Thursday, April 14, 2011

4.14.2011 DEAD DOG

I woke up to commotion outside today. Screaming from the street. I looked out my blinds to see yet another giant zombie hovering over what looked like a dog in the street. There was a man holding back a woman as she was yelling and trying to attack the zombie. The commotion grabbed the attention of other zombies and dogs in the neighborhood. From inside my room, through my blinds I saw the oddest thing occur. The zombies that came out only attacked the animals. People soon noticed the phenomenon and rushed out with their shovels bats and guns. My street was littered with people fighting zombies and zombied dogs in no time. I don't think people anticipated the dogs rising from the dead as they were quickly outnumbered by zombies.  As I'm writing this my street is now completely full of zombies. They are shuffling around my jeep and my son hasn't come home yet from school. His leg has been bothering him lately and I hope he will be okay. The last thing I want to do is get the ASMZ involved but I might not have a choice. There are just too many of them and like I said the other day I carefully pick my battles. I wish all those poor people would have thought about the dogs rising from the dead. It's almost like the zombies are programmed to attack the dogs only. Then when their numbers were strong enough they seemed to turn off that instinct and attack humans. I'm actually getting worried about the state of things now.

The ASMZ  is recruiting new members again.

The Top secret group (the canaries) are still conducting experiments outside our city.

Zombie farms are secretly being built around the nation by what's  rumored to be terrorists from across the sea.

What's worst of all is the zombie fighters chapters are slowing down in numbers.

More and more people are becoming afraid to fight the zombies. This has to change or we are all doomed.

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