Friday, March 4, 2011

3.3.2011 -CONTINUED

I decided to run back towards the female zombie 'that wasn't coming back a second time'. I liked her rifle and wanted it add it to my arsenal. As I bent over to grab it I noticed the keys clipped to her pants. I unclipped the keys while popping off two or three more rounds to finish off the closest Zombies approaching me. I zigzagged in motion back to my bike and hoisted it and my back pack on my shoulder. I made it out with all my skin, an extra gun, and a truck! But I ditched that a few hours ago... it had an Aggies sticker on it..
Amongst all the fire and rotten walkers, I could have sworn I saw my buddy Mike the zombie. The ASMZ picked him up from work last month after I killed him...but how could he be out spooking again? Surely they're not recycling dead tissue..TWICE??
But, I'm glad to be Alive and able to report. In the future.. don't pass by the NASA training center alone or without some weapons. Its a nightmare!!!
That's all for now... peace.
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