Wednesday, April 6, 2011


PREZ. Hussein Obama was overheated during an interview with some repubs when asked again about Guantanamo Bay and when he would close it. The reporter taunted with, "you want us to believe you, so what's the hold up?"

Later,  a member of the GYPSY GROUP reported that he was there undercover and heared PREZ. Hussein's advisors say that he needed to run in 2012 to have Guantanamo as a place for the ASNZ to 'continue' conducting their zombie experiments. 

Also, that the prisoners there have served as Guinea pigs over the last several years since bush opened it in the first place...

Is Guantanamo Bay the birth place of the modern ZOMBIE?  My feelings tell me there's more to this to come. Lets see what happens in the election to come.

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