Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Last day of march 2011 ZOMBIES AT THE EYE STORE

So I came in to get my work glasses from the eye store and guess what I encountered? Right when I walk in there were two zombies to My left lunging at me. They were patrons obviously. One of them still had the tag on.  They were behind a glass counter so with out the coordination to manoeuvre around it, I had some time. I noticed a lady behind the desk at the far side of the room. She was on her hands and knees, waving me over to save her. Sometimes I wonder if most people have ever even killed a zombie?.?

Anyway, I walked over and helped her to her feet. She was a crying mess. I heard some noise from the back. Before I put too much on my plate I first needed to handle the zombies in this room. No problem. There were sharp metal objects everywhere to use. I picked up this  really cool 3 foot display case and used it like a baseball bat. These zombies were easier to take out. With the cheesy overhead music and the silly glasses mannequins it was easy for me to do it with a smile.
The lady on the other hand was going into hysterics. She started screaming " I see it I see it coming!" By this time I had leveled the front room. I thought to call the gypsy group. I wouldn't take any of this stuff but I'm sure they could find a use for it. There were some really sweet oakleys I stepped on, on my way to clubbing this zombie.
From the back door entered a zombie so big and ugly it startled me.
He was dragging a doctor by his leg. The doctor was completely destroyed. There's no coming back to be a zombie in the state he was in.
The woman took the first opening and ran out the front door.

To be continued ....

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