Sunday, June 26, 2011


Id like for everyone, where ever you are to put your hands together and welcome our New
Zombie Fighter, Mr. Deen. Now, we don't know much about him as of yet, but he did add himself to the Fighters List on the EDDIEROTTEN.COM website so we know he's serious about killin' him some zombies. I'll elaborate more on him as he makes himself a bit more known in the future. On with the killing.

Its been a wild few days for us here at the ROTTENs. The ASMZ and the CANARY GROUP have not made any cameos in a few days. Its got my attention up. For the first time in almost a month, the police department came out to disrupt a zombie attack in front of the house. The zombies don't seem to be thinning out, so why aren't these groups coming around like they usually do. Somethings up?

Speaking of zombies. My wife was working in the garden a few days ago and needed some mulch from the Home Depot around the corner. I decided to go so she could take a break (this is where you say... aaahhhh, good husband). When I returned, I noticed the front door was opened. I walked in and heard lots of profanity from the back yard. I ran through the living room and busted through the screen door to the back. My wife was fighting off 3 zombs with a hoe. Yup. A hoe. I almost stepped in but she called me off. I just had to stand there with the mulch. My wife then turned her anger toward me and said, "DON'T JUST STAND THERE! SPREAD THAT MULCH AROUND!" WHAT?!? Now I'm doing the garden? How did things turn around for me?

So, there I was on my hands and knees spreading mulch while watching my wife bury that hoe into 3 zombie skulls. The day wasn't eventful after that. We got the garden finished and I took a shower. While drying off, I wondered why I hadn't heard from any fellow zombie fighters in while. My default is to think that something bad had happened. But can you blame me? NASA and the government have singlehandedly produced the zombie apocalypse for us to waste away in! Don't ask me why. The best thing I could come up with in 6 months is population control. The GYPSY GROUP is testimony of that. But even they do some pretty shady sh@t!.

I went to the garage to reload the AK's on my motorcycle. I had come to love that machine. The motorcycle was so lean and fast. Easy to maneuver and reliable when in battle. Mounting the AK's on the handle bars was a good idea too. At a good coast, I can take my hands off the bars and steer the bike with the AK's. Genius. I know....

While I was out there, I got a 'bing' on my phone. Email had come in to my EDDIEROTTEN account. Sweet. Maybe it was my mom. She said she had some thing to share. I finished loading my guns and went directly to my computer. Opened my email. Only one. One VERY important email. No.... it wasnt my electric bill.. Thank the good lord..

It was my families newest mysterious co-killer, VICTORIA. Good to see her name on the screen. That means her brains are still intact. And with the way things are going, thats a miracle. Victoria is what seems to be a rouge fighter. We dont know much about her, other than she has inside to information both on the NASA side and from the GYPSY side. Very interesting, because they are such opposing teams. NASA zombies have been getting worse and worse as the days move on, and my family and I think they are trying to mass produce zombies to kill off certain populations on earth. Hence, the PUFFER FISH. There's got to be a link that ties it all together, but honestly I get a head ache every time I try. This is where VICTORIA comes in.

She has shed light on a field just outside of NASA that my son and I found a silver disc in. Also, she let us know about the satellite 'someone' has, to communicate with the silver disc. All this goes through my mind as I'm trying to upload my computer. Slow as hell these days. I had time to make a PBandJ, pound it with some milk, then I was able to open my letter from Victoria.

Pay attention, because it benefits all of us ZOMBIE FIGHTERS. No matter what we think we know about ZOMBIES FROM NASA, or EMP GUNS or even RADIATION FROM JAPAN, we are just cracking the surface. This is what VICTORIA'S email read:

Nano bot technology...
I knew NASA was experimenting with it, but never thought they would actually try to implement such things by implanting them in the heads of zombies.  If I'm correct that's how the signals from the satellites are being used, by sending out instructions to the nano bots and increasing the zombies strength, and stamina.
Of course this is not good news.
I'm thinking that our particular field may be the first testing site, but with such a high success rate it won't stay that way for long.
It's also a possibility that the circular disc in the middle of the field contains a master nano, one that receives the information from the satellite and passes it on to all zombs in the area. If we could open that disc and destroy the master then there would be no way the signal can get out to the nano bots inside the zombies.
Also, the way the zombs act when hit with an EMP, it must confuse the nano bots and that's why for a brief period of time the zombies go after animals instead of people. Of course this is all speculation, but it all fits.
Hope you and your family are safe, I'll get back to you as soon as I can.
Keep fighting!
Kill 'em All!
Now, If any of you have further information on the science behind this, please please please, contact me through email. Any info will help. The ASMZ could be behind all this, after all, they are the AMERICAN SCIENCE MILITARY FOR ZOMBIES!! Do they really have nano bot technology? Crap, my head hurts again. The only things else that could cause this is straight up pure evil. Which is a term Pres. Bush dubbed several years ago.

Again, stay in touch and if you have any news, please report. Each neighborhood is different. The ASMZ and CANARY GROUPS are getting worse. In other words, MAYDAY MAYDAY!!!


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