Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Let me explain... during the Clinton era.. the government shut down affected some pretty important groups. The GYPSY GROUP is reporting now that just like the last government shut down, this one will be orchestrated perfectly to make the two sides (elephants & donkeys) think they are doing what's right for their side. Its really just a feather fluffing moment..

And just like the last shut down, this one will too have dyer consequences.  The CENTER for DISEASE CONTROL and PREVENTION will stop monitoring disease and here's the biggie..... The suspension of toxic waste clean up. (Just like last time ie.BBC NEWS)

With zombies ruining rampit down our streets and radiation reaching Vegas and who knows what else is coming our way... these fake government hacks are going to destroy us all in the long run.  Don't we pay people in the government lots of cash to work together?

Zombies are the biggest reason for the government shut down and I'm telling you, its all going according to plan. Someone is watching us die out. And they are using zombies as hollow point bullets.

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