Wednesday, June 15, 2011


The story is getting pushed through by the government and the ASMZ so its hard to say if its true, but the fires in Arizona are believed to be started by two campers. That's what they're reporting.

Your telling me, that the biggest fire in the history of the state of Arizona was started by two campers? That's like saying Obama's running more than one term. It just. Ain't. So.

The GYPSY GROUP is saying that the ASMZ themself dropped off burning zombies to cause the fire in order to evacuate the whole area in hopes to use the land for ZOMBIE farming. But isn't that a bit much for a bunch of puffer fish to be cultivated? I think there's more to it. Maybe more than the GYPSY GROUP is willing to talk about. My family thinks they are planning to use the real estate to build a massive underground building used to protect the 'IMPORTANTS' if the poop hits the fan. After all, next year is 2012. Not even the Mayans calendered past that year. We'll see though.

Please leave comments if anyone has news. If not well, I'll assume your all dead, or ready to be killed off by yours truly. Watch your back. Don't be a zombie!

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