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Thursday, April 28, 2011


This is not to put a damper on things in England. I mean, everyone loves a good wedding. Especially when there is royalty. But if you think for one single second our zombie breeding president is going to set foot over there your mistaken.

Let me explain...

Obama knew the ties between the US and Great Britain before he even ran for office. (His bosses filled him in). He also know the most lucrative and probable way to have the upper hand in modernizing population control was to have all control on zombie farming..

Having said that...

Winston Churchill was the first recorded person (So says the GYPSYS) to conduct a successful zombie farm and profit from it. What he did with it, why he did it in the first place and where the hell it was made is still a question to me... but im just passing information at this point. Zombies were released in places like Germany, Vietnam, Pearl Harbor and many other places to control population during time of war and diversity, knowing that in these tragic times, the sight of zombies could be blamed on post dramatic stress among other things..

Now, back to my point.

Churchill wouldnt release any of the information about how successful zombie farms were ran to the United States, and the current government at the time was PISSED! Then, when Bush got into office, he made amends with Great Britain by handing over secret documents on Roswell of all things to help them out with their new ventures with the Russian space program.

Here's my proof...

Bush gets into office.. A bust of Winston Churchill is offered up and sat there the entire time of his presidency. The 'day' Obama got into office he had the bust (statue) of Winston removed and sent back to Europe. Obama knew that Zombie Farming was the most lucrative business in the world besides oil and silicone implants. He sent the bust packing home. But he didnt stop there.

To further snub Great Britain, Obama had a press conference from the BLUE ROOM in the White House talking about the launch of the shuttle.. Cleverly moving it back several days from the initial launch date, he changes it to the exact day and time of the ROYAL WEDDING. Aint that a kick in the head.... and to top it off, if you pay attention to the press conference, while he is talking, whose picture is hanging just to the left of him? None other than the late President James Madison. The only other US President who declared war on Great Britain in 1812.

So in short, Obama is pissed we still dont have the best plans on zombie farming from Great Britain. So he diverts traffic from the ROYAL WEDDING to the shuttle launch while invisibly flipping off the Britts at the same time.. well played Playah!!

Mean time, I killed 7 zombies tonight while I put gas in my jeep. Gas is almost 5 bux a gallon now and im seriously trying to figure out how to turn zombie remains into fuel... lemme know if you got any ideas..

signing out.

Saturday, April 23, 2011


Our new ZOMBIE FIGHTERS CHAPTER IN ECUADOR is one of the  most respected. It is completely donated by the communities in the area. The Ecuadorian people have pulled together to help fund and organize The Ultimate Zombie Command Center. With the leadership of ONE individual... and you know who you are, Ecuador was able to create one of the most efficient Zombie Command Centers in the world. Second only to the Command Center in the US, Ecuador is able to track all zombies in a 100 mile radius. If that's not impressive to you, then nothing is. Zombie Tracking has been the best way to plan your days, nights, and even your attack planning. The Ecuadorian ZFC, also uncovered a very mysterious fact. Zombie Trackers are satellites that were launched just by the GYPSY GROUP just after they made themselves public a few years ago, and have dominantly only tracked zombies by reading their special blood type signature and radio active footprint left by groups of zombies. Until now.. The Ecuadorian pioneer that started the ZFC has re-calibrated the GYPSY'S software and now we are able to to identify all ZOMBIES (RED), ASMZ (ORANGE), and CANARY (YELLOW) groups. Being able to track these 3 entities will help us tremendously in battle. Thank you. And to the lone creator in ECUADOR.. when your ready, you can make your self known.

United States

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


This is a taste of what the ASMZ and our government has in store for us.  Today zombies are the fear of the world,  and now more and more stories are surfacing on their origin. Please read the short news clip and sharpen your machetes. The GYPSIES have uncovered yet another Conspiracy.

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Thursday, April 14, 2011

4.14.2011 DEAD DOG

I woke up to commotion outside today. Screaming from the street. I looked out my blinds to see yet another giant zombie hovering over what looked like a dog in the street. There was a man holding back a woman as she was yelling and trying to attack the zombie. The commotion grabbed the attention of other zombies and dogs in the neighborhood. From inside my room, through my blinds I saw the oddest thing occur. The zombies that came out only attacked the animals. People soon noticed the phenomenon and rushed out with their shovels bats and guns. My street was littered with people fighting zombies and zombied dogs in no time. I don't think people anticipated the dogs rising from the dead as they were quickly outnumbered by zombies.  As I'm writing this my street is now completely full of zombies. They are shuffling around my jeep and my son hasn't come home yet from school. His leg has been bothering him lately and I hope he will be okay. The last thing I want to do is get the ASMZ involved but I might not have a choice. There are just too many of them and like I said the other day I carefully pick my battles. I wish all those poor people would have thought about the dogs rising from the dead. It's almost like the zombies are programmed to attack the dogs only. Then when their numbers were strong enough they seemed to turn off that instinct and attack humans. I'm actually getting worried about the state of things now.

The ASMZ  is recruiting new members again.

The Top secret group (the canaries) are still conducting experiments outside our city.

Zombie farms are secretly being built around the nation by what's  rumored to be terrorists from across the sea.

What's worst of all is the zombie fighters chapters are slowing down in numbers.

More and more people are becoming afraid to fight the zombies. This has to change or we are all doomed.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Monday, April 11, 2011


I think that the super secret Canary Organization is gearing up for something. This picture was taken out side of town a few days ago, its just now getting to me. The letter stated that they are working through the night on something. I'm not too happy about the news. I don't know enough about them to trust anything they are doing. And if they are working side by side with the ASMZ, well I just don't trust them at all!! I'll fill you in as soon as I get more word. Have a productive day. For me... today's goal will be 15 zombies. I can hope for more but people are doing well for themselves lately... later.

4.11.2011 Zombies pay back Japan!!

In a very fortunate mishap, hundreds of zombies have been washed out completely from Japan.  Slowly but surely, people are being accounted for from the tsunami, but the zombies... well.... they left behind a small fortune in safes. Yup. Those that turned to zombies left behind their safes, and when the tsunami hit and washed them all out... the safes are the only thing that came back! Hundreds of safes came back to shore to pay back the people of Japan. Happy Day! We just have to hope the right hands get it before the wrong hands do!  We will all continue to pray for the people of Japan in hopes that all will be well.

Check this link out for a more detailed review of the washed up safes!!

Remember though, its the media your reading, you cant trust all of it.
Keep your head up out there Fellow Zombie Fighters.
Eddie Rotten

Sunday, April 10, 2011

All is Quiet... too Quiet

Im the only one awake. The family is asleep. Im supposed to be too but I work at night so its especially hard for me to get the rest I need. I just peeked outside and there are no zombies. No zombie sounds. No people screaming in the distance. No ambulance drivers colliding with drivers on the road. Nothing. Im going to write if off as a good night. But I still think something is up. Loading my baby just in case. My beautiful shotgun.
Goodnight Zombie Fighters of the world.

Saturday, April 9, 2011



The new ZFC's (zombie fighters chapters) in SWITZERLAND have reported seeing RUNNERS!! These are zombies that have somehow gained the ability to run and tackle their prey. These are highly dangerous zombies. Please be on the look out and if you have answers for us or info on which areas to stay away from.. please, If your in Switzerland, leave comments in the section below.

If you are reading this from your android app ZOMBIE LIFE, press the link  at the bottom of the screen and leave comments that way. Your information is vital in this new Armageddon of zombies. RUNNERS are new to us all. If you have questions to the origin of the info you are reading now, please refer to TWITTER@EDDIEROTTEN. There is a back log there that goes beyond the archives of this blog.

Remember, you can always go to EDDIEROTTEN.COM for daily updates on local and over seas ZFC's and Gypsy Group intel.

Join the blog and your immediatly entered to win EDDIEROTTEN.COM garb, art, custom music etc.

We must stick together. Keep your head up SWITZERLAND. Were pullin for you!!!!

Government Conspiriacy Brain Waves busted!!


These are the very brain waves used to communicate between the ASMZ and the government for several years now. Now, there is hard evidence that these brain waves are affecting normal humans. These waves are feared to eventually shut down the nervous system of those directly hit, thus turning them into zombies. I will keep you informed as the news comes available. Watch your back, and those aluminum helmets might not be such a bad idea after all.

Peace. Eddie Rotten.

4.9.2011 The New ZFC Chart is now available!!

These are all new places that Zombie Fighters Chapters are set up! Thanks to all of you for your hard work! These zombies seem to get harder to kill every day so we appreciate every last one you take out. The Gypsy Group is now reporting RUNNERS in small areas of the world. I have yet to encounter one, and I hope I never will! Thanks again to all of you. A new chart will be posted as new Chapters are built. KILL EM' ALL!!!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Let me explain... during the Clinton era.. the government shut down affected some pretty important groups. The GYPSY GROUP is reporting now that just like the last government shut down, this one will be orchestrated perfectly to make the two sides (elephants & donkeys) think they are doing what's right for their side. Its really just a feather fluffing moment..

And just like the last shut down, this one will too have dyer consequences.  The CENTER for DISEASE CONTROL and PREVENTION will stop monitoring disease and here's the biggie..... The suspension of toxic waste clean up. (Just like last time ie.BBC NEWS)

With zombies ruining rampit down our streets and radiation reaching Vegas and who knows what else is coming our way... these fake government hacks are going to destroy us all in the long run.  Don't we pay people in the government lots of cash to work together?

Zombies are the biggest reason for the government shut down and I'm telling you, its all going according to plan. Someone is watching us die out. And they are using zombies as hollow point bullets.


PREZ. Hussein Obama was overheated during an interview with some repubs when asked again about Guantanamo Bay and when he would close it. The reporter taunted with, "you want us to believe you, so what's the hold up?"

Later,  a member of the GYPSY GROUP reported that he was there undercover and heared PREZ. Hussein's advisors say that he needed to run in 2012 to have Guantanamo as a place for the ASNZ to 'continue' conducting their zombie experiments. 

Also, that the prisoners there have served as Guinea pigs over the last several years since bush opened it in the first place...

Is Guantanamo Bay the birth place of the modern ZOMBIE?  My feelings tell me there's more to this to come. Lets see what happens in the election to come.

4.7.2011 Recruitment campaign revival

It's been longer than any of us expected since the zombs infected our freedom.  It was reported to be nothing more than a small hiccup in our lifetime, that we would have to deal with neighbors, friends, relatives, teachers.... hell everybody comes back as a zombie nowadays.  Seems the only thing that fights them is brute force. That is... when were allowed. Numbers against numbers.
The other problem is when we send a group out to cleanse an area, if even one of them is infected .. You can kiss the lot of them goodbye.  So, our numbers need to be bigger and smarter. If you can wield a machete or quick load a shotgun .. we need you. Join our zombie fighters team and make a difference. 

Crossdressing ZOMBIES?!?

Help us all. Is this what zombies have come to? Ugh. Gag me with a spoon!


Where was I... oh yes,  the ugliest zombie I had ever seen. It wasn't the sheer size of the beast, but more the funky smell and high heels. Yup. I think I had encountered my first body building cross dressing zombie.

I had to take just a second to look at him/her, whatever it wanted to go by. The odd thing about this is the zombie was dragging a dead doctor by the leg and wielding a black prada purse from the other hand.
This is the first time I had seen a zombie consciously using a weapon.

Very peculiar. 

Either it was being g used as a weapon or there was some very expensive lipstick in that bad boy. Either way, I had to disarm it and take it down before I was eaten alive by what looked like ZOMBIE Hulk Hogan with a mini skirt on.

I again used the props in the room to throw at it but the zombie batted them away as it yelled a cold wet moan at me. This totally chilled my bones. And no matter what, the cross dressing zombie never turned loose the limp lifeless body of the doctor. It just dragged him as if he were a trophy or something. The comedy of this odd creature was over as soon as soon as it set its purse down. With the doctor still in hand the zombie looked directly at me, then at the narrow metal case I had thrown. Then back at me.

The zombie picked up the case and launched it at me. If I hadn't of ducked, my head would most certainly be missing. The metal case crashed through the window leaving a gaping hole for me to escape through. I realized then I was in over my head. I got up and ran as fast as I could to the opening and jumped through. Just as I did, I was clocked in the face from the butt end of a shotgun.

I was pulled to my feet and placed in the the back if a white van. ASMZ logo stared back at me. I looked out the window while I held my bruised cheek and watched them contain the beast. When the large zombie came charging out,  its balance was compromised because of the six inch stilettos.  Its ankles started wobbling and down it went. It hurt my face, but I had to laugh out loud.

Anyway... I just got back home. The ASMZ kept me for a few days and shared their new agenda with me. Telling me that the Gypsy Group has tried to tarnish their name in hopes of pushing their own agenda.... to over populate the world in hopes to inhabit humans to neighboring planets in search of much needed minerals to survive as a species. 

Pretty big claim, but the idea does have a ring to it. I guess they don't call them GYPSIES for nothing. That's really thinking outside the box....

My wife is pissed at the ASMZ though for kidnapping me for those few days. That's why I wasn't able to post on this blog. All good though.  I'm home and my family is safe. Ill check in with you all soon. Till then, be careful out there. These zombies are getting vicious!!!

Last day of march 2011 ZOMBIES AT THE EYE STORE

So I came in to get my work glasses from the eye store and guess what I encountered? Right when I walk in there were two zombies to My left lunging at me. They were patrons obviously. One of them still had the tag on.  They were behind a glass counter so with out the coordination to manoeuvre around it, I had some time. I noticed a lady behind the desk at the far side of the room. She was on her hands and knees, waving me over to save her. Sometimes I wonder if most people have ever even killed a zombie?.?

Anyway, I walked over and helped her to her feet. She was a crying mess. I heard some noise from the back. Before I put too much on my plate I first needed to handle the zombies in this room. No problem. There were sharp metal objects everywhere to use. I picked up this  really cool 3 foot display case and used it like a baseball bat. These zombies were easier to take out. With the cheesy overhead music and the silly glasses mannequins it was easy for me to do it with a smile.
The lady on the other hand was going into hysterics. She started screaming " I see it I see it coming!" By this time I had leveled the front room. I thought to call the gypsy group. I wouldn't take any of this stuff but I'm sure they could find a use for it. There were some really sweet oakleys I stepped on, on my way to clubbing this zombie.
From the back door entered a zombie so big and ugly it startled me.
He was dragging a doctor by his leg. The doctor was completely destroyed. There's no coming back to be a zombie in the state he was in.
The woman took the first opening and ran out the front door.

To be continued ....