Thursday, June 30, 2011


I was 6 blocks from work. My motorcycle was rumbling like a sexy beast while my legs baked in the Texas heat. The light I was at seemed to be taking longer than usual, that's when my suspicion kicked into overdrive. I lifted the front of my modular helmet up to let in some air. And that's when I heard a voice.

"Hey!" A voice from behind. My helmet prevents me from turning my head all the way so I had to use my rear views. I saw an ASMZ officer with a raised bat running up behind me. Quickly I threw it into neutral, put down the kickstand and leaned forward. CRACK!! There went my rear view. Before I could get off my bike, another hard swing came at me just missing my right arm. I then noticed the white van the officer came from. The drivers door was open and I didn't see anyone else inside. CRACK!! Another bat swing across my helmet. The light finally turned green and all the would be 'good Samaritans' burned off in fear.

Fighting ZOMBIES for so long made me forget the true threat of a well trained human. This guys bat was a big pain in the you know what. Time to fight back!
One thing I learned from fighting zombs though is to be resourceful. By this time I was backing away from him towards the edge of the road. I grabbed a rock and nailed him in the head with it. Right above the left eye. He wasn't distracted at all. He kept coming with his bat raised. Angry and now with a haunting smile, the ASMZ officer put down his bat. Popped his knuckles, and charged. Two feet from me he cocked his arm back ready to land a 'one-hitter-quitter' to my face. In quick anticipation, I leaned into the punch and head butted his fist with my helmet, snapping his wrist immediately. The fight should have been over, but I was wrong. The officer stumbled and then stood strong facing me. With blood coming from his head and a compound fracture to his wrist, the officer started towards me a third time. This dude had a new look in his eyes. Anger was there, yes. But there was an emptiness as well. I knew he wasn't going to change over, his skin wasn't grayed or loose like the zombs I've seen turn before. He charged again, but this time I had to end it. With 10 feet between us, I drew my 9mm. Three shots to the chest. He was down. The light turned red again. No traffic this time. I turned away.

I hadn't killed a human since...well, its been a while. I don't want to. Every human should live. To fight together. Self defense is needed but during a ZOMBIE Apocalypse ? It just sux. Standing there at the intersection I heard the beeper go off for blind pedestrians. My helmet was hot. My gun was still smoking from the chamber. I couldn't shake it. I just killed a human and couldn't help it. I wiped the single drop of water from my eye, and thought 'work-get to work and run your machine'. I turned to mount my bike and was face to face with a ZOMBIE! 

I buried the 9 in his throat and unloaded my clip. Backing up I noticed three more zombs rounding the back side of the ASMZ van. The zomb I just shot was holding his neck but still staggering to me. I pulled another clip from my armored jacked and loaded.

The ASMZ officer sat up. ZOMBIED. "DAMN!" they reanimate so fast these days. I popped three calculated shots in the heads of the oncoming walkers and dropped them. The zombie officer was too his feet now. Gray skin. Coughing the classic off color ooze that zombies cough. Getting rid of every last fiber of anything human left Inside. He looked at me again. This time, with the new eyes. It was much easier to kill him a second time. One final shot to the last walker and they were all down.

The pedestrian box beeped. My Motorcycle rumbled, waiting to be ridden again. Still no traffic. I stuffed my gun in my back pants and stepped over the dead on my way to the van. I peered inside and noticed small chip bags and powdered cocoa packets everywhere. Redbull cans and SUN magazines everywhere. Interesting fellow before he went Zombie. I reached to close the door and leave when I noticed something shiny in the back. I walked around to the back door.Inside was a silver disk. The same as the one in the zombie fields.

Tonight I'm taking it apart to see how to unlock it. I can't wait to show my wife and tell Victoria about it. One step closer. To what, I don't know.

Ill report soon. At my machine now. Working.


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