Tuesday, March 1, 2011

3.2.2011 all hell is here

There's too much to cover this moment, but my shop is surrounded. And so is the neighboring industrial buildings in the area. The zombie infestation from across the bridge has found its way to Deer Park where I work. The worst of it is my mode of transportation. The Jeep is out of commission for the next few days and I'm on a bicycle. Getting to work wasn't that bad. The ASMZ and other rogue committee's really do a good job of bagging and tagging during the daytime hours. At night your on your own till a call is made. Ill let you know how the night ends up ...hopefully. Our perimeter fence should hold back several hundred Zombies at a time. I just have to hope their appetites are strong enough to eat each others numbers down so I can make a quiet escape come the end if my shift. But if there are people and other living things keeping their attention, they wont be eating each others rotten flesh at all. Their tongues will want real American beef...ie, me. Praying for a miracle here. Peace.
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