Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Where was I... oh yes,  the ugliest zombie I had ever seen. It wasn't the sheer size of the beast, but more the funky smell and high heels. Yup. I think I had encountered my first body building cross dressing zombie.

I had to take just a second to look at him/her, whatever it wanted to go by. The odd thing about this is the zombie was dragging a dead doctor by the leg and wielding a black prada purse from the other hand.
This is the first time I had seen a zombie consciously using a weapon.

Very peculiar. 

Either it was being g used as a weapon or there was some very expensive lipstick in that bad boy. Either way, I had to disarm it and take it down before I was eaten alive by what looked like ZOMBIE Hulk Hogan with a mini skirt on.

I again used the props in the room to throw at it but the zombie batted them away as it yelled a cold wet moan at me. This totally chilled my bones. And no matter what, the cross dressing zombie never turned loose the limp lifeless body of the doctor. It just dragged him as if he were a trophy or something. The comedy of this odd creature was over as soon as soon as it set its purse down. With the doctor still in hand the zombie looked directly at me, then at the narrow metal case I had thrown. Then back at me.

The zombie picked up the case and launched it at me. If I hadn't of ducked, my head would most certainly be missing. The metal case crashed through the window leaving a gaping hole for me to escape through. I realized then I was in over my head. I got up and ran as fast as I could to the opening and jumped through. Just as I did, I was clocked in the face from the butt end of a shotgun.

I was pulled to my feet and placed in the the back if a white van. ASMZ logo stared back at me. I looked out the window while I held my bruised cheek and watched them contain the beast. When the large zombie came charging out,  its balance was compromised because of the six inch stilettos.  Its ankles started wobbling and down it went. It hurt my face, but I had to laugh out loud.

Anyway... I just got back home. The ASMZ kept me for a few days and shared their new agenda with me. Telling me that the Gypsy Group has tried to tarnish their name in hopes of pushing their own agenda.... to over populate the world in hopes to inhabit humans to neighboring planets in search of much needed minerals to survive as a species. 

Pretty big claim, but the idea does have a ring to it. I guess they don't call them GYPSIES for nothing. That's really thinking outside the box....

My wife is pissed at the ASMZ though for kidnapping me for those few days. That's why I wasn't able to post on this blog. All good though.  I'm home and my family is safe. Ill check in with you all soon. Till then, be careful out there. These zombies are getting vicious!!!

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