Saturday, May 21, 2011

Judgment Day MAY 21. 2011 THE END OF THE WORLD

Well.... the day has begun and now we all wait. Of course in reality zombies still walk among us, but if the prediction is true about this day then we will have alot more of the flesh eaters out there. The prediction says that an earthquake will happen on this day in New Zealand first. Then it is said to travel around the world and strike the United States around 6pm tonight. If this is true then ZOMBIES will be running rampant all over the world. My guns are loaded. Are yours?

There's plenty more to report on, but one thing seems more important than most. With increasing ZOMBIES around the world, there is more violence, numbing the people of their regular actions. Maybe, exactly how the governments and the ASMZ want us to be. NUMB!! My sources say the government is preparing people for THE NEW FREQUENCY in preparation for the NEW WORLD ORDER or ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT . 

When the government did away with regular antenna T.V. and made it all digital, new frequencies have been picked up by scientists that dull the focus and brain functions.  Our belief is that once people are set at a certain frequency,  with help of chem-trails,  subliminally placed sounds and other frequencies,  a huge portion of the population will be ZOMBIED!!

When the government implements the new U.S. currency THIS YEAR they will only have a small portion of people to worry about.

Be careful of certain radio programs and television presidential addresses. Not all can be trusted. They could possibly be broadcasting the frequency to millions at a time. Soon we will understand why the government hides their knowledge and control of ZOMBIES.

In the mean time... keep your head up, keep your weapons clean, and keep your family close.

When the U.S. dollar tanks, you can be sure the zombie farms won't be able to afford to hold them anymore.  MORE ZOMBIES.

but... if you can, have a good weekend! !


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