Tuesday, June 21, 2011


I guess my luck goes the way destiny wants it to go. My family is safe and for the most part, I know more now whats going on with the ZOMBIES than ever before. VICTORIA is shedding some light on the subject by telling me about the satellites. But I still haven't put all that together. I'll just wait and cross my fingers for another email. I wonder where she is? And why in the hell she doesn't want to be traced? We are all on the same team... aren't we? Maybe I'm searching in all the wrong places. Maybe I should be more worried about who traces my emails? I mean, at first I figured... a blog is a blog right? But now its different. There are real live zombie fighters out there that are reaching out to EDDIEROTTEN.COM and even the ZOMBIE LIFE android app because they want to be heard. VICTORIA is no exception. Hopefully, if everything goes in the way of positive destiny, she will survive as my family does and be able to send more information.

On a political level, Obama is revealing his new strategy on Afghan. You know its a half story, but he is telling us exactly what he is being paid to tell us. The GYPSY GROUP warns us about political speaches and this one is no different. There are undertones there. Things that people like The GYPSY GROUP and ALEX JONES warn us about. But we are trapped. Do we listen to who are 'sworn in' leaders are? Or do we take back this country from the ZOMBIES that have over run our way of life? How are we able to be free if the Government picks so many different groups to control us? And now, with the ASMZ and the CANARY GROUP in such high power, how are we ever supposed to be truly free? We are just a stones throw away from a watered down martial law sun up to sun down... at least, in some zombie infested neighborhoods, that's how it seems.

That's not where the deceit stops though. The military is creating secret weapons under our noses, then 'saying' they are scrapping the whole idea. There is no freakin' way!! Millions of dollars is spent on research and development to build these super machines, supposedly to protect us from foreign enemies. Then they expect us to believe they decide against production? Please, I'm looking at a friggin' EMP gun developed by NASA themselves! Do you think this weapon was a 'drawing board day' gone wrong? No way. This bad boy is tested and true, if they say that they ever scrapped this idea... Well, its just a big fat lie!

Anyway, its almost retarded to go on about what I think conspiracy is. Its a house hold name now. Zombies are hungrier, faster, smarter... and there are more of them. Sometimes I wonder if this apocalypse will ever end? I get tired. There is so much half truth between people now. So many people hide behind alcohol and porn. So many chances to become good Samaritans... gone. Zombies are turning this world into a rotten apple. We just have to fight the temptation to ignore the funk. It is hard to trudge through the hate and deceit and death. But we are here for a reason. We are ZOMBIE FIGHTERS. We are the few that understand the agenda. And in the very end, we will be the few left, that will raise the next generation of humans. ZOMBIES or none, our children must be aware, as we are now. These shells we call bodies are useless unless we unleash the knowledge that is with in.

Thank you again to all the new ZOMBIE FIGHTERS, weather it be here, the android app or especially on TWITTER. This is our only source of communication for now. In the future, we wont have to worry about the Government or the ASMZ shutting down our 'get-togethers'. 

Vigilant. Strong. Lethal. Smart.


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