Wednesday, March 9, 2011

3.9.2011 Recruitment

If you hadn't noticed the worlds going to crap. Zombies are still slaughtering people in Libya, domestically our gas prices are flying through the roof. 3 dollars and 25 cents in houston. This makes it extremely hard to go get supplies. Food and water are flying off the shelves and people are going crazy. We need more zombies fighters. The untrained  zombies fighter group don't stand a chance. If 1 single person is infected the whole group turns.
Zombie groups are starting to form all over town and the cops won't even going there. People are looting houses, stores, and businesses. Anything to get their supplies up. I'm sure a full blown martial law is in the near future.
And just like before the media is not covering the zombie news. It's really up to us,  the zombie fighters, to literally save our world. So all applicants welcome we are training this weekend in Clear Lake.
Locally the biggest threat Are the animals the have turned zombie. They don't live very long But man do they have a nasty bite. There is an apartment complex down the road that was attacked by a pack of zombie dogs. The ASMZ came and  lock it down, They went and with their guns and blasted everyone.  Hopefully they all turned before they died. Rumor has it that the ASMZ is conducting population control by killing humans, but reporting that they are zombies.  I hope that's not he case.
Well... time for work again. I'm doing some shopping after work tonight. Wish me luck. The zombie birds have taken over most grocery store parking lots. Fingers crossed.  Peace.

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