Thursday, April 28, 2011


This is not to put a damper on things in England. I mean, everyone loves a good wedding. Especially when there is royalty. But if you think for one single second our zombie breeding president is going to set foot over there your mistaken.

Let me explain...

Obama knew the ties between the US and Great Britain before he even ran for office. (His bosses filled him in). He also know the most lucrative and probable way to have the upper hand in modernizing population control was to have all control on zombie farming..

Having said that...

Winston Churchill was the first recorded person (So says the GYPSYS) to conduct a successful zombie farm and profit from it. What he did with it, why he did it in the first place and where the hell it was made is still a question to me... but im just passing information at this point. Zombies were released in places like Germany, Vietnam, Pearl Harbor and many other places to control population during time of war and diversity, knowing that in these tragic times, the sight of zombies could be blamed on post dramatic stress among other things..

Now, back to my point.

Churchill wouldnt release any of the information about how successful zombie farms were ran to the United States, and the current government at the time was PISSED! Then, when Bush got into office, he made amends with Great Britain by handing over secret documents on Roswell of all things to help them out with their new ventures with the Russian space program.

Here's my proof...

Bush gets into office.. A bust of Winston Churchill is offered up and sat there the entire time of his presidency. The 'day' Obama got into office he had the bust (statue) of Winston removed and sent back to Europe. Obama knew that Zombie Farming was the most lucrative business in the world besides oil and silicone implants. He sent the bust packing home. But he didnt stop there.

To further snub Great Britain, Obama had a press conference from the BLUE ROOM in the White House talking about the launch of the shuttle.. Cleverly moving it back several days from the initial launch date, he changes it to the exact day and time of the ROYAL WEDDING. Aint that a kick in the head.... and to top it off, if you pay attention to the press conference, while he is talking, whose picture is hanging just to the left of him? None other than the late President James Madison. The only other US President who declared war on Great Britain in 1812.

So in short, Obama is pissed we still dont have the best plans on zombie farming from Great Britain. So he diverts traffic from the ROYAL WEDDING to the shuttle launch while invisibly flipping off the Britts at the same time.. well played Playah!!

Mean time, I killed 7 zombies tonight while I put gas in my jeep. Gas is almost 5 bux a gallon now and im seriously trying to figure out how to turn zombie remains into fuel... lemme know if you got any ideas..

signing out.

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