the government decides to regulate the grid. And most of our family and friends are laughing at us.. Well... The ones that are still alive. My warnings don't seem to be heard until the very last second. I try to make light of the 'true' situation of things, but Even my followers on Twitter have their doubts.

The media isn't reporting any zombie outbreaks anywhere, so why should people be concerned? Until a zombie is tearing someone out of their own car do people even care that the apocalypse is present? I don't know any more. These letters from zombie fighters from all over the world have my spirits up, because I know that even if the world burns to the ground... We tried.

Which brings me to my next findings...

There is a fan, not a known zombie fighter, by the name of JIG. His letters are hard to read because I have a hard time understanding them. He has left a Few comments on some of my posts but nothing that really leads me anywhere... Until now. Under my mail and shot gun shell receipts there was an old envelope that had the three letters J.I.G. written in chicken scratch. Not sure who or what JIG is, but I'll find out later. I pulled out three pieces of paper. They were small and old. I could feel the brittleness of them. They also had an old smell to them. But the biggest thing that stood out was that they were stained with blood. The last two papers were stuck together and some of the information ended up on the backside of the page I ripped it from. On the paper was the letters JIG written as if there were going to be a letter that followed. There wasn't. There were only numbers.

The first page read JIG:48338432022
the second page read JIG:45.312326,-86.948118
And finally the last page read JIG:51.990206,5.817851

On the back of the last page there was more chicken scratch. Newer than the paper itself, the writing look like it was written in haste. Almost as if there wasn't enough time to finish the copy.

First there was a website:
There was also a name written: Dr. Erich Traub
Finally there was a pen sketch I'll photograph later. If I'm not mistaken... It looks like... A plum?

My wife wakes up soon and she can help me figure this out. I also through a plea up on twitter to see if anyone had any ideas. I just hope whatever the numbers mean, it'll bring me closer to ridding my neighborhood of all the zombs. I killed two on my way home. I would usually stick around and kill more, just for practice. But there are just too many now. I have to know when to pick my battles.

My hands are tired of working and now writing. I hope that someone out there has an idea on what this JIG person is trying to relay.

Time to sleep. It's garbage day too. It's better to have two people for that job now. Wheeling the trash bin to the road was never this dangerous.... Damn zombies!

Friday, July 1, 2011


I was at home watching South Park. You know the one where they're smashing Tom Cruize and The Church of Scientology? Yea.. that one. I got a 'bing' from my phone. Looks like a message but it said 'anonymous'. My curiosity was spiked so I opened the message. It was DAVID, The humble but violently so, messaged me. He is familiar with the silver disks. Trying to tie zombies with silver disks and NANO technology might not be the problem I thought it would be. I'm not speaking too soon though. Something this important needs to be handled with kid gloves.
Anyway, here's his message:

This is DAVID the "zombie destroyer" as you put it. It looks like one of the new satellite receivers we were working on when I left. I could be wrong though. Killem all DAVID

July 1, 2011 2:54 PM