Sunday, June 26, 2011

Search for the Silver Discs

If what VICTORIA said was accurate, the silver disc in the field of zombies is more than something to trip on or ruin a lawnmower. These silver discs could actually be beacons of power for the zombies in the area. I'm going on a mission this coming weekend to try one more time, to break into that disc and shut down the signal. I might need help though. Any ZOMBIE FIGHTERS IN THE AREA ARE WELCOME TO JOIN ME. Its on NASA RD 1 and Kings Park Ln. You cant miss it. Its the only open field behind WALGREENS with a butt load of hungry pissed off zombies in it.

Also, if this is the case, there are other discs around town, around the city, around the country and maybe even the world; that's setting off these signals or frequencies to the nano technology inside the zombies heads. Brilliant work VICTORIA! These are the kind of ZOMBIE FIGHTERS we need in the apocalypse. Lets hope she's right. Looking for these discs has proven to be dangerous. There is a reason they hide them in fields full of zombies. My son calls them MOD ZOMBIES. Or Modified Zombies for short.

Oh and I got another letter from my mom. She's weighing in with her opinion on 'what' the zombies are and why they are here. Theres almost no more room for speculation, but who says zombies aren't different for different people right? Her take on these rotting corpses is that they are a bit more.... well... evil. I'll just post what she wrote:

My most valiant son, I've been doing some research of my own, prompted by my concern for you, I am convinced that these zombies are produced as a demonic deception. They, for the most part are driven by a dumb hunger that can never be satisfied. However, among their ranks are true demon captains who are fully aware of the end objective. That is to generate such fear of the walking dead that the righteous dead who are called from their graves during the second coming. This in spite of the fact that they will be glorious beings with a clear intellect, and not the pathetic facsimile of resurrected beings; the adversary's best effort at matching the Master Design. Whether or not you agree with me changes nothing in your daily survival. Just know you will one day have all the help you so desperately need, just as Strider (Aragorn) did when he called forth the sleeping war! From the HALLS OF THE DEAD. TOLKEIN WAS AN INSPIRED MESSENGER, an oracle to bring warriors like yourself strength, hope, and comfort. I am too old and feeble to bear arms at your side, as you must know, its my hearts desire. Instead, I will make it my mission to bring you and your fellow warriors these words of encouragement from the writers of all ages that have foreseen the challenges of this day. Stay strong son. 
Eternally, yours. 
Mama Rotten.

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