Monday, June 20, 2011

Waiting on an email

I should have waited for her email. VICTORIA was going to send me an email with more information about the field of Zombies but My son and I got too anxious and left anyway. Bad call...

When we got there we immediately realized we were the horrifying minority. And also, that we should have brought lots more ammo.

There were several small trees that we would usually use to hide behind, but tonight we tried to climb them. The zombies there had purpose. They were all congregated in separate groups. Some of them were eating each other, and some of them were eating themselves,  that is until I stepped on a twig.

Dozens of ZOMBIES stopped pulling flesh off their own arms and violently twisted their heads in our direction. A loud gurgling moan came from their cold lungs as they stood up slowly. My son uttered a single swear word.

50 yards away, they saw us. Then in unison they tripped over each other in lunge of our position. These were not the ordinary retarded zombies of the past months. These were educated monsters that thought, and figured, and prioritized, and worst of all. RAN.
I grabbed my shotgun and started blasting.  I looked to my left where my son was digging our little secret weapon out of a bag. The EMP gun. I tossed my shotgun as soon as I ran out of shells and pulled out both pistols.  The zombies just kept coming. "What do I do with it!" My son screamed. The noise attracted animals in the area. Dogs appeared and were pulling on the pant legs of the zombies, but they were headed toward us as well.

This Was not going as planned. We showed up at the field And hadn't learned or discovered anything. We knew there were zombies there But we didn't know how vicious they would be. And we definitely didn't plan on the dogs. I was going through clips As fast as I could load them. My son was running in circles Trying to figure out The settings on his weapon. And occasionally, And very briefly Having a run in with a zombie. His hands are very fast though. The weapon he had Was used as a baseball bat More than what its purpose was.
"I got it". My son unlocked The settings on the dial of the weapon. He aimed it at the group of approaching ZOMBIES that out numbered us 10 to 1.

I kept firing round after round into the skulls of the runners. And then the boom came.
He pulled the trigger of NASA'S secret weapon and it let out a haunting thud. I could feel the energy serge in my direction. The wave of the pulse pushed me forward as he was behind me when he fired it. The wave pushed the zombies back too. I flew towards them, both guns blazing. 

When I landed on the ground I rolled over to keep my momentum. Then came the second blast. BOOM!!
My son cranked off a second round at the zombs, and again I was thrust forward clumsily.  I waited for the zombies to stagger to their feet and attack me again. But they didn't. They all turned to the animals. The dogs and the unfortunate birds. Some zombs pulled up rats from the dark. A snake was being pulled apart in the shadows.  My son and I looked at each other.? This event was remarkably like what happend weeks ago when the zombies fought the dogs in my neighborhood. I even talked about it in this blog: DEAD DOG.

The EMP gun somehow changed their hunger pattern.  Maybe a frequency blast had Bering on the desires of the flesh eaters. This weapon might be more handy than we thought.
With the ZOMBIES attention occupied, we headed for the center of the field.  This is were all the zombies were reaching towards in VICTORIA'S photos.  What we found was odd... very odd.

A small circular disc,  fixed on the ground. A key was needed to open the lid. It was only the size if a Frisbee,  maybe smaller. But the metal was very shiny... even in the night.
After trying to pick the lick for a moment,  we gave up. The cold moans of the zombies were louder than ever now. With our guns drawn, we slowly walked through the hordes of ZOMBIES ready to blast. We were invisible.  They couldn't care less about us. The EMP blast confused them enough so that my son and I could have done the river dance without even a snarl from the zombies.

The downside of two maximum blasts from a prototype EMP gun from NASA, is the power outages in the neighboring blocks. Yup, we used flashlights to get home,  and yes, there were more zombies that perished in the dark. Lesson learned though.  There are consequences when we use the EMP gun. Or as my son calls it, the ZOMBIE OFF.

Back at home, I checked my email
for any word from VICTORIA. It was fathers day after all. I'm sure she had better things to do than to satisfy my curiosity of a field of ZOMBIES.
Until that email comes in, ill be resting.  I work tonight. The sun is coming up and the Texas heat comes with it.
Be careful out there today. Something feels... different. 

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