Monday, June 20, 2011


After getting home I was beat. Everyone was asleep and I had just a moment to reflect. I couldn't figure out why Victoria hadn't responded. And even more, why I was such a dork to take my son into uncharted territory on a hunch that we might find a clue. I must be loosing my touch. I have to think twice and jump once. I wondered if Victoria had fallen from the equation all together. I forget how fragile this life is and how often people fall to the zombies out there. They are so much more dangerous than before. I would pay any thing to be back in the day where kids could go up and pull their pants down and run off. Not now. They are much to fast and much to smart. I walked through the bedrooms of my house. My oldest son was on his tummy, clutching his Dessert Eagle. My youngest son was on his back, with a half eaten sandwich in his hand. And my beautiful wife was on her side, sleeping deeply under the cold sheets.

I went back to my computer and turned it on. Just as I did, my phone chimed. It does that when I get a text or emails. I unlocked the screen and pulled down the notification bar. (New email from Victoria) it read.

Excited it pressed the screen to take me to the unknown material, but also happy that a fellow zombie fighter hadn't fallen in battle. I opened the email and waited for a second for my Android OS to buffer. This is what she had to say:

I wish I could've replied faster to your plea, I try to access the internet whenever I find a signal that can't trace my location. I hope you survive what you are about to encounter. The zombies that are in or around the field are a lot more deadly than they seem. Their hunger for flesh has skyrocketed yes, but they're getting stronger and more ferocious.  You've already guessed who's behind it, NASA.  There is a satellite stationed directly above that particular field, and its sending off a signal to all zombies in the area by means of a small circular disc in the middle of the field. I've only tried once to open it, due to all the SUPER ZOMBIES I almost lost my life. It would be a futile mission to try again until I'm able to go in there with enough ammo to fight them all off.  The signal it sends off gets in their heads, we can't hear it but you can feel the intensity in the air.
I'm still trying to figure out exactly how NASA is able to accomplish such a feat, but I've learned to accept that anything is possible.  I really hope you and your son survive. I know you've got incredible skills but even I am having trouble with zombs like these.
The settings, yes they work for the EMP gun and you're lucky to have one.  I tried to claim one myself but was unsuccessful for the most part, except I did find those settings scribbled on a piece of paper the last time I infiltrated NASA. Since I don't yet own one myself, maybe you can try out the settings and find out what exactly it does. But be cautious that weapon is not to be underestimated.
I'm not an agent from the GYPSY GROUP, but that's all I can tell you for now. Stay safe.
Kill 'em all

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