Wednesday, March 2, 2011

3.2.2011 Zombies Zombies everywhere!!!

So continuation, my shift ended. I went to the breakroom to look out the windows just to see how many zombies were out there. Just as me and my coworkers anticipated, there were hundreds if not more. And they looked so pissed. Like the look you have at the DMV after 6 hours. They had a genuine look of hate and anger about them that I hadn't before seen. Zombies with attitudes. That would make a good B flick I bet. Anyway. I went and started prepping my bicycle. I figure if I created some sort of distraction I could divert enough of them to ride out. There's no way they could catch me on my bike. It is a little more risky though. So what I did was take a spray bottle and fill it up with generator gasoline . I was preparing a make shift Molotov Cocktail. I then heard gunshots and a horn. Then I noticed, "HEY I recognize that gunshot." The bursts are rhythmic and calculated. I ran back to the break room to see through the window again. Through the fog on the street and through the swarms of zombies I saw my subaru plowing through them. My wife was driving and my sons were firing precision headshots, mowing down number less amounts of the walking dead. They pulled up to the front parking lot where I was ready with my bike. My two sons got out and opened the trunk to the car as they pepppered round after round into the mob. I tossed my bike in the trunk and slammed the lid simultaneously as my wife cocked and tossed me my favorite shotgun. A few zombs got enough for hand to hand but the flesh grubbers didn't stand a chance against my two well trained zombie killers. As we sped off, I was reassured that my family will never let me down. Watching my wife's driving skills in unison with firing a 9 millimeter through the front window...well..that's just hot.
My boys are in the garage now cleaning off the spikes of the soob and then going to school. Its been an eventful night. Coming home from work will be a challenge tonight as well, but im up for it. I'm waiting to see if the ASMZ has cleared the area yet around my shop.
I keep forgetting to Go check out that zombie farm the mail man told me about. Remind me of you can to do that.
K... time for bed. Later fellow Zombie fighters!
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