Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Warning from NASA

We know NASA has their fingers all up in the production of ZOMBIE FARMS... but this new warning is disturbing. In the south, we are brought up to have an emergency plan in places, just in case. But now NASA is warning us about..... things.

They hint to people outside the planet, and to 9/11. His name is Charles F. Bolden. He started in during a press conference and immediately took a left turn into family preparedness ... but why?

Feel free to look it up. Its all over YouTube and to no surprise they don't mention any zombies. They do however mention 'people off the planet'.  So do your research zombie fighters. Is the Administrator of NASA hinting at something? Is there a calamity coming that the government and the ASMZ is warning us about?

And coming soon... news about THE REAL FEMA.

The ASMZ and the FBI are working together again and have passed the right to dig through our garbage to see what we as civilians are hiding concerning our knowledge of 'the creation of zombies'. They are of course covering up the news with saying they are looking for clues of terrorism. 

Were not stupid. We know the conspiracy.

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