Friday, March 4, 2011

3.3.2011 OUTNUMBERED-1

OSo I'm at home earlier. Watched the news before I rode to work. My bike hasn't seen his much action since the first week I bought it. Traffic says there are no hold ups. Which means there haven't been any Zombies crossing the freeway causing wrecks with fatalities. I'm fine though cuz I take the back roads. Plenty if traffic means please plenty of cops and ASMZ officers. Looked like it was going to be a no zombie commute.
I traveled down bay area Blvd till I got to space center and hung a left. There was nice weather and plenty of sidewalk. Yup. It was all good till I got to the training facility. The road narrows down to two lanes, bottle necking every car in front of me. There was no movement. Only horns honking and people yelling at each other. Someone up front either fell asleep or had a heart attack.
I'm on my bike, so I zoom past everyone. That's when I heard the screaming begin. There are open fields on either side of the road and coming from both...are hoards and hoards of zombies. I remember thinking that they must be wandering aimlessly out there till they hear human noises. Either way, here they came.
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