Saturday, April 23, 2011


Our new ZOMBIE FIGHTERS CHAPTER IN ECUADOR is one of the  most respected. It is completely donated by the communities in the area. The Ecuadorian people have pulled together to help fund and organize The Ultimate Zombie Command Center. With the leadership of ONE individual... and you know who you are, Ecuador was able to create one of the most efficient Zombie Command Centers in the world. Second only to the Command Center in the US, Ecuador is able to track all zombies in a 100 mile radius. If that's not impressive to you, then nothing is. Zombie Tracking has been the best way to plan your days, nights, and even your attack planning. The Ecuadorian ZFC, also uncovered a very mysterious fact. Zombie Trackers are satellites that were launched just by the GYPSY GROUP just after they made themselves public a few years ago, and have dominantly only tracked zombies by reading their special blood type signature and radio active footprint left by groups of zombies. Until now.. The Ecuadorian pioneer that started the ZFC has re-calibrated the GYPSY'S software and now we are able to to identify all ZOMBIES (RED), ASMZ (ORANGE), and CANARY (YELLOW) groups. Being able to track these 3 entities will help us tremendously in battle. Thank you. And to the lone creator in ECUADOR.. when your ready, you can make your self known.

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