Wednesday, May 4, 2011


I'm not sure where to begin but I will start where I am right now. I'm at work like I always am. There are ZOMBIES outside .. like there always are. People are really starting to show their strength.  Killing zombies is becoming one of the nations favorite pasttime.

I remember going to Sonic or Burger King was my favorite thing to do on the weekends. Lol everyone I know is getting together to kill zombies. Some of us are obviously better than others.  There are just as many dumbass Zombie fighters as there are zombies. Maybe even more. You really have to be careful out there these days.

On with the topics.
Ill start with the cover up the government is feeding us about the FAA shutting down the Houston airports.  As you know, the airports are a hot spot for business men to hire prostitutes between flights or during lay overs..(no pun intended). Lately these prostitutes are showing up as zombies. More and more half naked zombies have been trolling the airports. People have complained about it but nobody did anything about it until now. The media finally got wind of the story, and it says nothing at all about zombies. I guess you have to be on the local level to see what's really going on. Conspiracy theorist are blaming it on terrorists. Can't say that I blame them. Really though it's the business mens fault.  They help produce zombie prostitutes by hooking up with them and then dropping them off in zombie infested neighborhoods. (and I really hope they were prostitutes before they turn into zombies) Anyway FAA will open the airports as soon as they can. God help us all if it really is a terrorist attack.

Next on the list is Osama Bin Ladens picture. Do we really care to see his face blown off? We see much worse with the undead walking amongst us everyday. I mean the other day I was at the grocery store and in walked an undead. This zombie had absolutely no jaw. I should have posted a picture. He had no left arm, and a really high end axe stuck in his back. I think we can handle a little Osama picture If we wanted to. But we're not allowed. Obama says we're taking the higher ground. I don't know how many people are on his side With that..... And the zombie that was in the grocery store, Well by the time People were finished with him.... We'll just say his days of eating brains are over.

Next up is Donald Trumps fake ass toupe. The GYPSY GROUP is organizing a game that involves zombies and Donald Trumps hair piece. I'm not sure how it will play out, but they're obviously trying to zombify Donald Trump. They must really not want him to run for president. A few attempts have already been tried to take is hair piece away from him. They have all failed.  Now they are sending some zombies in to do the dirty work. I'll be keeping my eye on this story.

Let's see what's next.... ah yes, the terror level goes up in America.
Most of us are programed by now to believe that the terror level is pertaining only to terrorists.  Big mistake.  Terrorists have been migrating here for decades now,  and just recently we've discovered their zombie farms.  They've been harvesting zombies right under our noses all this time.  We just don't know where they are or when they will release the zombies.
What we do know, is who's involved.  The ASMZ, the CANARY GROUP and unfortunately the GOVERNMENT.  Hopefully our government will show sympathy on us when the time comes.

Zombies are the ultimate weapon because they rapidly reproduce.  They have been used in VIETNAM and GERMANY among other wars. We finally have the zombie tracking units as mentioned in earlier posts but it will not kill them for us. We have to be vigilante. 

In this apocalyptic time, family and friends will pull together unlike any time before. Our money will soon be useless so we must prepare now.

As I leave work tonight, I know there are hordes of ZOMBIES waiting for me. Its dark and damp outside so my senses will be dull. I have to put all this crap media out of my head, at least till I get home and take off my boots. I suggest you do the same.

Media hype and newspaper hypnotizm will always be there to be handled one day at a time. ZOMBIES are here to eat us alive NOW.  And there are more now than ever before.
And with the threat if zombie farms on our soil we can never let our guard down. Watch your back, and travel in groups.

The GYPSY GROUP says we will be attacked on a national level soon.  Something about ZOMBIE EMP's.
I don't know what that is yet but I'm digging as fast as I can.

Be sure to share this blog with your friends and family. There aren't many believers out there left. The ZOMBIE FIGHTERS of the WORLD can use your help.


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