Thursday, June 30, 2011


This is part of the silver disk I snatched out of the ASMZ van earlier today. Don't know what it does or how it works. Give me time. I've got a friend that might be able to help.


I was 6 blocks from work. My motorcycle was rumbling like a sexy beast while my legs baked in the Texas heat. The light I was at seemed to be taking longer than usual, that's when my suspicion kicked into overdrive. I lifted the front of my modular helmet up to let in some air. And that's when I heard a voice.

"Hey!" A voice from behind. My helmet prevents me from turning my head all the way so I had to use my rear views. I saw an ASMZ officer with a raised bat running up behind me. Quickly I threw it into neutral, put down the kickstand and leaned forward. CRACK!! There went my rear view. Before I could get off my bike, another hard swing came at me just missing my right arm. I then noticed the white van the officer came from. The drivers door was open and I didn't see anyone else inside. CRACK!! Another bat swing across my helmet. The light finally turned green and all the would be 'good Samaritans' burned off in fear.

Fighting ZOMBIES for so long made me forget the true threat of a well trained human. This guys bat was a big pain in the you know what. Time to fight back!
One thing I learned from fighting zombs though is to be resourceful. By this time I was backing away from him towards the edge of the road. I grabbed a rock and nailed him in the head with it. Right above the left eye. He wasn't distracted at all. He kept coming with his bat raised. Angry and now with a haunting smile, the ASMZ officer put down his bat. Popped his knuckles, and charged. Two feet from me he cocked his arm back ready to land a 'one-hitter-quitter' to my face. In quick anticipation, I leaned into the punch and head butted his fist with my helmet, snapping his wrist immediately. The fight should have been over, but I was wrong. The officer stumbled and then stood strong facing me. With blood coming from his head and a compound fracture to his wrist, the officer started towards me a third time. This dude had a new look in his eyes. Anger was there, yes. But there was an emptiness as well. I knew he wasn't going to change over, his skin wasn't grayed or loose like the zombs I've seen turn before. He charged again, but this time I had to end it. With 10 feet between us, I drew my 9mm. Three shots to the chest. He was down. The light turned red again. No traffic this time. I turned away.

I hadn't killed a human since...well, its been a while. I don't want to. Every human should live. To fight together. Self defense is needed but during a ZOMBIE Apocalypse ? It just sux. Standing there at the intersection I heard the beeper go off for blind pedestrians. My helmet was hot. My gun was still smoking from the chamber. I couldn't shake it. I just killed a human and couldn't help it. I wiped the single drop of water from my eye, and thought 'work-get to work and run your machine'. I turned to mount my bike and was face to face with a ZOMBIE! 

I buried the 9 in his throat and unloaded my clip. Backing up I noticed three more zombs rounding the back side of the ASMZ van. The zomb I just shot was holding his neck but still staggering to me. I pulled another clip from my armored jacked and loaded.

The ASMZ officer sat up. ZOMBIED. "DAMN!" they reanimate so fast these days. I popped three calculated shots in the heads of the oncoming walkers and dropped them. The zombie officer was too his feet now. Gray skin. Coughing the classic off color ooze that zombies cough. Getting rid of every last fiber of anything human left Inside. He looked at me again. This time, with the new eyes. It was much easier to kill him a second time. One final shot to the last walker and they were all down.

The pedestrian box beeped. My Motorcycle rumbled, waiting to be ridden again. Still no traffic. I stuffed my gun in my back pants and stepped over the dead on my way to the van. I peered inside and noticed small chip bags and powdered cocoa packets everywhere. Redbull cans and SUN magazines everywhere. Interesting fellow before he went Zombie. I reached to close the door and leave when I noticed something shiny in the back. I walked around to the back door.Inside was a silver disk. The same as the one in the zombie fields.

Tonight I'm taking it apart to see how to unlock it. I can't wait to show my wife and tell Victoria about it. One step closer. To what, I don't know.

Ill report soon. At my machine now. Working.


Sunday, June 26, 2011

Search for the Silver Discs

If what VICTORIA said was accurate, the silver disc in the field of zombies is more than something to trip on or ruin a lawnmower. These silver discs could actually be beacons of power for the zombies in the area. I'm going on a mission this coming weekend to try one more time, to break into that disc and shut down the signal. I might need help though. Any ZOMBIE FIGHTERS IN THE AREA ARE WELCOME TO JOIN ME. Its on NASA RD 1 and Kings Park Ln. You cant miss it. Its the only open field behind WALGREENS with a butt load of hungry pissed off zombies in it.

Also, if this is the case, there are other discs around town, around the city, around the country and maybe even the world; that's setting off these signals or frequencies to the nano technology inside the zombies heads. Brilliant work VICTORIA! These are the kind of ZOMBIE FIGHTERS we need in the apocalypse. Lets hope she's right. Looking for these discs has proven to be dangerous. There is a reason they hide them in fields full of zombies. My son calls them MOD ZOMBIES. Or Modified Zombies for short.

Oh and I got another letter from my mom. She's weighing in with her opinion on 'what' the zombies are and why they are here. Theres almost no more room for speculation, but who says zombies aren't different for different people right? Her take on these rotting corpses is that they are a bit more.... well... evil. I'll just post what she wrote:

My most valiant son, I've been doing some research of my own, prompted by my concern for you, I am convinced that these zombies are produced as a demonic deception. They, for the most part are driven by a dumb hunger that can never be satisfied. However, among their ranks are true demon captains who are fully aware of the end objective. That is to generate such fear of the walking dead that the righteous dead who are called from their graves during the second coming. This in spite of the fact that they will be glorious beings with a clear intellect, and not the pathetic facsimile of resurrected beings; the adversary's best effort at matching the Master Design. Whether or not you agree with me changes nothing in your daily survival. Just know you will one day have all the help you so desperately need, just as Strider (Aragorn) did when he called forth the sleeping war! From the HALLS OF THE DEAD. TOLKEIN WAS AN INSPIRED MESSENGER, an oracle to bring warriors like yourself strength, hope, and comfort. I am too old and feeble to bear arms at your side, as you must know, its my hearts desire. Instead, I will make it my mission to bring you and your fellow warriors these words of encouragement from the writers of all ages that have foreseen the challenges of this day. Stay strong son. 
Eternally, yours. 
Mama Rotten.


Id like for everyone, where ever you are to put your hands together and welcome our New
Zombie Fighter, Mr. Deen. Now, we don't know much about him as of yet, but he did add himself to the Fighters List on the EDDIEROTTEN.COM website so we know he's serious about killin' him some zombies. I'll elaborate more on him as he makes himself a bit more known in the future. On with the killing.

Its been a wild few days for us here at the ROTTENs. The ASMZ and the CANARY GROUP have not made any cameos in a few days. Its got my attention up. For the first time in almost a month, the police department came out to disrupt a zombie attack in front of the house. The zombies don't seem to be thinning out, so why aren't these groups coming around like they usually do. Somethings up?

Speaking of zombies. My wife was working in the garden a few days ago and needed some mulch from the Home Depot around the corner. I decided to go so she could take a break (this is where you say... aaahhhh, good husband). When I returned, I noticed the front door was opened. I walked in and heard lots of profanity from the back yard. I ran through the living room and busted through the screen door to the back. My wife was fighting off 3 zombs with a hoe. Yup. A hoe. I almost stepped in but she called me off. I just had to stand there with the mulch. My wife then turned her anger toward me and said, "DON'T JUST STAND THERE! SPREAD THAT MULCH AROUND!" WHAT?!? Now I'm doing the garden? How did things turn around for me?

So, there I was on my hands and knees spreading mulch while watching my wife bury that hoe into 3 zombie skulls. The day wasn't eventful after that. We got the garden finished and I took a shower. While drying off, I wondered why I hadn't heard from any fellow zombie fighters in while. My default is to think that something bad had happened. But can you blame me? NASA and the government have singlehandedly produced the zombie apocalypse for us to waste away in! Don't ask me why. The best thing I could come up with in 6 months is population control. The GYPSY GROUP is testimony of that. But even they do some pretty shady sh@t!.

I went to the garage to reload the AK's on my motorcycle. I had come to love that machine. The motorcycle was so lean and fast. Easy to maneuver and reliable when in battle. Mounting the AK's on the handle bars was a good idea too. At a good coast, I can take my hands off the bars and steer the bike with the AK's. Genius. I know....

While I was out there, I got a 'bing' on my phone. Email had come in to my EDDIEROTTEN account. Sweet. Maybe it was my mom. She said she had some thing to share. I finished loading my guns and went directly to my computer. Opened my email. Only one. One VERY important email. No.... it wasnt my electric bill.. Thank the good lord..

It was my families newest mysterious co-killer, VICTORIA. Good to see her name on the screen. That means her brains are still intact. And with the way things are going, thats a miracle. Victoria is what seems to be a rouge fighter. We dont know much about her, other than she has inside to information both on the NASA side and from the GYPSY side. Very interesting, because they are such opposing teams. NASA zombies have been getting worse and worse as the days move on, and my family and I think they are trying to mass produce zombies to kill off certain populations on earth. Hence, the PUFFER FISH. There's got to be a link that ties it all together, but honestly I get a head ache every time I try. This is where VICTORIA comes in.

She has shed light on a field just outside of NASA that my son and I found a silver disc in. Also, she let us know about the satellite 'someone' has, to communicate with the silver disc. All this goes through my mind as I'm trying to upload my computer. Slow as hell these days. I had time to make a PBandJ, pound it with some milk, then I was able to open my letter from Victoria.

Pay attention, because it benefits all of us ZOMBIE FIGHTERS. No matter what we think we know about ZOMBIES FROM NASA, or EMP GUNS or even RADIATION FROM JAPAN, we are just cracking the surface. This is what VICTORIA'S email read:

Nano bot technology...
I knew NASA was experimenting with it, but never thought they would actually try to implement such things by implanting them in the heads of zombies.  If I'm correct that's how the signals from the satellites are being used, by sending out instructions to the nano bots and increasing the zombies strength, and stamina.
Of course this is not good news.
I'm thinking that our particular field may be the first testing site, but with such a high success rate it won't stay that way for long.
It's also a possibility that the circular disc in the middle of the field contains a master nano, one that receives the information from the satellite and passes it on to all zombs in the area. If we could open that disc and destroy the master then there would be no way the signal can get out to the nano bots inside the zombies.
Also, the way the zombs act when hit with an EMP, it must confuse the nano bots and that's why for a brief period of time the zombies go after animals instead of people. Of course this is all speculation, but it all fits.
Hope you and your family are safe, I'll get back to you as soon as I can.
Keep fighting!
Kill 'em All!
Now, If any of you have further information on the science behind this, please please please, contact me through email. Any info will help. The ASMZ could be behind all this, after all, they are the AMERICAN SCIENCE MILITARY FOR ZOMBIES!! Do they really have nano bot technology? Crap, my head hurts again. The only things else that could cause this is straight up pure evil. Which is a term Pres. Bush dubbed several years ago.

Again, stay in touch and if you have any news, please report. Each neighborhood is different. The ASMZ and CANARY GROUPS are getting worse. In other words, MAYDAY MAYDAY!!!


Tuesday, June 21, 2011


I guess my luck goes the way destiny wants it to go. My family is safe and for the most part, I know more now whats going on with the ZOMBIES than ever before. VICTORIA is shedding some light on the subject by telling me about the satellites. But I still haven't put all that together. I'll just wait and cross my fingers for another email. I wonder where she is? And why in the hell she doesn't want to be traced? We are all on the same team... aren't we? Maybe I'm searching in all the wrong places. Maybe I should be more worried about who traces my emails? I mean, at first I figured... a blog is a blog right? But now its different. There are real live zombie fighters out there that are reaching out to EDDIEROTTEN.COM and even the ZOMBIE LIFE android app because they want to be heard. VICTORIA is no exception. Hopefully, if everything goes in the way of positive destiny, she will survive as my family does and be able to send more information.

On a political level, Obama is revealing his new strategy on Afghan. You know its a half story, but he is telling us exactly what he is being paid to tell us. The GYPSY GROUP warns us about political speaches and this one is no different. There are undertones there. Things that people like The GYPSY GROUP and ALEX JONES warn us about. But we are trapped. Do we listen to who are 'sworn in' leaders are? Or do we take back this country from the ZOMBIES that have over run our way of life? How are we able to be free if the Government picks so many different groups to control us? And now, with the ASMZ and the CANARY GROUP in such high power, how are we ever supposed to be truly free? We are just a stones throw away from a watered down martial law sun up to sun down... at least, in some zombie infested neighborhoods, that's how it seems.

That's not where the deceit stops though. The military is creating secret weapons under our noses, then 'saying' they are scrapping the whole idea. There is no freakin' way!! Millions of dollars is spent on research and development to build these super machines, supposedly to protect us from foreign enemies. Then they expect us to believe they decide against production? Please, I'm looking at a friggin' EMP gun developed by NASA themselves! Do you think this weapon was a 'drawing board day' gone wrong? No way. This bad boy is tested and true, if they say that they ever scrapped this idea... Well, its just a big fat lie!

Anyway, its almost retarded to go on about what I think conspiracy is. Its a house hold name now. Zombies are hungrier, faster, smarter... and there are more of them. Sometimes I wonder if this apocalypse will ever end? I get tired. There is so much half truth between people now. So many people hide behind alcohol and porn. So many chances to become good Samaritans... gone. Zombies are turning this world into a rotten apple. We just have to fight the temptation to ignore the funk. It is hard to trudge through the hate and deceit and death. But we are here for a reason. We are ZOMBIE FIGHTERS. We are the few that understand the agenda. And in the very end, we will be the few left, that will raise the next generation of humans. ZOMBIES or none, our children must be aware, as we are now. These shells we call bodies are useless unless we unleash the knowledge that is with in.

Thank you again to all the new ZOMBIE FIGHTERS, weather it be here, the android app or especially on TWITTER. This is our only source of communication for now. In the future, we wont have to worry about the Government or the ASMZ shutting down our 'get-togethers'. 

Vigilant. Strong. Lethal. Smart.


Monday, June 20, 2011


After getting home I was beat. Everyone was asleep and I had just a moment to reflect. I couldn't figure out why Victoria hadn't responded. And even more, why I was such a dork to take my son into uncharted territory on a hunch that we might find a clue. I must be loosing my touch. I have to think twice and jump once. I wondered if Victoria had fallen from the equation all together. I forget how fragile this life is and how often people fall to the zombies out there. They are so much more dangerous than before. I would pay any thing to be back in the day where kids could go up and pull their pants down and run off. Not now. They are much to fast and much to smart. I walked through the bedrooms of my house. My oldest son was on his tummy, clutching his Dessert Eagle. My youngest son was on his back, with a half eaten sandwich in his hand. And my beautiful wife was on her side, sleeping deeply under the cold sheets.

I went back to my computer and turned it on. Just as I did, my phone chimed. It does that when I get a text or emails. I unlocked the screen and pulled down the notification bar. (New email from Victoria) it read.

Excited it pressed the screen to take me to the unknown material, but also happy that a fellow zombie fighter hadn't fallen in battle. I opened the email and waited for a second for my Android OS to buffer. This is what she had to say:

I wish I could've replied faster to your plea, I try to access the internet whenever I find a signal that can't trace my location. I hope you survive what you are about to encounter. The zombies that are in or around the field are a lot more deadly than they seem. Their hunger for flesh has skyrocketed yes, but they're getting stronger and more ferocious.  You've already guessed who's behind it, NASA.  There is a satellite stationed directly above that particular field, and its sending off a signal to all zombies in the area by means of a small circular disc in the middle of the field. I've only tried once to open it, due to all the SUPER ZOMBIES I almost lost my life. It would be a futile mission to try again until I'm able to go in there with enough ammo to fight them all off.  The signal it sends off gets in their heads, we can't hear it but you can feel the intensity in the air.
I'm still trying to figure out exactly how NASA is able to accomplish such a feat, but I've learned to accept that anything is possible.  I really hope you and your son survive. I know you've got incredible skills but even I am having trouble with zombs like these.
The settings, yes they work for the EMP gun and you're lucky to have one.  I tried to claim one myself but was unsuccessful for the most part, except I did find those settings scribbled on a piece of paper the last time I infiltrated NASA. Since I don't yet own one myself, maybe you can try out the settings and find out what exactly it does. But be cautious that weapon is not to be underestimated.
I'm not an agent from the GYPSY GROUP, but that's all I can tell you for now. Stay safe.
Kill 'em all

Waiting on an email

I should have waited for her email. VICTORIA was going to send me an email with more information about the field of Zombies but My son and I got too anxious and left anyway. Bad call...

When we got there we immediately realized we were the horrifying minority. And also, that we should have brought lots more ammo.

There were several small trees that we would usually use to hide behind, but tonight we tried to climb them. The zombies there had purpose. They were all congregated in separate groups. Some of them were eating each other, and some of them were eating themselves,  that is until I stepped on a twig.

Dozens of ZOMBIES stopped pulling flesh off their own arms and violently twisted their heads in our direction. A loud gurgling moan came from their cold lungs as they stood up slowly. My son uttered a single swear word.

50 yards away, they saw us. Then in unison they tripped over each other in lunge of our position. These were not the ordinary retarded zombies of the past months. These were educated monsters that thought, and figured, and prioritized, and worst of all. RAN.
I grabbed my shotgun and started blasting.  I looked to my left where my son was digging our little secret weapon out of a bag. The EMP gun. I tossed my shotgun as soon as I ran out of shells and pulled out both pistols.  The zombies just kept coming. "What do I do with it!" My son screamed. The noise attracted animals in the area. Dogs appeared and were pulling on the pant legs of the zombies, but they were headed toward us as well.

This Was not going as planned. We showed up at the field And hadn't learned or discovered anything. We knew there were zombies there But we didn't know how vicious they would be. And we definitely didn't plan on the dogs. I was going through clips As fast as I could load them. My son was running in circles Trying to figure out The settings on his weapon. And occasionally, And very briefly Having a run in with a zombie. His hands are very fast though. The weapon he had Was used as a baseball bat More than what its purpose was.
"I got it". My son unlocked The settings on the dial of the weapon. He aimed it at the group of approaching ZOMBIES that out numbered us 10 to 1.

I kept firing round after round into the skulls of the runners. And then the boom came.
He pulled the trigger of NASA'S secret weapon and it let out a haunting thud. I could feel the energy serge in my direction. The wave of the pulse pushed me forward as he was behind me when he fired it. The wave pushed the zombies back too. I flew towards them, both guns blazing. 

When I landed on the ground I rolled over to keep my momentum. Then came the second blast. BOOM!!
My son cranked off a second round at the zombs, and again I was thrust forward clumsily.  I waited for the zombies to stagger to their feet and attack me again. But they didn't. They all turned to the animals. The dogs and the unfortunate birds. Some zombs pulled up rats from the dark. A snake was being pulled apart in the shadows.  My son and I looked at each other.? This event was remarkably like what happend weeks ago when the zombies fought the dogs in my neighborhood. I even talked about it in this blog: DEAD DOG.

The EMP gun somehow changed their hunger pattern.  Maybe a frequency blast had Bering on the desires of the flesh eaters. This weapon might be more handy than we thought.
With the ZOMBIES attention occupied, we headed for the center of the field.  This is were all the zombies were reaching towards in VICTORIA'S photos.  What we found was odd... very odd.

A small circular disc,  fixed on the ground. A key was needed to open the lid. It was only the size if a Frisbee,  maybe smaller. But the metal was very shiny... even in the night.
After trying to pick the lick for a moment,  we gave up. The cold moans of the zombies were louder than ever now. With our guns drawn, we slowly walked through the hordes of ZOMBIES ready to blast. We were invisible.  They couldn't care less about us. The EMP blast confused them enough so that my son and I could have done the river dance without even a snarl from the zombies.

The downside of two maximum blasts from a prototype EMP gun from NASA, is the power outages in the neighboring blocks. Yup, we used flashlights to get home,  and yes, there were more zombies that perished in the dark. Lesson learned though.  There are consequences when we use the EMP gun. Or as my son calls it, the ZOMBIE OFF.

Back at home, I checked my email
for any word from VICTORIA. It was fathers day after all. I'm sure she had better things to do than to satisfy my curiosity of a field of ZOMBIES.
Until that email comes in, ill be resting.  I work tonight. The sun is coming up and the Texas heat comes with it.
Be careful out there today. Something feels... different. 

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Warning from NASA

We know NASA has their fingers all up in the production of ZOMBIE FARMS... but this new warning is disturbing. In the south, we are brought up to have an emergency plan in places, just in case. But now NASA is warning us about..... things.

They hint to people outside the planet, and to 9/11. His name is Charles F. Bolden. He started in during a press conference and immediately took a left turn into family preparedness ... but why?

Feel free to look it up. Its all over YouTube and to no surprise they don't mention any zombies. They do however mention 'people off the planet'.  So do your research zombie fighters. Is the Administrator of NASA hinting at something? Is there a calamity coming that the government and the ASMZ is warning us about?

And coming soon... news about THE REAL FEMA.

The ASMZ and the FBI are working together again and have passed the right to dig through our garbage to see what we as civilians are hiding concerning our knowledge of 'the creation of zombies'. They are of course covering up the news with saying they are looking for clues of terrorism. 

Were not stupid. We know the conspiracy.


The story is getting pushed through by the government and the ASMZ so its hard to say if its true, but the fires in Arizona are believed to be started by two campers. That's what they're reporting.

Your telling me, that the biggest fire in the history of the state of Arizona was started by two campers? That's like saying Obama's running more than one term. It just. Ain't. So.

The GYPSY GROUP is saying that the ASMZ themself dropped off burning zombies to cause the fire in order to evacuate the whole area in hopes to use the land for ZOMBIE farming. But isn't that a bit much for a bunch of puffer fish to be cultivated? I think there's more to it. Maybe more than the GYPSY GROUP is willing to talk about. My family thinks they are planning to use the real estate to build a massive underground building used to protect the 'IMPORTANTS' if the poop hits the fan. After all, next year is 2012. Not even the Mayans calendered past that year. We'll see though.

Please leave comments if anyone has news. If not well, I'll assume your all dead, or ready to be killed off by yours truly. Watch your back. Don't be a zombie!


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Victoria who are you??

As I put things together here on my table of crap... I came across an old picture of zombies that were out in the field near an apartment complex a few miles from here. There are easily 50 or 60 walkers in view of the camera. The picture was taken from up high, maybe on top of the apartment itself? Who knows, but as I smirked and tossed it to the side, it landed on its face amongst the pile of other papers, pictures and clues I have acquired over the last 6 months. And on the back of the picture, was a name. Victoria.

I didn't know who 'VICTORIA' is any better than you do, but I picked up the picture anyway and took a closer look. Underneath her name was a small message: "KILLEM'ALL zombie life".
This is a high-brow moment for me because it was a slight ego booster and a peculiar 'what are the odds' kind of moment. VICTORIA, I'm supposing, is the person who took the picture and wrote the name of my ANDROID APP ZOMBIE LIFE on the back of the photo.... for some reason.

I got curious and started fumbling through other photos. Sure enough picture after picture started showing up of her name and the same message on the back. "KILLEM'ALL zombie life". I found all I could, then turned the photo's over to see what pictures she had taken. Every picture was of the same field near the apartments. Some were in the day, others at night, but definitely from the same field. Different angles were used but they all seemed to be focusing on the center for some reason. Whats so special about this field? Other than a crap load of zombies wandering around, looking for food.

This got my attention up and started searching. VICTORIA, hmmm.. Where had I seen that name before? I turned on my computer and went to my EDDIEROTTEN.COM blog site.. to go through my zombie fighters. There she was. VICTORIA. She was a zombie fighter too! She obviously had training, I mean for crying out loud she is head of her own ZFC! (Zombie Fighter Chapter)

Perplexed, I tapped on the table, wondering who VICTORIA is and what is she trying to show me in this collage of pictures. One thing I thought stood out though was that in each of the photos, the zombies seemed to all be looking in the same direction. Their rotten arms stretched toward the center of the field. This might be cause for a little investigation...

My oldest son is visiting his biological mother this week, but when he comes back we'll load up the jeep and go on a little zombie safari.  My youngest son and my wife are working on some graphic designs for the ZOMBIE LIFE ANDROID APP. I hope to find out who VICTORIA is. Hopefully she'll be able to help me figure out whats going on around here.. In the past 5 months or so, Ive realized that zombies taking over the world is the least of our problems. If they get out of control then we have bigger things to deal with. The ASMZ and the government seem hell bent on confusing us all into thinking nothing is wrong at all.. The media doesn't even report zombies anymore.. Every once in a while, they joke about people dressing up like zombies for a walk through downtown but never do they comment on the millions of zombies that are around the world affecting the economy and ultimately being used as a weapon towards population control..

Everyone seems perfectly happy how things are going... but not me. And not millions of you out there either.. I'm not waiting till they figure out a way to 'actually' make zombies pull themselves out of the graves. I'm not even cool with the rotting meat eaters stumbling up and down the streets as it is!! Anyway, I'm rambling.

VICTORIA... if your out there... and I know you are, please give me some guidance. What is the deal with that field? Something to do with NASA? Is there a ZOMBIE FARM out there? Am I supposed to see or hear something there? Hope you get this S.O.S. If not, I'll keep breaking these rocks till I find something tangible enough to be happy about.

Till next time... why in the crap would Congressman WIENER tweet pictures of his deformed zombie and photo shop them into looking like they were pictures of him?... then send them to girls he never had a chance with?... That's pretty desperate for attention if you ask me. Seriously, those pictures showed the scrawniest little dude/zombie I have ever seen. And the zombies body on those tweets was hilarious!!! It looked like a little stick with a big melon stuck on top. But in its defense... the nose on that sucker was huge! Most noses fall off waaaay before some goofy childish self absorbed conceited narcissistic zombie like his did. I'm just sayin'.

Finally I wanted to Thank all the new readers out there. As soon as the people rise up and the voices are heard, the government and the ASMZ and whoever else is out there, that's trying to destroy the world will understand that where were from.... loosing isn't an option.

We will win this zombie apocalypse!!

Saturday, June 11, 2011


Yamaha V-star 1100 with detatchable AK's. Front and rear mounted spikes, Blacked out chrome and the first ever on/off switch muffler baffel silencer for my ninja entrances. Don't drool. Just build your own slackerz!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Zombie combat by motorcycle

1st day down. 2 more to go. Tomorrow we practice safety with aggression.  Somehow supposed to manoeuvre our bikes through cones while shooting dummies in the head..

But Sunday,  we go out for full combat. I chose a BMW G650 to kill zombies from.should be interesting ..



Ive been working with my uncle who is the web developer and lifesaver behind my android phone app ZOMBIE LIFE. Without him I wouldn't be able to share this very important blog on phone devices. Apple is too expensive to make an application for. And during a zombie apocalypse, I'm not throwing money around like I have it. The few dollars I have left will be close to my person.

But... because of the application, there are a few people out there who actually 'want' to read up on the zombie news. And every now and then I actually meet the people who use it for what its meant for. JAMES and MONICA were the last two people that I crossed paths with. They turned out to be an odd couple that ended up being mercenaries for THE GYPSY GROUP, and they were a hand full to say the least. If you want to read their story, just look up JAMES and MONICA in the archives.

Which leads me to today. Im at home now, but earlier at work... I was running my machine lathe when I heard a loud BANG on the bay doors to the shop. I just knew it was trouble. We hadn't had very many zombies in the area lately, but we have had a crap load of ASMZ officers patroling around. They are such pricks. I was thinking that zombies had come back and had gatherd around the shop because of the noise we make inside. Maybe they were banging, trying to get in. But I was wrong. I was right about there being plenty of zombies, but wrong about what was making the loud BANG.

I got to a point to where I could turn my machine off and listened for a second. There were only two other people working with me last night but they were in the break room watching TELEMUNDO. The shop was quiet, so I opened the bottom drawer of my Craftsman tool box and pulled out my pistol grip shotgun.

I started toward the front of the shop where the bay doors were when I heard the loud BANG again. This time it was much louder and I could actually see the bay doors bow in a bit. I quicky hid behind the Hwacheon engine lathe, thinking the sheer steel and size of the machine would protect me against whatever was out there. But again... quiet.

I stood up and ran toward the door quietly, pushing the security button. We have a nifty little security box that lets us see if Fed Ex or UPS is delivering, so I had a clear view of the area just outside the door. As the camera panned its osculating cycle from left to right... I saw bodies. Bodies laying everywhere. There were bodies sprawled out in contorted postions. There were bodies draped over the bed of the company truck which was now half covered in stale zombie remains. There were bodies that looked like they were stuffed in the material racks, laid across the picnic tables, stuck on the spikes of my jeep, and even blocking the door from being opened with out a good push.

I only saw 5 or 6 zombies in the parking lot. They were quickly making their way toward the right side of the screen, but what they were after was just out of sight. As the zombies continued, and as the camera made its way to and away from my wonder target, I heard a series of shots. Like 15 or more. They were shotgun blasts. It sounded as if someone had a row of shotguns and unloaded them one by one on the approaching zombies. As the zombies started to fall apart before my eyes, on the far right side of the 4 inch screen, he entered.

He had the gun I only wished I had. The AA-12. As he slowly walked into view, he ejected the circular clip and clicked in a new one. As the camera panned back to the left, I saw a fresh batch of flesh eaters eager to take bullets on the chance they could have his brains that evening. Unlike the zombies of the past, they weren't interested in just meat, they wanted living breathing flesh. Zombies used to eat each other down to the bone if there wasn't anything of interest elsewhere, but they have changed somehow. Smarter... somehow.

But just as the last batch was mowed down, this was no different. As the rounds fired out one after another, the oncoming zombies lost legs and limbs in their attempt on new meat. He ran out of ammo and at the end of it there was only him and one other zombie. Thats when I decided to raise the bay door.  As I did, I had to pull extra hard. It seemed stuck on something. And I was right. There was two zombie bodies folded in half caught on the latch, keeping it from opening properly. I guess the two zombies were thrown like balls at the bay doors?!? I took a broom and shoved them away and flung the bay door open.  The man was standing in the parking lot getting ready for the final battle. I yelled out to him, " you want me to get that one?" He turned his head and looked at me. It was dark so I couldnt make out his features, but he was a well built dude. I could see sweat glistening off his arms so I know he had been working for it. It was either sweat or blood.

He looked back in the direction of the zombie and started walking towards it. By this time I had made it over to my jeep and began pulling a zombie off the front spikes. The man had a long slow stride to each step. I figured he would just reload and shoot the last one down, but he seemed to have a bone to pick with zombies. And from the look of the parking lot, It was a BIG bone. I watched him take his gun and flip it around like a baseball player to where he was holding the barrel part of the gun. Mind you... the AA-12 has no 'real' barrel shape, so he had a good grip by the time he went to swing it.

I thought to myself, "one good connect and that zombs head is gonna fly like a bird". And I was right. He took a small trot and a skip before the hit and swung with all his might. It looked like he had done that before.... and perfected the move.

I was half way to him by this time.  He turned to me and said, "why didnt you open the door, didnt you hear me knocking?"  "That was your knock? I'd hate to see your pound!" I said.. He smiled and wiped blood from his cheek with his forearm. He reached out his hand and said his name was DAVID.

After he cleaned up we sat in the break room and tried to find anything other than news and Spanish channels to break the ice. Finally we ended up on Carson Daily where some music was playing. Great time to start talking.

He said he was a fan of EDDIEROTTEN.COM and that he originally came across my app just looking for anything zombie-Esq in the android market. He had the old ZOMBIE LIFE app and upgraded to the ENTWEB app. But through the blog posts he found out where I fought zombies mostly and just started asking around. He ended up killing around 20 or more zombs when he finally found me. 

He does however have a story, and DAVID.... if your reading this, dont be pissed that im letting the cat out of the bag. No one truly knows you, and for all I know, the name DAVID could be code for something else.... anyway, DAVID reminded me of my meeting with JAMES and MONICA. I nodded and said I remember. He asked if they had any messages for me or if I remember them mentioning anything that stood out when they killed zombies with me and my family on my front lawn the other day. I just said, "no".

Turns out DAVID is the guy who trained JAMES and MONICA. He was the original combat officer for the ASMZ before they started their true agenda of population control. He said that when the ASMZ introduced their new CANARY GROUP, that was enough for him. After a huge blood bath fight with high ranking officials of the ASMZ and the government, he fled and eventually joined up with the GYPSY GROUP.

DAVID is the link ive been looking for to help explain all this puffer fish stuff. He knows ALOT about zombie farms and even that weird EMP GUN we found at NASA. With DAVID'S help, if I can talk him into it.... i'll be able to train people better in the ways of fighting zombies. Him with his government issued AA-12 are an unstoppable machine. He is the liaison Ive been waiting for so I can pump more intel out of the GYPSY GROUP.

He also seems to know alot about politics of the nation and the cover ups that are going on. Hopefully we will be able to discuss our views with out our ideas banging heads like elephants and donkeys do. Only time will tell.

At the end of the night, the ASMZ came around and the CANARY GROUP jumped out of their white vans with their yellow toxic suits on to clean up the mess in the parking lot. DAVID took off long before they arrived, because just like JAMES and MONICA, he was being hunted too. 

And on the drive home, I stopped at a light and stayed there one second too long. A zombie flung its body on my jeep and cracked the windshield even worse than it was. I need to get that fixed. But my windows are 'roll downs', so it was easy to stick out my happy hand cannon and blow its brains out just before the light turned green. Gruesome I know, but don't act like you haven't done it.

I'll fill you in as the news comes in. I'm still discovering the capabilities of the EMP GUN. DAVID said he will come by and give me a tutorial on it. He said the one I have is an older model. The newer ones are much more catastrophic.  And dont let me forget about the moon dust that came back from the last shuttle mission. Bad stuff is all I can say. I'll get to it though. In the mean time.. sharpen your weapons, do your push ups, hug your family and stay in touch. Zombies are outside..... dont ignore them.


Thursday, June 9, 2011


The story of David will be available Friday 10.2011

And you thought you were a tough ZOMBIE FIGHTER.....

5 stars is better than 4 stars


By the way, the last kick ass comments that were left landed that person a fat position in the zombie blog. Wanna read about yourself as an ultimate ZOMBIE FIGHTER? Wanna help me and my family win this war? Wanna discover 'personally' the secrets behind the conspiracy?





Those of you with the ZOMBIE LIFE app on your androids:

The UPDATED ZFC LIST (zombie fighter chapters) went crazy when I blogged it . We'll figure out the code thing later, but if your reading this from your phone, the best way to get a true picture of how many awesome new ZOMBIE FIGHTER CHAPTERS there are out there... push the link at the bottom of the screen of the NEW ZOMBIE FIGHTER CHAPTERS blog. It'll take you strait to the website and you'll see how awesome we are.

Again, sorry for the buggy code issue.

6.9.2011 The mystery gun

A few days ago I posted a picture of a gun that slightly resembles the one that was found in the underground trenches of NASA. That's not the 'real' gun however. I will post a picture of it as soon as I finish reassembling it though... and that could take days.

I did however figure out what the dial was for. I had a small two way radio turned on at the end of the table I was working at when I accidentally pushed a button on the gun. A low frequency hum came from the lower body of the gun then a small POP! Immediately the radio turned off, my computer turned off, the lights turned off, my bathroom light turned off.... everything with in 30 feet of me turned off. If it had batteries or plugged in, or surged any sort of energy through it... it turned OFF!!

I was holding a hand held EMP rifle. And for those of you that don't know what EMP is.. well, its an ELECTRO MAGNETIC PULSE. This gun was designed to aim at an area to shut all power down at the push of a button. I cant imagine what a bigger gun would do. My blog suffered several days because of this stupid thing! I wasn't able to post a darn thing till I got a back up generator from LOWES in here. Im going to have to replace my computer im sure. The red/green dots on our guns sights dont even work anymore. All power was lost due to one concentrated blast from this thing.

Oh and get this, after I looked it over again, I took it out to an open field at night. There are always zombies out there too. My family and I packed light but still ran into a dozen or so zombs along the way. My wife is so hot when she kills zombies..

Anyway... the whole point of being in an empty foggy field at night was to attract the attention of nearby dogs, cats and of course... zombies. Before you know it, the zombs started making their cameos' from the trees in the distance. One by one they staggered out from the dark and slowly stared to make their way toward us.

The dogs couldn't handle the excitement as they gathered around zombs and nipped at their legs and arms. I used my self as bait and walked out to a small group of zombies (ready to behead them all), but waited, while my wife adjusted a setting on the frequency dial on the EMP gun.

Just as the zombies were at my neck, my wife fired a POP! in our direction. Immediately, as if I was invisible, the zombies turned all their attention to the dogs and cats surrounding them. Usually they would try to swat them off like annoying flies. But not this time.

I remember this happening a month ago or so.. I even blogged about it. I think its under DEAD DOG. But the zombies were only attacking the animals. After a few minutes, the effect of a small EMP blast wore off and the zombies turned their cold gray eyes at me again. Which was fine cause there's nothing funner than wackin' zombies with your family. Everybody knows that!

These puzzle pieces fit together in the oddest way though. First there are zombies. Then news of the ASMZ (American science military for zombies), then the CANARY GROUP (super secret group who apparently harvests puffer fish for a zombie formula). And that's the bad guys.

Then there's us and the GYPSY GROUP. The GYPSY GROUP has exposed more things to me about the zombies and our own government than anyone in my whole life, but even they have a dark side I haven't come to understand yet. I mean.. they have mercenaries for crying out loud!! Did you read the JAMES and MONICA posts? That's seriously some messed up stuff.

I will put it together though. It does all lead to a one world government, a unity of currency and race, a population control of the likes we've never seen before. If not, then I'm just nuts.

I'm glad your all on my side. Zombies are horrible blood thirsty ghouls that crawl through our streets. But I would much rather have them to fight then you!

Come back for an update on my next project. You know the shuttle is back from space right? Well, I've got friends in low places that confirm what moon dust does, and the CANARY GROUP needs it to mix with their PUFFER FISH formula.. Your not going to believe it. Maybe this is why our worlds space programs have always been so secretive with their missions?

I'll see you in a few days.


NUMBERS DONT LIE PEOPLE. Thanks to all our new Chapters out there, the retched stain of ZOMBIES is a bit easier to cope with today! All over the world people are standing up to the Hordes of ZOMBIES that are obviously being manufactured every where. People are fighting back!! The training is paying off but were not out of the woods yet! Read the back archived posts to get filled in on all the conspiracy. Were dealing with monsters making monsters here and we can never give up. Population control is only in its beginning stages and if we show even one sign of weakness, our whole livelihoods will come to an end. 
United States
Hong Kong

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


For those of you with the ZOMBIE LIFE ANDROID APP. Your prayers have been answered! The new ZOMBIE LIFE APP IS HERE!! Updates are constantly coming in to the new app and were taking all your suggestions! If you run out of blog entries on the app., be sure to go to EDDIEROTTEN.COM and scroll through the archives. If you have any questions, place a key word in the RESEARCH bar on the right of the web page.

Again, thank you all for your zombie killing diligence and most of all thank you ENTWEB DESIGN STUDIOS for bringing us a better app. As the app morphs into what it was meant to be in the beginning, I will be bringing  you the hardest hitting zombie blog on the internet.

Remember peolple... they wont get away with what they've done.
We'll never forget the injustice on humanity.
Population control was never meant to be.
Their plan will backfire..
Zombies will bring us together...