Thursday, March 24, 2011


As you know... America is spending millions of dollars in terrorism defence in fear that Yemen will attack the US. Yemen is known for their radicalism and now if our special forces teams don't do their job, we could feel the force of what they have in store for us. New reports from the GYPSY group say that they have contracted deals with some contacts here in the  states ready to deploy manufactured zombies from secret zombie farms.  This sounds alarmingly like the earlier reports of Zombie farms being created in special key places. I still haven't found any sign or even sounds around the NASA training center. But this could mean grim things for us here. If terrorist have zombie farms here that are capable of creating mass quantaties of flesh eating monsters.... well, we better be ready.
Going home now. Tired. 12 hour days back to back to back. We usually have to stay an extra hour or two when there are too many zombs out there. Like a thick fog. Even with the spiked bars on the jeep, its hard to push thru sometimes. 
Till later.

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