Thursday, June 9, 2011

6.9.2011 The mystery gun

A few days ago I posted a picture of a gun that slightly resembles the one that was found in the underground trenches of NASA. That's not the 'real' gun however. I will post a picture of it as soon as I finish reassembling it though... and that could take days.

I did however figure out what the dial was for. I had a small two way radio turned on at the end of the table I was working at when I accidentally pushed a button on the gun. A low frequency hum came from the lower body of the gun then a small POP! Immediately the radio turned off, my computer turned off, the lights turned off, my bathroom light turned off.... everything with in 30 feet of me turned off. If it had batteries or plugged in, or surged any sort of energy through it... it turned OFF!!

I was holding a hand held EMP rifle. And for those of you that don't know what EMP is.. well, its an ELECTRO MAGNETIC PULSE. This gun was designed to aim at an area to shut all power down at the push of a button. I cant imagine what a bigger gun would do. My blog suffered several days because of this stupid thing! I wasn't able to post a darn thing till I got a back up generator from LOWES in here. Im going to have to replace my computer im sure. The red/green dots on our guns sights dont even work anymore. All power was lost due to one concentrated blast from this thing.

Oh and get this, after I looked it over again, I took it out to an open field at night. There are always zombies out there too. My family and I packed light but still ran into a dozen or so zombs along the way. My wife is so hot when she kills zombies..

Anyway... the whole point of being in an empty foggy field at night was to attract the attention of nearby dogs, cats and of course... zombies. Before you know it, the zombs started making their cameos' from the trees in the distance. One by one they staggered out from the dark and slowly stared to make their way toward us.

The dogs couldn't handle the excitement as they gathered around zombs and nipped at their legs and arms. I used my self as bait and walked out to a small group of zombies (ready to behead them all), but waited, while my wife adjusted a setting on the frequency dial on the EMP gun.

Just as the zombies were at my neck, my wife fired a POP! in our direction. Immediately, as if I was invisible, the zombies turned all their attention to the dogs and cats surrounding them. Usually they would try to swat them off like annoying flies. But not this time.

I remember this happening a month ago or so.. I even blogged about it. I think its under DEAD DOG. But the zombies were only attacking the animals. After a few minutes, the effect of a small EMP blast wore off and the zombies turned their cold gray eyes at me again. Which was fine cause there's nothing funner than wackin' zombies with your family. Everybody knows that!

These puzzle pieces fit together in the oddest way though. First there are zombies. Then news of the ASMZ (American science military for zombies), then the CANARY GROUP (super secret group who apparently harvests puffer fish for a zombie formula). And that's the bad guys.

Then there's us and the GYPSY GROUP. The GYPSY GROUP has exposed more things to me about the zombies and our own government than anyone in my whole life, but even they have a dark side I haven't come to understand yet. I mean.. they have mercenaries for crying out loud!! Did you read the JAMES and MONICA posts? That's seriously some messed up stuff.

I will put it together though. It does all lead to a one world government, a unity of currency and race, a population control of the likes we've never seen before. If not, then I'm just nuts.

I'm glad your all on my side. Zombies are horrible blood thirsty ghouls that crawl through our streets. But I would much rather have them to fight then you!

Come back for an update on my next project. You know the shuttle is back from space right? Well, I've got friends in low places that confirm what moon dust does, and the CANARY GROUP needs it to mix with their PUFFER FISH formula.. Your not going to believe it. Maybe this is why our worlds space programs have always been so secretive with their missions?

I'll see you in a few days.

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