Sunday, May 29, 2011

A CAN OF WORMS... and zombies

With what was discovered in the dark underworld of NASA, we have truly opened a can of worms. The information im piecing together is staggering to say the least. To try and put together the clues of NASA, PUFFER FISH, & ZOMBIES wasn't the easiest quest. And when all is said and done, I cant guarantee any of this is true. But im pretty sure. The pieces 'do' fit.

The papers that JOSH & RUBEN brought back from the storm drain tunnels of NASA show lots of info. The first is a documentation of medicine that is being used for something. It was called TETRODOTOXIN. Which, after doing a little googleing, is a drug that was used many years ago in Haiti to drug people, sometimes killing them. It dramatically slows the heart rate down and can even fool trained doctors into thinking they are dead.

The next drug we found proof of was something called DATURA STRAMONIUM. This too is a hyper sleeper, but also a brain numbing agent.

The first drug is found from puffer fish, and the second is a dust compound that were still not sure where it came from.

The tub of puffer fish that JOSH & RUBEN found at NASA is one of many hundred thousands that are around the world. The GYPSY GROUP is working with us here at ZOMBIE CENTRAL.. AKA MY HOUSE. They are confirming that their people are also finding puffer fish farms all over the place. This whole time we were worried about actual zombie farms, when they were cultivating puffer fish. PUFFER FISH!!!!

I felt like a real moron when I found out. It is safer this way though. The drug they are extracting from the puffer fish is deadly poisonous, and if they are mixing it with the DATURA formula, this drug could be the deadliest thing to hit the planet since... well.... zombies!!

We have to find a way to stop the ASMZ and the CANARY GROUPS from administering the poison! Another fatal finding, is a special 'secret' team that works for the FDA is reporting back to us that they have been mixing the DATURA formula in our foods and waters for decades. That means that we are all infected to a certain degree, but all is not lost. We are looking for a cure. Again, I cant confirm that the poison extracted from the puffer fish caused the zombies but I can back it up with this:
Narcissee is a well documented zombie that came back from the grave. He returned to his village several years after his burial as a zombie, and the cause of it all seems to stem from poison derived from puffer fish and the datura formula.

The underground news is now pouring in that the uncontrolled search in our seas and mainly in our gulf for these puffer fish is killing off other species. As a defense in the ocean, the puffer fish are releasing their harmful and deadly poisons, making the other fish population sick. All but killing off the Crab industry and its just about to crush the shrimp industry.. The worst of it is, all this secrecy is done behind the backs of the U.S. citizens.


But to cover up all the fish being poisoned and showing up sick, they planned a massive intentional disaster that would hide the truth of it all. And in one word. The disaster was called..... BP.

So, when the fish industry tanks... AND IT WILL!!!! Be sure you remember where you heard it from, and be sure you come back for more insight to the global conspiracy Pyramid. The World Government, The ASMZ, & The CANARY GROUP.

Zombies are being bred to take over the country and finish off the weak in the world. The only ones supposed to be left are the elites. We must arm ourselves with info and zombie smarts. Be warned, and you will be well!!

Next posts are dedicated to where the formula of DATURA STRAMONIUM comes from. And India.... get this..... will report later this year (if my sources aren't high) of our knowledge of WATER ON THE MOON.

I KILL ZOMBIES FOR A LIVING, but water on the moon?? C'mon. You cant expect me to believe in everything do you!?!??!?!

And finally, the mysterious gun found at NASA. It looks like a weird contraption. No place to load rounds in, just some kind of frequency dial... I'll keep messing with it and let you know.

Stay Strong!

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