Saturday, April 9, 2011



The new ZFC's (zombie fighters chapters) in SWITZERLAND have reported seeing RUNNERS!! These are zombies that have somehow gained the ability to run and tackle their prey. These are highly dangerous zombies. Please be on the look out and if you have answers for us or info on which areas to stay away from.. please, If your in Switzerland, leave comments in the section below.

If you are reading this from your android app ZOMBIE LIFE, press the link  at the bottom of the screen and leave comments that way. Your information is vital in this new Armageddon of zombies. RUNNERS are new to us all. If you have questions to the origin of the info you are reading now, please refer to TWITTER@EDDIEROTTEN. There is a back log there that goes beyond the archives of this blog.

Remember, you can always go to EDDIEROTTEN.COM for daily updates on local and over seas ZFC's and Gypsy Group intel.

Join the blog and your immediatly entered to win EDDIEROTTEN.COM garb, art, custom music etc.

We must stick together. Keep your head up SWITZERLAND. Were pullin for you!!!!

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