Wednesday, March 23, 2011

3.23.2011 UNDER ATTACK!!

I'm writing from an upstairs level at work. Trying to stay quiet. Another UPS worker left the door open, the gate was open too. There's about 10 zombs on the first floor. I can see them right now. So weird to blog while death is so close. It reminds me of last week when my family went out to play on the back yard. All the while there were Zombies cutting themselves on my fence to get at us. Crazy times right? I can see one zombie down there now sort of just pawing at my bosses window. He's gone of course. Its just me and one other working tonight.  The UPS worker was attacked in the break room. I know this because he's got chocolate all over his face... funny.

I guess the trick of this is to find a way to attract their attention.  If I can get them all in one place it'll be easier to kill em' all. Screw calling the ASMZ. They'll find some way to accuse me of something. So sick of them. After my interview with that Gypsy member the other night, I don't trust ANYBODY!

K. I gotta get creative here and cause a distraction.  I want to go home.

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