Tuesday, March 29, 2011

3.29.2011 Obama made deals with zombie farming terrorists?

    I can't confirm or deny the claims of the Gypsy Group, as they are becoming more political.  But sources say that the new war were involved with in Libya is not just a humanitarian move by our own president, but a cover up for oil and information from the REBELS Who are known for their Zombie  trading and farming.  The fear is if we help Libya for these reasons, who's next? And how soon will other countries demand the same response to prevent such a form of genocide. The REBELS have their hands deep into the craft of zombie farming, and are proud of it. This is of course illegal here in the states, but in Libya .... well, our rules don't apply. Their zombies are let loose in communities, they corner Muammar Qaddafis men and finish them off the old fashioned way. Zombie massacre.
My sources tell me that these REBELS are actually terrorists themselves. That a deal has been made with Obama to let them farm zombies right here at home in trade to help them win their fight with Qaddafi.

Sounds pretty far fetched to me, but so did zombies until they started dragging ass down our streets. 

All I'm saying is this whole thing sounds fishy. And if were not careful, we might have a few Zombie farms in our back yards to some day be used against us.

Their population control tactics are getting more inventive also. They aren't relying on zombies alone any more. Like the new commercials about, how you will probably die if your over weight and have sex. That you will most likely have a heart Attack.  Please. Fat people have been sexin' it up for years. I should know.  Watch out for the subliminal tones out there. These NEW WORLD ORDER people seem to mean business. And they have the money to campaign their message.

The Gypsy Group thinks also that genetics will ultimately modify the already seriously dangerous zombies.

They called the future of zombie modification: RUNNERS.  I don't even want to think about it.

Off to bed. Peace.

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