Sunday, May 29, 2011

A CAN OF WORMS... and zombies

With what was discovered in the dark underworld of NASA, we have truly opened a can of worms. The information im piecing together is staggering to say the least. To try and put together the clues of NASA, PUFFER FISH, & ZOMBIES wasn't the easiest quest. And when all is said and done, I cant guarantee any of this is true. But im pretty sure. The pieces 'do' fit.

The papers that JOSH & RUBEN brought back from the storm drain tunnels of NASA show lots of info. The first is a documentation of medicine that is being used for something. It was called TETRODOTOXIN. Which, after doing a little googleing, is a drug that was used many years ago in Haiti to drug people, sometimes killing them. It dramatically slows the heart rate down and can even fool trained doctors into thinking they are dead.

The next drug we found proof of was something called DATURA STRAMONIUM. This too is a hyper sleeper, but also a brain numbing agent.

The first drug is found from puffer fish, and the second is a dust compound that were still not sure where it came from.

The tub of puffer fish that JOSH & RUBEN found at NASA is one of many hundred thousands that are around the world. The GYPSY GROUP is working with us here at ZOMBIE CENTRAL.. AKA MY HOUSE. They are confirming that their people are also finding puffer fish farms all over the place. This whole time we were worried about actual zombie farms, when they were cultivating puffer fish. PUFFER FISH!!!!

I felt like a real moron when I found out. It is safer this way though. The drug they are extracting from the puffer fish is deadly poisonous, and if they are mixing it with the DATURA formula, this drug could be the deadliest thing to hit the planet since... well.... zombies!!

We have to find a way to stop the ASMZ and the CANARY GROUPS from administering the poison! Another fatal finding, is a special 'secret' team that works for the FDA is reporting back to us that they have been mixing the DATURA formula in our foods and waters for decades. That means that we are all infected to a certain degree, but all is not lost. We are looking for a cure. Again, I cant confirm that the poison extracted from the puffer fish caused the zombies but I can back it up with this:
Narcissee is a well documented zombie that came back from the grave. He returned to his village several years after his burial as a zombie, and the cause of it all seems to stem from poison derived from puffer fish and the datura formula.

The underground news is now pouring in that the uncontrolled search in our seas and mainly in our gulf for these puffer fish is killing off other species. As a defense in the ocean, the puffer fish are releasing their harmful and deadly poisons, making the other fish population sick. All but killing off the Crab industry and its just about to crush the shrimp industry.. The worst of it is, all this secrecy is done behind the backs of the U.S. citizens.


But to cover up all the fish being poisoned and showing up sick, they planned a massive intentional disaster that would hide the truth of it all. And in one word. The disaster was called..... BP.

So, when the fish industry tanks... AND IT WILL!!!! Be sure you remember where you heard it from, and be sure you come back for more insight to the global conspiracy Pyramid. The World Government, The ASMZ, & The CANARY GROUP.

Zombies are being bred to take over the country and finish off the weak in the world. The only ones supposed to be left are the elites. We must arm ourselves with info and zombie smarts. Be warned, and you will be well!!

Next posts are dedicated to where the formula of DATURA STRAMONIUM comes from. And India.... get this..... will report later this year (if my sources aren't high) of our knowledge of WATER ON THE MOON.

I KILL ZOMBIES FOR A LIVING, but water on the moon?? C'mon. You cant expect me to believe in everything do you!?!??!?!

And finally, the mysterious gun found at NASA. It looks like a weird contraption. No place to load rounds in, just some kind of frequency dial... I'll keep messing with it and let you know.

Stay Strong!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

5.28.2011 NASA ZOMBIES

Ok. As I said the other day, two of my sons friends, JOSH and RUBEN volunteered to sneak into NASA to try to find clues leading towards zombie farms and possibly discover a zombie farm 'inside' NASA.

What they found was much more juicy!

At night, NASA guards are every where, so JOSH and RUBEN entered through the storm drain tunnels just as me and my wife wanted to do 5 months ago when this whole zombie thing got out of control. Well, when they returned from NASA, beaten and exhausted... they relayed this short story to us.

At the end of Tunnel B, they had to pick a lock to gain access to the entire underground of NASA. (I knew there had to be something down there) They told us they heard zombies moaning and shuffling around the whole time, but didn't see any zombies until they made their way out.

As they came to the first corner, RUBEN leaned out and took a look. He saw 3 men, CANARIES, wearing the now notorious yellow outfits. They were all leaning over a tub filled with water. It was dark and they were talking amongst themselves but RUBEN said it was too hard to make out. JOSH snapped his fingers and got the attention of the CANARY soldiers and out of curiosity, they investigated.

As the three CANARIES rounded the corner, JOSH punched the first one directly in the nose and knocked him out. RUBEN punched the knee of then next CANARY and dropped him hard, quickly covering his mouth till he passed out. The third ran off too quickly for them to attack him. Now their job got hard because of time. Other soldiers would be on their way, and zombies too if they weren't careful.

JOSH & RUBEN ran up to the tub of water where the other men had been standing, and noticed odd shaped fish in the tub. JOSH said, "PUFFER FISH". What are puffer fish doing under the ground at NASA?  They heard the zombie moans getting closer.

Over to the right was a table with a single lamp exposing some documents that they quickly grabbed and stuffed in their pockets. There was a small booklet with dates and times they grabbed and most importantly a really sweet gun of some sort. I still haven't been able to figure it out.

They didn't see much but were afraid to stay much longer. After all... it was the last week of school and their parents didn't know where they were. This was a secret mission. On the way out they stepped over the CANARIES they knocked out and started down the long hallway towards the gate leading to the man hole. Half way down the hall they saw the shadows of the flesh eaters behind them. They turned around to see 50 or more zombies hungry for meat. JOSH & RUBEN reported that each and every one of the zombies, were RUNNERS.

My worst nightmare had come true. RUNNERS in Houston could mean the end to us all. As they got to the stairs that led up and outside to fresh air, RUBEN climbed first. They were out of time. The zombies were upon them. JOSH open fired the semi-automatic he brought along. One by one the zombies fell with his accuracy. JOSH then too started climbing. They were fast at their feet. RUBEN climbed with one hand and pulled a 6 shot revolver from his back belt and cracked off 6 rounds, dropping 6 zombies. All that time on BLACK OPS payed off for both JOSH & RUBEN.

Now, out of the hole.... they ran. They ran and ran as the NASA spot lights came on and fired down like laser beams on the fields below. They ran to the first section of trees and caught their breath while they checked to make sure they had all their gear and findings. But again, the zombies came...

From behind trees they came lunging at JOSH & RUBEN. RUBEN was out of bullets so he ran up and punched a zombie square in the face dropping it like a sack of potatoes. JOSH had a fresh magazine loaded and ready to go for the 4 zombies stumbling their way from behind the fog.

With all the noise they were making, the NASA siren sounded loudly through the night. JOSH & RUBEN made their way to the road where my wife was approaching in the jeep. With the top down and doors off, they jumped into the moving vehicle. Wandering road zombies were trampled in the jeeps escape, and all personnel and info was safe.

Back at the house, JOSH & RUBEN cleaned up and reported: RUNNERS, PUFFER FISH, CANARIES. All of which were very disturbing to me. Again I questioned... why the hell were there Puffer Fish in the damp underground tunnels of NASA?

I will soon be able to put pieces together as I go through these documents and files.. I will also report on this odd contraption. It looks to be a weapon of some sort but I don't
 know what???

JOSH & RUBEN are home in their beds now. RUBENS' mom called and told me she knew the whole time, but he's still grounded. JOSHS' dad also called and wants to come over in the morning for a chat. He's probably pissed. He's a big dude too. I'll take your prayers if you dont mind.

And to the other ZOMBIE FIGHTERS that want to make a difference out there... as far as ZOMBIES are concerned..  KILL EM' IF YOU GOT EM'


Thursday, May 26, 2011


Here at home we deal with some of the most dangerous gangs and mobs. We are man handled by some of the most corrupt cops. We are subject to the most awful reality shows imaginable. And in terms of Zombies, we still have it fairly easy compared to some places over seas. We don't have RUNNERS chasing us down dirt roads like they do in Yemen or the Gaza Strip. 

If you look at my back log, there are zombie fighters everywhere.  But it took this long for our government to recognize zombies as a threat. Special organized groups of the government are putting out flyers online on how to prepare for a zombie apocalypse.  As if we weren't in one already!

Obama is conveniently hanging with the Queen , who obviously can't stand him and his wife, while people in the south are recovering from tornado hell.

What's awesome about natural disasters in America though, is how quick people are to fight off zombies on top of the trials. The zombies that roamed the streets are no match for the people who just lost heir homes in the tornadoes.  Its almost comical to see how well these people adapt to true zombie extinction overnight.  If you could just play some Binny Hill music over the recordings.... you'd have an instant hit!

On an even lighter note, I am giving away more free zombie art to the next member of EDDIEROTTEN.COM. your really gonna like my next piece.

Also I'd like to congradulate James & Monica for what they did for me and my family the other day. I'm glad the ZOMBIE LIFE android app led you to realizing your zombie killing skills. So again... you are appreciated.

My son has been conversing with two individuals about something that I don't know if I approve of. Something about sneaking into NASA and recording proof of the zombie farms there..... if there are any.

He said his friends have proof, but they have to sneak into NASA to get the pictures. Sounds risky to me, but... boys will be boys.

I will report on this outing soon... so hang tight..
Their names.... are RUBEN and Josh.

Till then, its my bed time. I killed 6 zombs today. One of them doesn't really count because I accidentally shot him in the head.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Judgment Day MAY 21. 2011 THE END OF THE WORLD

Well.... the day has begun and now we all wait. Of course in reality zombies still walk among us, but if the prediction is true about this day then we will have alot more of the flesh eaters out there. The prediction says that an earthquake will happen on this day in New Zealand first. Then it is said to travel around the world and strike the United States around 6pm tonight. If this is true then ZOMBIES will be running rampant all over the world. My guns are loaded. Are yours?

There's plenty more to report on, but one thing seems more important than most. With increasing ZOMBIES around the world, there is more violence, numbing the people of their regular actions. Maybe, exactly how the governments and the ASMZ want us to be. NUMB!! My sources say the government is preparing people for THE NEW FREQUENCY in preparation for the NEW WORLD ORDER or ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT . 

When the government did away with regular antenna T.V. and made it all digital, new frequencies have been picked up by scientists that dull the focus and brain functions.  Our belief is that once people are set at a certain frequency,  with help of chem-trails,  subliminally placed sounds and other frequencies,  a huge portion of the population will be ZOMBIED!!

When the government implements the new U.S. currency THIS YEAR they will only have a small portion of people to worry about.

Be careful of certain radio programs and television presidential addresses. Not all can be trusted. They could possibly be broadcasting the frequency to millions at a time. Soon we will understand why the government hides their knowledge and control of ZOMBIES.

In the mean time... keep your head up, keep your weapons clean, and keep your family close.

When the U.S. dollar tanks, you can be sure the zombie farms won't be able to afford to hold them anymore.  MORE ZOMBIES.

but... if you can, have a good weekend! !


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

JAMES & MONICA (part 2)

My wife picked the boys up from school and arrived back  home at around 4:30. After a quick snack we went to my garage and opened the weapon vault. I was half showing off my gun collection, and half preparing for battle. My family picked their weapons and started loading them. I asked if they needed to use anything, JAMES just said no,MONICA just glanced at me and rolled her eyes....

We stood at the front door ready to fight hell. JAMES & MONICA chose to be up front. My wife was behind them. My boys were behind her. And I pulled up the rear (no need for sick jokes people). My boys had their iPods in and my wife was humming some song from Greatful Dead. WE RUSH OUT ON 3....2...1....GO!

JAMES pulled the locked door and slammed his body into it clumsily.  We all got a good laugh out of that. K. AGAIN.... this time with the door unlocked.  3....2...1...GO!!!

We came out of the door like buckshot from my shotgun.  Zombies were literally everywhere.  This quickly turned from a night of casual zombie killing to fighting for our very lives.  If only I had a time lapse camera to show the grace of this battle. You would all be proud. Zombies were coming from every direction. My sons teamed up and blasted direct head shots and zombies started falling. But there were plenty more to worry about.

MONICA and my wife stood back to back and fired their pistols round after round. My wife was also packing a machete,  which she started to rotate in as her guns got hot. MONICA started showing her true colors as the fight warmed up. She put her guns up and started fighting ZOMBIES hand to hand. She grabbed the arms of an incoming zomb and pulled it to her fast as she gave a high kick to the  head. I dubbed that move.... THE PEZ DISPENSER.   Too early in the fight to give it the zombie kill of the day.

JAMES & I had our hands full too. We somehow ended up with several of the bigger more stubborn zombies. JAMES never drew his shotgun but sliced through the hordes with precision. I had a zombie actually jump on my back and before I could unload a round in its head,  the body fell headless at my feet. "Thank me later" is all he said. Back to work.

My sons were doing OK. They took refuge in top of the car. That's the best place to take a quick break if you need one.

MONICA was still, with out fatigue,  fist cracking zombies to death. With her elbows she snapped the neck of the zombs from behind. She swept the legs of zombs and used their body as a stepping stool to launch and attack bigger zombies. I got tired just watching her! I ran out of shells and climbed on top of the jeep to reload. My wife was down with MONICA,  each surrounded by 10 or 12 zombies. My wife was now using a sawed off shotgun and a machete.  She would fight and move strategically so that a few zombies would line up. And when they would, she pulled out the shotgun and pulled once on the trigger.

Zombies started dropping faster now that we were all warmed up. I glanced over at My boys and they were still on top of the car arguing over who's iPod was who's.  Every five shouts between them they would pull their leg up from a grabbing zombie and blast them in the head.

We were down to 10 or 20 ZOMBIES now. JAMES was showing his fatigue now and MONICA was too.
Why they weren't using their guns was beyond me.... until the ASMZ pulled up.

The white vans plowed through the remaining zombies when they drove onto my lawn. I looked at JAMES & MONICA, and they put their hand to hand weapons away. I saw the first ASMZ officer get out of his car and take two steps before I heard the cock of JAMES'S Shotgun.  JAMES & MONICA hated the ASMZ MUCH more than I did. As the officers piled lout of the van, JAMES & MONICA attacked with all the ammunition they had. There were a few that shot back if they had a chance. One officer hid behind the door and yelled for them to surrender. He was obviously not talking to my family.  But this dude was out numbered an out gunned. The vans were both riddled with bullet holes and steaming from the radiators. 

MONICA silently made her way around with out being seen and shot the ASMZ officer I the sole of his foot. He rolled out and dropped his gun. JAMES walked up and towered over the man, told him to drive back and to tell his people to stop hunting them.  

My family and I were practically eating popcorn by now. We didn't know WHAT THE HELL was goin on. But we just watched. The ASMZ officer got in his van, backed over several zombies and off my completely destroyed front yard, and drove out of site.

My guests JAMES & MONICA walked back toward us.... who were still on top of our cars.

"Were gonna go now if that's cool" JAMES said exhaustingly. MONICA told my wife she ate the last of the cold pizza that was in the fridge. They both climbed onto the motorcycle, MONICA wrapped her tired arms around JAMES'S huge body and they pulled around to me as I got off the jeep. "REORGANIZED GYPSY GROUP" he said. I looked at MONICA who high brow'd me and said "GYPSY MERCS.....damn Eddie, do we have to spell it out for you?" She rolled her eyes. I smiled oddly. They drove away.


5.18.2011 JAMES & MONICA (part one)

Unknown to me, the ANDROID app ZOMBIE LIFE influenced two people to become much needed zombie fighters. Sure, there are hundreds, maybe thousands of zombie fighters around the world. But after today's display, I'm not sure there are any as talented at Zombie killing as our new team members JAMES & MONICA.

It was around 10 this morning when I heard the neighborhood dogs start to bark. Usually they carry on for a few minutes,  then I can roll back over and get more sleep. I've said it a million times before, night shift sux.

It was a motorcycle I heard getting closer and louder. I decided to get up and check the blinds like I routinely do. Looking back at me with its face smashed against the window, a gray faced zombie covered in dirt and gravel from the road was immediately opposite a double barrelled shot gun. And at the end of that barrel was the scruffy face of a man named JAMES. He let loose the pressure behind the head of the zombie he had so hard pressed against my window and stepped back to reveal 30 or more corpses sprawled out in the wake of his arrival.

My fingers were spread wide open trying to get a better look at his face through my blinds. He leaned into the window and squinted in the morning sun. "I really need to pee", he says.

I put up my index finger and stepped away from my 'window to the apocalypse'.  I found myself hopping in place again trying to put on my steal toe boots in angst to meet this road warrior.

Blah blah blah, we sat at the table and talked. He told me his name but not where he's from. Told me he had a twitter account and had been following my tweets since day one. He showed compassion for my dog DOT that I had to put down. He said his dog turned zombie too and that's what got him hooked on following my blog. It wasn't long till we were breaking bread and talking about the good old days before zombies. We laughed about things that were so huge then, but so insufficient now. Like American Idol and Justin Beiber. Man we were a blind culture.

I finally got him to tell me how he killed over 30 zombies without firing his shotgun once. His only reply, "machete". Which was firmly planted in a pouch on his back. That's when the doorbell rang. "Oh, that must be MONICA" he says.

MONICA was a stunner. Beautiful but hard to read . She too had to promptly use the facilities.  MONICA was an acquaintance only thru the internet with JAMES.  They planned on rendezvousing at my house ever since they got wind of the EDDIEROTTEN.COM website. She had upgraded to a higher end android phone, and then she loaded the ZOMBIE LIFE app. She complained like everyrdoes of how crappy the app looks and that I should invest in something better. I'm working on it though.

Through the weeks before today, MONICA & JAMES realized they both had the unique talent of zombie extinction just like me and my family. They both had a hate for the ASMZ and the Super secretive CANARY GROUP as do I. They also had information about the 'reorganized GYPSY GROUP'.  I definitely hadn't heard of that. But things move pretty fast these days.

MONICA made herself at home and raided my fridge. They both told me that as much as they appreciated my hospitality,  they weren't there to see me at all. JAMES came to meeting my sons, who motivated him to become the machete wielder he had become. And MONICA. Well, she came for a chance to fight ZOMBIES side by side with my wife; who she says is a living legend where she's from.

So, there they sat. Waiting. And as my lawn slowly filled itself with ZOMBIES,  and as neighbors ran in cowardly fashion, my new guests waited with anticipation for my family, THE BEST ZOMBIE KILLERS IN THE WORLD to get home from school and work.
(Continued in part two of JAMES & MONICA)



Monday, May 16, 2011


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Tell your friends.

Sunday, May 15, 2011


These are all the new Zombie Fighters Chapters sprouting up all over the world. Your efforts are greatly appreciated and as a sign of respect, NEW GEAR and WEAPONS are being shipped to each area!!! Thankyou again!!

 World Wide ZFC's
United States
United Kingdom
South Korea
Germany             9

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

5.11.2011 Epiphany

I will retrace my steps for you.

2:00 pm.
I am awakened by the sound of a car crashing into the house next door. A man was screaming "get back in the car" to his wife who was half out the window covered in blood from the wreck.  She was obviously disoriented. I was watching everything unravel from inside my room, through the closed blinds of my window.
There was a zombie half in and half out of the front windshield. I only assume this is what caused him to wreck.  The zombie was still writhing  around as he sat on their dashboard covered in glass.  The woman tried desperately to roll her window up, not noticing that it was shattered from the impact.. I watch as I hopped on one foot trying to put my shoe on. I watched the neighbors from the apartment next door herd their kids and family members in to avoid being seen or attacked while these two poor people were about to become has-bens. I finally got my other shoe on and threw on my favorite shirt and cargo shorts. I grabbed Lucy from underneath my mattress and took he safety off. At the front door I could hear the man yelling still. I took two deep breaths and unlocked the door from my security panel, and went out. I ran directly toward the car and immediately noticed a zombie on top of the hood. They were hungry today. And I was outnumbered.  I took aim and shot the one on the God directly between the eyes,  and he fell over. I was still making my way towards the car when I saw the driver start shooting aimlessly from inside the car. I made my way around the far side of the gas tank and was met by six zombs.  They looked pissed. I shot two in the head before they could snarl at me again. I grabbed the arm of one that was close enough and used momentum to fling him over the back of the car. I still had three to go. I took a second to glance in the car,  and saw the man fumbling while he tried to reload his pawn shop piece.  His wife sat in the passenger seat lifeless.  Probably passed out. 
Just as I turned around a zombie charged me in my chest and knocked the wind out of me. I looked up and through the sunlight I could see the  silhouette of the zombie raising his fists in the air to come down on me. I put my head down quickly and brace for the impact but instead heard two small cannons erupt from somewhere (desert eagle) .  The zombies lifeless body fell on me and rolled off quickly.  I stood up to see another Zombie just before its body hit he pavement. I turned around and saw my oldest son running from around the block. I saw him running with purpose. I turned back around to see the last zombie not but 3 feet away. I had just a moment to draw my gun.
From behind, my son yelled for me to get down. I heard two stomps on the rear of the car where my son jumped and ran across it. He leaped off and tackled the zomb, snapping its neck on the way down. He came up with blood on his shirt.
"Your gotta throw that one away" I said. He just giggled and told me "not a chance, its my favorite shirt.

2:05 pm
The ASMZ never showed up. We called the old school emergency service 911. Despite me living within sight of the hospital it still took 12 minutes for the ambulance to come out and help he people that wrecked their car onto my neighbors house. My son went inside and I went to work. But on the way I had an Epiphany. 
I think that in these days, even with the ASMZ and CANARY groups, even with the GYPSY GROUP with all they do to help us out. We're alone out here. There doesn't seem to be an end in sight. The world is always at war. Osama is dead but who knows what's real and what's fake anymore.  The media doesn't report ZOMBIES at all... no matter how many thousands have died. Our currency is about to be flushed as the NEW WORLD ORDER is slowly put into position.... there truly seems to be no way out. I do know one thing though. Unlike the people in the apartment complex next door, we must help each other. At some point, no matter who You don't like, you will most definetly be called to help them live.  And they will thank you for it. These petty differences we have will be flushed as the Zombie hordes grow. An if your neighborhood is clean and white and without zombies.... wait. Your turn is coming.
Stay safe. I got your back.

Thursday, May 5, 2011



Wednesday, May 4, 2011


I'm not sure where to begin but I will start where I am right now. I'm at work like I always am. There are ZOMBIES outside .. like there always are. People are really starting to show their strength.  Killing zombies is becoming one of the nations favorite pasttime.

I remember going to Sonic or Burger King was my favorite thing to do on the weekends. Lol everyone I know is getting together to kill zombies. Some of us are obviously better than others.  There are just as many dumbass Zombie fighters as there are zombies. Maybe even more. You really have to be careful out there these days.

On with the topics.
Ill start with the cover up the government is feeding us about the FAA shutting down the Houston airports.  As you know, the airports are a hot spot for business men to hire prostitutes between flights or during lay overs..(no pun intended). Lately these prostitutes are showing up as zombies. More and more half naked zombies have been trolling the airports. People have complained about it but nobody did anything about it until now. The media finally got wind of the story, and it says nothing at all about zombies. I guess you have to be on the local level to see what's really going on. Conspiracy theorist are blaming it on terrorists. Can't say that I blame them. Really though it's the business mens fault.  They help produce zombie prostitutes by hooking up with them and then dropping them off in zombie infested neighborhoods. (and I really hope they were prostitutes before they turn into zombies) Anyway FAA will open the airports as soon as they can. God help us all if it really is a terrorist attack.

Next on the list is Osama Bin Ladens picture. Do we really care to see his face blown off? We see much worse with the undead walking amongst us everyday. I mean the other day I was at the grocery store and in walked an undead. This zombie had absolutely no jaw. I should have posted a picture. He had no left arm, and a really high end axe stuck in his back. I think we can handle a little Osama picture If we wanted to. But we're not allowed. Obama says we're taking the higher ground. I don't know how many people are on his side With that..... And the zombie that was in the grocery store, Well by the time People were finished with him.... We'll just say his days of eating brains are over.

Next up is Donald Trumps fake ass toupe. The GYPSY GROUP is organizing a game that involves zombies and Donald Trumps hair piece. I'm not sure how it will play out, but they're obviously trying to zombify Donald Trump. They must really not want him to run for president. A few attempts have already been tried to take is hair piece away from him. They have all failed.  Now they are sending some zombies in to do the dirty work. I'll be keeping my eye on this story.

Let's see what's next.... ah yes, the terror level goes up in America.
Most of us are programed by now to believe that the terror level is pertaining only to terrorists.  Big mistake.  Terrorists have been migrating here for decades now,  and just recently we've discovered their zombie farms.  They've been harvesting zombies right under our noses all this time.  We just don't know where they are or when they will release the zombies.
What we do know, is who's involved.  The ASMZ, the CANARY GROUP and unfortunately the GOVERNMENT.  Hopefully our government will show sympathy on us when the time comes.

Zombies are the ultimate weapon because they rapidly reproduce.  They have been used in VIETNAM and GERMANY among other wars. We finally have the zombie tracking units as mentioned in earlier posts but it will not kill them for us. We have to be vigilante. 

In this apocalyptic time, family and friends will pull together unlike any time before. Our money will soon be useless so we must prepare now.

As I leave work tonight, I know there are hordes of ZOMBIES waiting for me. Its dark and damp outside so my senses will be dull. I have to put all this crap media out of my head, at least till I get home and take off my boots. I suggest you do the same.

Media hype and newspaper hypnotizm will always be there to be handled one day at a time. ZOMBIES are here to eat us alive NOW.  And there are more now than ever before.
And with the threat if zombie farms on our soil we can never let our guard down. Watch your back, and travel in groups.

The GYPSY GROUP says we will be attacked on a national level soon.  Something about ZOMBIE EMP's.
I don't know what that is yet but I'm digging as fast as I can.

Be sure to share this blog with your friends and family. There aren't many believers out there left. The ZOMBIE FIGHTERS of the WORLD can use your help.


Topix to be covered tonight

"EDDIEROTTEN: TONIGHT @ EDDIEROTTEN.COM closed airports, no Osama pic, Osamas death cover up, Trumps toupee, upsetting Muslims.. and ZOMBIES. STAY TUNED!" --