Thursday, May 26, 2011


Here at home we deal with some of the most dangerous gangs and mobs. We are man handled by some of the most corrupt cops. We are subject to the most awful reality shows imaginable. And in terms of Zombies, we still have it fairly easy compared to some places over seas. We don't have RUNNERS chasing us down dirt roads like they do in Yemen or the Gaza Strip. 

If you look at my back log, there are zombie fighters everywhere.  But it took this long for our government to recognize zombies as a threat. Special organized groups of the government are putting out flyers online on how to prepare for a zombie apocalypse.  As if we weren't in one already!

Obama is conveniently hanging with the Queen , who obviously can't stand him and his wife, while people in the south are recovering from tornado hell.

What's awesome about natural disasters in America though, is how quick people are to fight off zombies on top of the trials. The zombies that roamed the streets are no match for the people who just lost heir homes in the tornadoes.  Its almost comical to see how well these people adapt to true zombie extinction overnight.  If you could just play some Binny Hill music over the recordings.... you'd have an instant hit!

On an even lighter note, I am giving away more free zombie art to the next member of EDDIEROTTEN.COM. your really gonna like my next piece.

Also I'd like to congradulate James & Monica for what they did for me and my family the other day. I'm glad the ZOMBIE LIFE android app led you to realizing your zombie killing skills. So again... you are appreciated.

My son has been conversing with two individuals about something that I don't know if I approve of. Something about sneaking into NASA and recording proof of the zombie farms there..... if there are any.

He said his friends have proof, but they have to sneak into NASA to get the pictures. Sounds risky to me, but... boys will be boys.

I will report on this outing soon... so hang tight..
Their names.... are RUBEN and Josh.

Till then, its my bed time. I killed 6 zombs today. One of them doesn't really count because I accidentally shot him in the head.

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