Friday, March 25, 2011


I know I know, that's a big stupid claim. How in the crap can you even piece ZOMBIES together with a monster like Hitler? Let me explain.
This all ties into my preaching about population control. Lets start in WWII.  Hitler created a program with some of the worlds best scientists called the HUMAN GENOME PROJECT. By the end of WWII, genetic manipulation was well in order to find a 'MASTER RACE'. And this, as you know resulted in the death of thousands of innocent people.
AUSCHWITZ: To make the projects continue, these mad scientists left home, and worked with governments around the world to convince us that these 'genetic tests' were necessary in promise of finding cures for some of the planets most horrible diseases. 
In time, these genetic alterations resulted in backfires across the board.  Mutations of both animal and human were the run off of what THEIR goal is. The government wants soldiers who can work and fight longer, with no pain or feeling. This is just one stage of the MASTER PLAN of POPULATION CONTROL.  
Media has taken over the story and convinced the population to take the medicines that the  government offers, while the elitists are taking genetically altered foods and drugs in hopes of ETERNAL LIFE. The common man is meant to be a slave/servant to the master race of genetically altered leaders.  These leaders have worked together to form a unity government where the original humans eventually die out, and the NEW WORLD will reign. 
ZOMBIES could be the result of these awful genetic experiments.  Humans that feel no pain or remorse of murder. No need to speek or sing. Just to devour to survive. Strength is a possible side effect as well.
If my predictions are accurate, we are already being fed the very poison that could kill our race of pure breeds. The mysterious contrails in the sky, left by unmarked jets. The ever growing list of pesticides put in our foods. The fatal amounts of msg we are forced to consume.  The list goes on and on. Not to mention What they treat our water with.
These things I share in hopes that we will stand together and fight these new biological catastrophes we are faced with. Killing zombies might be the funnest way to past time these days, but we might be faced with yet another enemy.
Did Hitlers army of evil scientists create the first ZOMBIES?  Is the ASMZ older than we all expected?
Are vaccinations really safe? Or are we slowly turning into the ZOMBIES we kill every day??

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