Friday, March 4, 2011


I rode my bike immediately to the outside if the cars, and as far away from the oncoming moaners. I parked my bike up against the neatest tree, unpacked both 9 mm's from my back pack and started surveying my options.
There were litterally hundreds of zombs coming out from behind trees and brush. I knew there was no way I would survive this one if I didn't think fast. People started getting out of their cars. Others locked their doors and tried to hide underneath each other. I Noticed some of the cars in the rear were already empty. I quickly made my way toward them and help the last of the people get out. Some of the driver says stayed in their cars tried to hop the curb to get away. Didn't work. There were just too many zombies. Just like zombies I saw the other day these were very angry and vicious. because there were so many living humans they had no interest in eating each other. People were scattering everywhere. There was only one more person that was armed. She was standing on top of a truck firing blindly into the crowd. This is definitely slowed some of them down but this it did not stop anything. They just got right back up. From behind the last car I fired a shot that went through her back windshield. She quickly glanced down and then looked at me. I waved for her to come my way... and she did.. quickly. He ran on top of all the cars bumper to bumper to make it to where I was standing. She jumped off the bumper of the last car and rolled on the concrete, dropping her weapon. As soon as she made it behind me I started blasting the cars. It didn't take long before we started a little fire. this point there were zombies coming our way, but the wall of fire protected us from any one of those things getting too close.
Facing backwards I kept firing into the zombie mob. Half of them were on fire now has the cars started exploding one by one. I was wondering why this lady didnt get up off the ground. I ran back up to her to drag her away from the fire, and as soon as I grabbed her arm her head flipped back like a pez dispenser and tried to bite me. But this isn't my first rodeo... I could quickly tell what happened to her. she snapped her neck when she rolled towards me. I also noticed a huge chunk of meat missing from her left leg. She was infected. Her fogged eyes and hissing voice was another dead give away. Quickly handled with a shot to the head and then it was back to business. I slowly start making my way back towards the tree where I parked my bike. the zombie themed to walk towards me even though the fire was in the way. That's when I noticed where I was exactly. I was at the black spot on the map the mailman gave me weeks ago in front of NASA. This is where the zombie farm was supposed to be. I can't help but think there is A huge conspiracy going on. This many zombies at one time would make anyone think the most extreme.
My situation was dire, and getting worse. A second wave of Zombies were coming directly from behind the training center. Completely surrounded, I checked my rounds. Saving one. That ones for the poor results eater that gets too close. I glanced up and noticed all the open doors to these cars. Surely theres some with the keys still in.....
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