Monday, April 11, 2011

4.11.2011 Zombies pay back Japan!!

In a very fortunate mishap, hundreds of zombies have been washed out completely from Japan.  Slowly but surely, people are being accounted for from the tsunami, but the zombies... well.... they left behind a small fortune in safes. Yup. Those that turned to zombies left behind their safes, and when the tsunami hit and washed them all out... the safes are the only thing that came back! Hundreds of safes came back to shore to pay back the people of Japan. Happy Day! We just have to hope the right hands get it before the wrong hands do!  We will all continue to pray for the people of Japan in hopes that all will be well.

Check this link out for a more detailed review of the washed up safes!!

Remember though, its the media your reading, you cant trust all of it.
Keep your head up out there Fellow Zombie Fighters.
Eddie Rotten

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