Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Victoria who are you??

As I put things together here on my table of crap... I came across an old picture of zombies that were out in the field near an apartment complex a few miles from here. There are easily 50 or 60 walkers in view of the camera. The picture was taken from up high, maybe on top of the apartment itself? Who knows, but as I smirked and tossed it to the side, it landed on its face amongst the pile of other papers, pictures and clues I have acquired over the last 6 months. And on the back of the picture, was a name. Victoria.

I didn't know who 'VICTORIA' is any better than you do, but I picked up the picture anyway and took a closer look. Underneath her name was a small message: "KILLEM'ALL zombie life".
This is a high-brow moment for me because it was a slight ego booster and a peculiar 'what are the odds' kind of moment. VICTORIA, I'm supposing, is the person who took the picture and wrote the name of my ANDROID APP ZOMBIE LIFE on the back of the photo.... for some reason.

I got curious and started fumbling through other photos. Sure enough picture after picture started showing up of her name and the same message on the back. "KILLEM'ALL zombie life". I found all I could, then turned the photo's over to see what pictures she had taken. Every picture was of the same field near the apartments. Some were in the day, others at night, but definitely from the same field. Different angles were used but they all seemed to be focusing on the center for some reason. Whats so special about this field? Other than a crap load of zombies wandering around, looking for food.

This got my attention up and started searching. VICTORIA, hmmm.. Where had I seen that name before? I turned on my computer and went to my EDDIEROTTEN.COM blog site.. to go through my zombie fighters. There she was. VICTORIA. She was a zombie fighter too! She obviously had training, I mean for crying out loud she is head of her own ZFC! (Zombie Fighter Chapter)

Perplexed, I tapped on the table, wondering who VICTORIA is and what is she trying to show me in this collage of pictures. One thing I thought stood out though was that in each of the photos, the zombies seemed to all be looking in the same direction. Their rotten arms stretched toward the center of the field. This might be cause for a little investigation...

My oldest son is visiting his biological mother this week, but when he comes back we'll load up the jeep and go on a little zombie safari.  My youngest son and my wife are working on some graphic designs for the ZOMBIE LIFE ANDROID APP. I hope to find out who VICTORIA is. Hopefully she'll be able to help me figure out whats going on around here.. In the past 5 months or so, Ive realized that zombies taking over the world is the least of our problems. If they get out of control then we have bigger things to deal with. The ASMZ and the government seem hell bent on confusing us all into thinking nothing is wrong at all.. The media doesn't even report zombies anymore.. Every once in a while, they joke about people dressing up like zombies for a walk through downtown but never do they comment on the millions of zombies that are around the world affecting the economy and ultimately being used as a weapon towards population control..

Everyone seems perfectly happy how things are going... but not me. And not millions of you out there either.. I'm not waiting till they figure out a way to 'actually' make zombies pull themselves out of the graves. I'm not even cool with the rotting meat eaters stumbling up and down the streets as it is!! Anyway, I'm rambling.

VICTORIA... if your out there... and I know you are, please give me some guidance. What is the deal with that field? Something to do with NASA? Is there a ZOMBIE FARM out there? Am I supposed to see or hear something there? Hope you get this S.O.S. If not, I'll keep breaking these rocks till I find something tangible enough to be happy about.

Till next time... why in the crap would Congressman WIENER tweet pictures of his deformed zombie and photo shop them into looking like they were pictures of him?... then send them to girls he never had a chance with?... That's pretty desperate for attention if you ask me. Seriously, those pictures showed the scrawniest little dude/zombie I have ever seen. And the zombies body on those tweets was hilarious!!! It looked like a little stick with a big melon stuck on top. But in its defense... the nose on that sucker was huge! Most noses fall off waaaay before some goofy childish self absorbed conceited narcissistic zombie like his did. I'm just sayin'.

Finally I wanted to Thank all the new readers out there. As soon as the people rise up and the voices are heard, the government and the ASMZ and whoever else is out there, that's trying to destroy the world will understand that where were from.... loosing isn't an option.

We will win this zombie apocalypse!!

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