Wednesday, May 11, 2011

5.11.2011 Epiphany

I will retrace my steps for you.

2:00 pm.
I am awakened by the sound of a car crashing into the house next door. A man was screaming "get back in the car" to his wife who was half out the window covered in blood from the wreck.  She was obviously disoriented. I was watching everything unravel from inside my room, through the closed blinds of my window.
There was a zombie half in and half out of the front windshield. I only assume this is what caused him to wreck.  The zombie was still writhing  around as he sat on their dashboard covered in glass.  The woman tried desperately to roll her window up, not noticing that it was shattered from the impact.. I watch as I hopped on one foot trying to put my shoe on. I watched the neighbors from the apartment next door herd their kids and family members in to avoid being seen or attacked while these two poor people were about to become has-bens. I finally got my other shoe on and threw on my favorite shirt and cargo shorts. I grabbed Lucy from underneath my mattress and took he safety off. At the front door I could hear the man yelling still. I took two deep breaths and unlocked the door from my security panel, and went out. I ran directly toward the car and immediately noticed a zombie on top of the hood. They were hungry today. And I was outnumbered.  I took aim and shot the one on the God directly between the eyes,  and he fell over. I was still making my way towards the car when I saw the driver start shooting aimlessly from inside the car. I made my way around the far side of the gas tank and was met by six zombs.  They looked pissed. I shot two in the head before they could snarl at me again. I grabbed the arm of one that was close enough and used momentum to fling him over the back of the car. I still had three to go. I took a second to glance in the car,  and saw the man fumbling while he tried to reload his pawn shop piece.  His wife sat in the passenger seat lifeless.  Probably passed out. 
Just as I turned around a zombie charged me in my chest and knocked the wind out of me. I looked up and through the sunlight I could see the  silhouette of the zombie raising his fists in the air to come down on me. I put my head down quickly and brace for the impact but instead heard two small cannons erupt from somewhere (desert eagle) .  The zombies lifeless body fell on me and rolled off quickly.  I stood up to see another Zombie just before its body hit he pavement. I turned around and saw my oldest son running from around the block. I saw him running with purpose. I turned back around to see the last zombie not but 3 feet away. I had just a moment to draw my gun.
From behind, my son yelled for me to get down. I heard two stomps on the rear of the car where my son jumped and ran across it. He leaped off and tackled the zomb, snapping its neck on the way down. He came up with blood on his shirt.
"Your gotta throw that one away" I said. He just giggled and told me "not a chance, its my favorite shirt.

2:05 pm
The ASMZ never showed up. We called the old school emergency service 911. Despite me living within sight of the hospital it still took 12 minutes for the ambulance to come out and help he people that wrecked their car onto my neighbors house. My son went inside and I went to work. But on the way I had an Epiphany. 
I think that in these days, even with the ASMZ and CANARY groups, even with the GYPSY GROUP with all they do to help us out. We're alone out here. There doesn't seem to be an end in sight. The world is always at war. Osama is dead but who knows what's real and what's fake anymore.  The media doesn't report ZOMBIES at all... no matter how many thousands have died. Our currency is about to be flushed as the NEW WORLD ORDER is slowly put into position.... there truly seems to be no way out. I do know one thing though. Unlike the people in the apartment complex next door, we must help each other. At some point, no matter who You don't like, you will most definetly be called to help them live.  And they will thank you for it. These petty differences we have will be flushed as the Zombie hordes grow. An if your neighborhood is clean and white and without zombies.... wait. Your turn is coming.
Stay safe. I got your back.

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